23 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Completely Crazy The Snow Is In Binghamton, New York

23 pictures that perfectly capture how completely crazy the snow is in binghamton, new york

If you thought that winter is the beauty queen of all seasons, maybe you will reconsider your opinion after seeing these pictures.

We all love the winterish magic with snow, the raving snowflakes that burst from the skies, the winter walks and talks, and all the spirit brights.
But, there might be a reason to postpone all of these things, just for a bit.

There was a colossal snowstorm that hit New York. While most people can't remember seeing that much snow in the last couple of winters, others already hit the roof with the rants and doozies.

The Twiter society also followed this snowy condition, and many people shared their stories and funny situations with the piles of snow.

#1 Quick Update: There Was A Very Big Snowstorm That Hit New York Last night.

#2 And When We Say 'Very Big', We Mean - HUGE

#3 It Snowed 41 Inches In Some Of The Places Near Binghamton, New York

#4 The One Night Result

#5 Well, That's One Big Pile Of Snow Indeed

#6 Some Of These Snowy Experiences Were Terrifying - Dare To Open Your Garage Door!

#7 Welcome To Winterfell?

#8 These Little 'Bumps' Are Cars

#9 Is This Even Possible?

#10 Good Luck With Pulling That Car Out Of This Snow Mountain

#11 Some Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

#12 The Battle Of Titans

#13 Just For The Record, That Fence Is Four-Foot High

#14 A Delivery From Mother Nature Right Up

#15 This Lady Is The Same Size As That Pile Of Snow

#16 Hey, Christmas Tree! Come Out Wherever You Are

#17 When Even Your 36-Inch Measuring Tape Isn't Long Enough To Measure The Snow

#18 How To Dig Your Own Tunnel 101

#19 All White, Everything

#20 If You Thought That Cold Weather Was The Only Worst Thing In Winter, Think Again

#21 Some Things Can't Be Unseen

#22 Good Luck, Dear Doggies

#23 All Bathrooms Are Closed Today For The Dogs