23 Iconic 90s Movie Kisses That Will Throw You Back To One Sexy Decade

Wine gets better with age, and so does kissing. Today, we are going to look at 23 iconic kisses from 90s movies that are sure to bring all the sweet arousing nostalgia flooding back.

Each of us has a favorite romantic movie that they will always remember with blissful sentimentality.

Many of us also remember our celebrity crushes having steamy make-out sessions on the big screen. The 90s in particular, gave us plenty of amazing romantic moments that left us feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Have a look at our selection and see which kisses are still your favorites. As time goes by, we become more appreciative of the unforgettable kisses we have seen on film.

23 iconic 90s movie kisses that will throw you back to one sexy decade

Without much ado, here's the list:

1. Ghost

The Ghost kiss is most unforgettable. In the history of film, few kisses have been as heated and emotional as this kiss was.

2. Wild Things

"Wild Things" is not exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but the steamy threesome involving Matt Dillon, Denise Richards, and Neve Campbell makes it unforgettable.

23 iconic 90s movie kisses that will throw you back to one sexy decade
23 iconic '90s movie kisses that will throw you back to one sexy decade

3. Clueless

The Cher and Josh kiss on "Clueless" is so sweet and emotional, we almost forget he was her step-brother.

4. Titanic

Tears flow in the tragic romance that is brought to life by Rose and Jack. There are many steamy and passionate kisses in this movie between a rogue free-spirit and a girl who can't wait to break free.

5. A Walk In The Clouds

You can almost touch the tension that leads up to a lustful and passionate kiss in this 90s classic. As far as kisses go, you can't hope to do better than this.

6. Romeo & Juliet

Just like you would expect of this tragic romantic story by Shakespeare, the movie "Romeo & Juliet" delivered one of the best kisses of the 90s. Of course, it's between Romeo and his Juliet, the famed star-crossed lovers.

7. Dumb & Dumber

Jim Carrey might not seem like the actor to deliver a memorable on-screen kissing moment with all his humorous antics, but that's exactly what he does in "Dumb & Dumber."

8. In & Out

Tom Selleck, a tabloid reporter, lays a truly iconic kiss on Kevin Kline, a drama teacher who is still in the closet.

9. Spider-Man

The Spider-Man kiss is pretty popular, and it's all thanks to the upside-down lip-locking in this iconic movie from the 90s.

10. Never Been Kissed

Waiting to get your first kiss can be frustrating, and we see this tension in this great movie. And this amazing moment happens in the most intoxicating manner in the middle of a sold-out baseball stadium.

11. A League Of Their Own

Anyone who has watched this great movie would never forget this amazing kiss.

12. Out Of Sight

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, a criminal, and a cop, give their fans a truly amazing kiss despite being on opposite sides of the law.

13. My Girl

Good kisses happen in the moment.

14. Before Sunrise

The sunset romance in this movie is perfect because the chemistry between Jesse and Celine is so real as they lock lips.

15. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

There is no way Taye Diggs could resist falling for Angela Bassett in this film; no wonder the kiss the two share is so memorable.

16. A Very Brady Sequel

Greg and Marcia give us a very romantic moment in this funny film.

23 iconic 90s movie kisses that will throw you back to one sexy decade

17. Newsies

This may have been a movie for kids, but the kiss Christian Bale gives his costar is among the best you can find in 90s films.

18. Good Will Hunting

The hangout may have been very low-key, but the smooch Matt Damon and Minnie Driver share is full of heated passion.

19. 10 Things I Hate About You

Messy settings or not, a good kiss is a good kiss. That's what makes it so damn iconic in this 90s movie.

20. Cruel Intentions

Sarah Michelle teaches Selma Blair how to seduce a boy using a hot sensual kiss that won an MTV Movie Award.

21. Speed

Just because the fate of the world is in your hands, it does not mean you cannot give the world a world-class kiss. Who knew?

22. Cry-Baby

Surprise, surprise! There is palpable chemistry between a bad boy and a good girl and a steamy kiss is what you get next. It's pretty amazing though.

23. Species

Just because the kiss is lethal, it does not make it any less iconic or amazingly steamy. That much we learn from Species, a film in which kissing is a weapon.

And that does it for today. So, tell us, what is your favorite 90s kiss from this ample selection?