22 Relationship Tips That Will Rekindle Your Lovelife

22 Relationship Tips That Will Rekindle Your Lovelife

We all want to have perfect love lives that are fulfilling and pleasing to both partners. Sometimes, that takes a lot more than just wanting it. It always takes more than just hoping things will be great for it to be great. It can take a lot of work.

We look at some advice that will help you make the most of your relationship and reawaken the flames. If you want your fire to keep burning, give the following 25 tips serious thought.

1 - Trust

No relationship can flourish or even indeed exist without good trust between those involved. The thing is, trust isn't demanded or bought. It has to be earned.

If you want your partner to trust you, be trustworthy. Show them that they matter and if they tell you something in confidence, keep it private.

Don't talk about other people's private lives to your partner either. They will quickly start to wonder if you're discussing them with your friends and family.

And if your partner cannot be trusted with your secrets and private matters, you may have to reconsider your relationship.

2 - Be Honourable

If you say 'yes, mean it. Don't be the kind of person who says one thing but does another. If you promise to be loyal, then be loyal.

If you say you don't feel like doing something or are not able to, be honest and upfront about it.

In this world of deceit and selfishness, be an honorable person that inspires those around you. It will significantly improve your romantic relationship.

3 - Don't Expect Smooth Sailing All The Time

Love isn't easy - it can be messy and difficult at times. But when it is true love, going through uncomfortable situations and conversations is part of growth.

You can't expect your romance to be like in the movies all the time, if ever. Real-life is never the way Hollywood paints it to be.

With the right person at your side, though, you will be able to create beautiful memories. Your romance will be unique and excellent if you are dedicated.

4 - Distance Can Be Deadly

Distance can be a terrible thing for romance - it can kill it quite swiftly. Don't let that happen to you.

Communicate often and make sure that you and your partner know that you're in this together.

And remember - you will reunite soon enough and that moment will be ever so sweet. Think about that when things get hard and lonely.

5 - Really See Your Partner

It is easy to be so infatuated with someone that you don't see their flaws or shortcomings. That's not healthy.

You should love the person you're with despite the things that aren't as perfect about them. Don't be in denial about their flaws, or you'll notice them at a time that they will irritate you.

6 - Be Honest If The Spark Is Gone

If your feelings for your partner isn't what it used to be, don't hide it. And do not find someone else while you're still with this person. You will cause a lot of pain that could have been avoided.

If you talk to your significant other, there could still be hope to save things. You worked hard to get where you are, so don't let it all be for nothing.

7 - Be Yourself

This is often easier said than done, but be who you are with your partner. Don't hide your true self, or you'll never be truly happy.

Being yourself with your partner is an incredibly freeing experience and will intensify the bond between you.

Besides, you're bound to 'slip up' and show your true colours eventually.

8 - Be Unconditionally Supportive

When in a healthy relationship, the people involved are always supportive. They try to be understanding even when it's tough.

You should always support your lover, no matter what. Of course, there are exceptions. If the one you love did something criminal, you could decide to walk away.

But always be supportive when it comes to their emotions and your relationship with each other.

9 - Honesty Is The Best Policy

Sure, we all tell little white lies to spare the feelings of others. We won't tell you to be brutally honest all the time. But we will advise you to be honest when it matters.

Keeping someone in the dark intentionally when they should know something will break trust in an instant. Once trust is broken, it can't be mended like perfect again.

And like we mentioned, trust is super important.

10 - Build A Future Together

If you're in a serious relationship, you're likely planning to spend forever together. That is an amazing feeling, isn't it?

It is important that when you're hoping for eternity with someone, you build your futures together.

Communicate about what you want in your lives and what you want to achieve. Help bring each other's dreams to life. And do not mull over the past - it's behind you.

11 - Be Each Other's Sanctuary

Being with someone who is your safe haven is the best feeling in the world. Be that for your partner.

You should be each other's sanctuaries, where you can forget about the world. Keep each other safe against the ugliness that is out there.

A relationship that is like this will blossom into something beautiful and lasting that anyone would fight for.

12 - Grow Together

Your relationship should not be a chore or a task. It should be a wonderful experience of growth with someone else to aid you.

Don't smother your partner and expect them to only live for you. Sure, that is a romantic notion but it's not healthy.

It is good for partners to have different hobbies and activities. You can even share them as long as you help your partner grow as a person. Naturally, they should want to help you grow as well.

13 - There Is No Place For Pride

A healthy relationship does not have space for a bloated ego or massive pride. These things can only harm your romance.

Let go of your ego and you will find yourself much more fulfilled and happy in your relationship.

Ego can blind your judgment and you don't need that in a happy love life.

14 - Be Appreciative

Never, ever take your partner for granted. You should always appreciate the little things that make your girl/man special.

If your significant other isn't appreciating you, talk about it. Don't let that negativity continue for too long.

And appreciate yourself as well - self-love is healthy and necessary to love others.

15 - Don't Expect Perfection

You should never expect your partner to be a perfect man or woman. There is no such thing. However, he or she can be perfect for you.

Don't hold your partner up to ridiculous expectations created by romance novels and films. They are false and will only make you miss out on something that could be perfect for you.

Remember, you are not perfect so don't go looking for perfection in others.

16 - Don't Have Stupidly High Standards

This ties in with the point mentioned above. If you're asking your partner to always behave a certain way, they'll become unhappy.

Whether you want them always to be romantic and show endless love or want them to act like prince charming or the flawless housewife, you're unreasonable.

Yes, you must have standards to ensure your happiness, but don't be unrealistic in what you hope for.

17 - Love Your Story

Every couple has a different love story to tell. Take a look at yours - what does it tell?

How did you meet? Did you date long before knowing you were meant to be? Are you building a family together?

Think about all you've done together and love the story that you're writing together.

18 - Be Willing To Let Go

Don't force yourself to make your relationship work. If you and your partner aren't as happy anymore, talk about it.

There is no point in staying together if you're not making each other's lives better. Talk about it, see how your partner feels.

Walking away is not easy, but it could be the best thing for you.

19 - It's Okay To Argue

Many people feel that a good relationship is one that is always calm and has no arguments. But that is not true.

It is normal to have disagreements that turn into arguments. It is how you deal with these arguments that matter.

Don't let them turn ugly or insult your partner. You will certainly regret it later on.

20 - Care

A real relationship is filled to the brim with real care. You need to really want the best for the person that you're' with.

You must have the well-being of your partner at heart and always make sure they're happy and loved.

This goes beyond shallow concern - caring deeply for someone is something that happens over time.

21 - Respect

Just like trust, no relationship can truly grow and flourish without respect. When there is mutual respect, you feel safe and secure.

A loving relationship's foundation is respect. It means that even if you have different views, you still want the best for each other.

When there is no respect, even a 'solid' twenty-year-old relationship can turn sour.

22 - Spend Time Together

We live in a very modern age and it is easy to live past your partner if you're not careful. Make time for each other every day.

Go on dates (perhaps not with the pandemic still causing chaos) and be romantic with each other. Watch films or build puzzles or model towns together.

It doesn't really matter what you do, as long as it's just the two of you and you're having fun.