22 Things You Should Know About A Woman With A Gypsy Soul

22 Things You Should Know About A Woman With A Gypsy Soul

You can never forget meeting a girl with a gypsy soul. So, if you can't recall ever meeting one, know that you are yet to cross paths with this unique soul as they are hard to forget. But keep your fingers crossed. One day, you might be lucky enough to meet a gypsy girl.

The thing is, you would never forget an encounter with her. Her unique soul will change you and your life.

What exactly is meeting a gypsy girl like? Here are 22 telltale signs you are face to face with one.


1. You Can't Tame Her

Societal or anyone else's rules cannot dictate how this girl will live. She does what she wants, and she wouldn't change that for anyone.

2. She's Always Ready For Adventure

This girl will never shy away from doing something exciting. It does not matter what her schedule says. She lives a life she loves, and everything else comes second.


3. Nature Is One Of Her Greatest Loves

She loves nature, and will not shy away from skinny dipping in the river.. She does not pass up on a chance to explore the forest or even sleep out in the open.

4. She Loves Deeply

A gypsy girl could fall for you in seconds. She does not conceal her feelings, despite having such deep emotions. Once she loves, she loves truly.


5. She's Deeply Intuitive

We often talk of intuition. However, for a gypsy girl, her instincts are strong and always dead on. She knows things by instinct and follows her intuition.

6. She Sees Beauty All Around Her

When she sees the sky, the flowers, and the many wonders of nature, all she sees is beauty. She appreciates all this natural magnificence and delights in it.


7. She Cares About Sentient Beings

Ever heard of the phrase, "would never hurt a fly." This perfectly describes a gypsy girl. She loves and cares for all creatures, even that unsightly bug anyone else would immediately crush under the heel of their shoe.

8. She's Comfortable Wherever She Goes

This girl does not believe in being tied down in one place all her life. As long as she has food and a change of clothes and can find a place to lay her head, the world is her oyster.


9. She Believes In A Greater Power

The worst will not get this girl down. She believes that there is a reason for everything and that, in the end, goodness will carry the day.

10. She's A Free-Spirit

Nothing holds this girl down, not even rules. She makes the rules as she goes along. She is not afraid to forge her own path in life.


11. Music Elevates Her

She can't keep still when her favorite track comes on. Music takes her to another world.

12. She Lives For The Next Adventure

Being tied down is not this girl's dream. Once an adventure is over, she looks forward to the next.

13. She's Filled With Creativity

In all she does, this girl has a way of putting her own twist to things to bring some color to the world around her.


14. She's A Deep Thinker

It might sound peculiar, but a gypsy girl usually contemplates the mysteries of the universe while everyone else is obsessed with their favorite television show.

15. She's Not Materialistic

She does not care too much about material things. She will also not obsess over whether or not she has what other people have. Her greatest concern is personal growth.


16. She's Very Independent

This girl is comfortable in her own skin, and she can take care of herself. Whether or not she has company, her life goes on undeterred.

17. She Tells It Like It Is

There are no hidden meanings behind what she says. She is brutally honest.

18. She Believes In Magic

This girl believes that magic is all around her. As she lies down at night looking into the starry night sky, she can see the magic all around her.


19. She Has Peculiar Friends

Her friends have something special about them. These guys are also free-spirits who don't always abide by society's rules.

20. She Doesn't Give Up

She lives a life without fear. Even when afraid, she never lets it show.

21. She's Natural

This girl couldn't care less about heavy makeup or fancy clothes that enhance her appearance. She is okay with whom she is, and she is not afraid to show it to the world.


22. She's Very Self-Sufficient

A gypsy girl appreciates good company, but she does not need anyone. There is no challenge in life that she can't navigate, whether or not she gets help.