21 Signs You're Better Off Without Him

1. He's still on Tinder

His "last activity" was 3 hours ago.

2. You're rarely his plus one

He won't take you to the party, but he will contact you for a casual sexual encounter afterwards.

3. Everything else is a bigger priority than you

In his list of priorities, you come after his friends, job, mother, and dog.

4. He doesn't do anything to make you feel special

How difficult could it be to buy flowers for a girl?

5. He's unambitious and has no future

If he lacks self-confidence, he may not be able to positively contribute to your well-being.

6. It's been weeks and you're nowhere near relationship territory

Attempting to determine his thoughts and emotions is a challenging and unpleasant experience.

7. It's been months and he's not saying "I love you"

And after a few more months, you will find yourself in the identical position as before.

8. He's not clean

Taking a shower is essential, not just a luxury.

9. The sex is terrible

Without foreplay, rhythm, connection, there can be no orgasm.

10. He's hooking up with other girls, or flirts as if he wants to be

If a man desires to pursue romantic relationships with other women, you should allow him to do so.

11. He's warm with you in private but acts like you're his buddy in public

You are not his clandestine pal.

12. He's never on time

The ability to be on time, or the lack thereof, is a significant indication of someone's overall level of thoughtfulness.

13. He needs to borrow money

Uncomfortable or embarrassing.

14. He drinks way too much

As if that weren't already distressing, you also have to cope with a flaccid penis.

15. He stays out way too late All the time

If he is still prioritizing partying, he may not be emotionally prepared for a romantic relationship.

16. He cheats

And we are not referring to the game of poker.

17. He's cheap

If he does not consider you valuable, then he is not deserving of your time and attention.

18. He lies

Falsely claiming to arrive in five minutes when he is still ten minutes away is acceptable; however, lying about being at work while he is actually drinking at a bar is not appropriate.

19. He's unreliable

If he fails to support you during times of distress or when you require assistance, then what is the purpose of being in a relationship with him?

20. He's weird about his phone

Men who have honorable intentions do not hide their phone when receiving a text message.

21. His friends pity you