22 Things Only Women Who've Been Emotionally Used By A Narcissist Will Understand

22 Things Only Women Who’ve Been Emotionally Used By A Narcissist Will Understand

1. Everything feels like a bad dream.

2. You have lost your faith in people because you don't trust anyone. You see them in everyone you meet.

3. You have no idea how to love at the moment, and you are afraid to love or even like.

4. You smile, but your eyes reveal the sadness you feel deep within.

5. You conceal your feelings as you are scared that the cost of feeling might be too high. With a narcissist, the more you showed, the more you suffered at their hands.

6. You could use some approval and encouragement to help you get out of the bad cloud you have been stuck in for so long. You feel like a bad thing is about to happen, and it will take time to get back to normal.

7. It feels like you are invisible because they made you feel like you were nothing.

8. You could do without the judgment, even though you messed up. You could use some patience and understanding, and anyone who tells you to get over it has no clue about the hell you have been through.

9. All the time, you feel depressed and anxious. And that's the cost of being with a narcissist.

10. You have trust issues because the person you trusted the most disappointed you in the biggest possible way.

11. You lose your dignity, even though you were normal when they came into your life.

12. Your mood can change in an instant. One day, all you want is to be left alone with your thoughts, but the next day, that same situation can seem like hell.

13. You can't heal alone, and you need a lot of healing that only your sincerest friends can offer.

14. You are afraid to appear clingy, dependent, and even too emotional, so you bottle things up because you like to keep everything to yourself.

15. They ruin your sense of self-worth, because, after a run-in with them, you felt worthless, and did not even know who you are.

16. You need protection until you find your standing once more. Deep down, you are a strong person, but right now, you need someone to help you out because it's too much for you.

17. You are now guarded as you don't like to discuss what happened. The walls you build make you feel safe because you need protection. Only you know that.

18. You are very vulnerable, and you try to hide your pain, but that never works.

19. You want someone who can keep their promises. For the first time in a long time, you need someone to put you first. It will make you feel alive and important.

20. It takes eons to heal. The pain is unavoidable, and you accept it.

21. You apologize a lot because you try to avoid emotional pain. You used apologies, even where they were not necessary to avoid punishment.

22. Beneath the fear is a good person. They can love with all their heart, but now, they are too afraid. You have to be patient, and you have to show them that bad things don't last forever. They may take a lot of time, but eventually, they end.