21 Signs Of A True Friendship

21 Signs Of A True Friendship

"Friends are God's apology for relations."

This one short statement by Hugh Kingsmill is enough to demonstrate the significance of Friendships and more so, make conspicuous the need of having trustworthy and true friendships. But, when you do indeed find one, you might as well consider yourself lucky.

Acquaintances are easy to come by, but finding friendships that stick through thick and thin are no less than finding a needle in a haystack. And, to help you separate true friendships from need-based associations, here we've listed out 21 signs that you've earned yourself a blissful friendship for life.

1. First things first. Honesty is the prime basis of a true friendship. For your friendship to prosper, it requires true and unfiltered honesty. There truly isn't any substitute way to earn someone's trust.

2. There is never a dull moment around them. They make the lamest of jokes or share one of their most embarrassing incidents with you to shrug off the most monotonous moments.


3. You simply love talking to them. You like how they talk and their enunciation contains all the different shades of humor, sarcasm, wit, and silliness. Just as any word coming from their mouth can lighten up your mood.

4. No Judgments. A real friend never does judge a friend on their past. Or even if they do, they do so to help you make more sound decisions in the future.

5. One of the key signs of a true friendship. Forgiving your friend for their worst mistakes without making them plead for it. A true friend will always find it in themselves to grant you an apology.

6. Your friend knows you. In and out thoroughly to the extent of knowing you like the back of their hands. Anything from a worst fear, wildest fantasy, darkest secrets, and unspoken wishes and dreams, they know it all.

7. They are your sworn partner in crime. You could be entirely innocent, and your friend might be the one causing all troubles, but your name always gets tagged along.


8. You have a great listener in them. Your heartfelt emotions or even your silliest, frivolous idea has always got a taker in them. You know you won't be judged ill or mistaken for your words.

9. Another thing about true friends is that you feel comfortable and at ease around them. You could be wearing pants with 5 burnt-out holes in them and yet not feel fussed about it. They can't care any less about such matters. Or it could be them wearing something equally as flimsy.

10. Another sign of a true friendship is that they are loyal. You can find yourselves in hard situations and have the entire universe against you, but still, rest assured that your friend has got your back. They don't betray your trust. Never.

11. They stand with your shoulder to shoulder through your tough times. Life doesn't always stay merry like a bed of roses. There are sure to be stumbling blocks, yet deep troughs, and it is only the true friendships that sustain such hardships.

12. People get busy and hectic schedules are always an impediment. But, true friends don't employ this as an excuse and no matter what and will always make time for their friend.


13. As often is said, friends are the family that we get to choose for ourselves. And, a true friendship certainly considers you family. They invite you to their family gatherings, and festivities to be a part of life's long-lasting memories.

14. We all have a past that we aren't too proud of and sometimes ashamed of it. But, it is the job of a true friend to accept you for who you are and motivate you to be a better person.

15. You make travel plans together. It could be the exotic place you've always desired to visit, or maybe a haunted town that you once notified them of. You can be on a group trip among 20 more individuals but still, have the certainty that they will keep the passenger's seat reserved for you and you only.

16. They always make it a point to keep a check on you and your family's health. It can be as trivial as a 20-second call. A plain text to it could be an hourly video call, whatever it is, your health and well-being are a priority for them.

17. They themselves might be running short of money, but still, buy you food when you mention how starkly hungry you are. You always share your food with them, and even the most tepid tasting dish becomes the most delicious.


18. Your communication doesn't always require mouth movements or words. You can almost telepathically get your message across to them. A raised brow, a wink, a gripping stare, or a wicked smile is more than enough articulation they require.

19. A true friend always keeps their word. They don't make fake promises for the sake of it. They are all worth everything they promise they're going to do. At times, when they can't for one reason or the other, fulfill one, they will be earnest enough in apologizing heartily for it.

20. There are friends who might feel jealous of your success and achievements. But, a true friend isn't like that. They genuinely feel delighted and congratulate you on your accomplishments, no matter how big or small, and of course, they ask for parties and treats.

21. True friends never snitch. They don't bitch about you behind your back. There can be times when you haven't told them the whole story and hear something from another source. But, anything it is they will never stoop as low as to be spreading fake rumors about you without having learned about it from you.

Friendship is a gift. It really is. They make this journey of life easy or at least more bearable, and exciting, and truly worthwhile.

There's another thing that we know as a certainty that you've been thinking about them all through the course of the article.