22 Struggles Only Women With Big Boobs Understand

Women with larger breasts often have a love/hate relationship with them. Despite accepting the fact that they may always have to wear the largest dress size, they may experience double boob situations and lower back pain, which can make fully embracing their breasts difficult. While women with smaller breasts may think they have it bad, they have not experienced the challenges of living with a triple-D cup.

The challenge is certainly real, and this is what we have to endure.

1. Pretty bras are never made in big sizes

It could be a strange conspiracy, but it seems that the sexiest and most attractive bras are always designed for A, B, or C cup sizes. On the other hand, the bras that fit women with larger breasts are often compared to "granny panties."

2. Lower back pain is just part of life

As a result, we often carry Advil with us and take it at least twice a day.

3. Trying to get through a meal without getting a stain is impossible

While other people may drop food on their lap, a girl with larger breasts often finds that it lands directly on her chest.

4. Men just Can not stop staring

This applies to women, babies, or anyone with a pair of eyes.

5. Button-down shirts fitting well are just a daydream

Unless we spend money to have them custom-made, the fact remains that buttons popping off and flying in every direction is a common occurrence for us.

6. Every dress that's bought must be tailored

It's because dresses are usually not designed to accommodate the fact that a woman with a cup size larger than C may want to purchase it.

7. One sports bra just isn't enough

In order to keep our breasts in place and alleviate back pain, it's necessary for us to wear at least two or three sports bras.

8. Sundress season is especially stressful

That's because without proper support, our breasts can easily become a spectacle for everyone to see, with our nipples making an appearance every few seconds. It can be exhausting to maintain.

9. You fear where your boobs will be when you're 60

While you may hope that your breasts only sag to your bellybutton, the reality is that they could sag as far down as your knees.

10. Going without a bra just isn't an option

Just the thought of it can make you feel uncomfortable.

11. Boob sweat is a part of your life

In the summertime, the sweat from our breasts can cause even larger sweat stains than usual, which can be quite uncomfortable.

12. People ask if they're real

Ironically, if people were more knowledgeable about real and fake breasts, they would be able to tell that ours are undoubtedly authentic.

13. People sometimes don't believe you when you say they are

Consequently, when people ask to touch them, it leads to an awkward situation.

14. Double boob is something you have to handle regularly

Even with the best fitting bra, after a long day, the cups may shift, causing a double boob situation.

15. Side-zipped dresses just never seem to fit

Unless it's a cotton knit dress, it's unlikely to be a viable option.

16. Your shirts always look like they're trying to get free

Even when wearing a simple t-shirt, it may appear stretched tight across your breasts, as if it's trying to break free and find a woman with a smaller bust.

17. You panic if you realize you're out of safety pins

As a result, you've come to realize that safety pins are a necessity for keeping all of your shirts intact, since wardrobe malfunctions are just a part of your everyday life.

18. You have perpetual cleavage

Consequently, you may appear to be exuding a sexual aura even when it's not your intention.

19. When you lay on your back, they disappear into your armpits

There may be times when you may wish that your breasts were smaller, but it can also be awkward during a one-night stand with someone who was excited about your large bust.

20. When you lay on your stomach, they hurt

From experience, you've learned that it's wise to bring a pillow to the beach to ensure that your breasts are comfortable and balanced.

21. Bra strap indentations are practically permanent

To be precise, it's not just a practical matter, but a permanent one.

22. Taking off your bra at the end of the day hurts like hell

Although the sensation of freedom is exhilarating at first, it's short-lived, and you know that tomorrow morning you'll have to put your bra back on.