21 Year Old Lands $93k Hospital Bill After Surviving Suicide Attempt

When a 21-year-old legal assistant survived a suicide attempt, the worst was not over. Over the week the youngster, Oliver, spent in the hospital recovering from the injuries he got from the suicide attempt, he ended up raking up bills worth $93,000.

But the hospital might have been more considerate towards the suicide survivor, as he had problems getting proper treatment for his mental health problems earlier.

He went on to post the bill on Twitter, and the aptly titled it “This is how expensive it is to attempt suicide in the US.”

But he had one thing going for him, his insurance was pretty good, and it would cover most of his costs and he would only have to pay $3,000. However, that is still not a small amount of money.

‍In fact, that is why he went on to claim that for someone who cannot afford insurance, that would be a truly high cost.

A closer look at the bill reveals that Oliver had to pay more than $29,000 in lab costs. There were significant respiratory services costs as well, as they were more than $16,000.

The total cost of the bill does not include other costs he paid, such as $480 for doctors’ fees, $290 for hospitalist care, and $137 for the ambulance. He also had to pay additional costs for radiology bills after he caught pneumonia and MRSA while at the hospital. There were other costs as well.

Commenters who saw the bill were also shocked at the costs. One person took an issue with the fact that room alone should cost $10,000.

The post went viral pretty fast, and soon Oliver was getting a lot of attention. Obviously, given the background story, not all comments were welcome.

Some people were encouraging him to go ahead with his initial plan and kill himself. But he tried to defend himself, and he expressed his shock at finding out that so many people were trying to harass him after he survived a suicide attempt.

But he was still keen to highlight his plight, that it would likely take years to pay off his bill, and what a hopeless feeling that gives him.

In the meantime, Oliver is also raising money for a medical procedure to remove his breasts. This, obviously, has nothing to do with suicide. He is a transgender person who is currently transitioning.

He is already on hormone replacement therapy and has been for three years. He wants the surgery to help him avoid wearing a binder, which has resulted in a lot of pain and broken ribs.

His current insurance cannot cover the surgery.