21 Reasons Why Women Like Tall Men (#15 Was Surprising)

Searching for an explanation as to why women are attracted to tall men? Look no further!

This article provides 21 reasons that may astound you and answers frequently asked questions on the topic.


Although some women consciously choose a tall partner due to perceived advantages, they are the exception rather than the norm. Most women are drawn to tall men on a subconscious level.

This attraction may stem from ancient genetic drives or women's intuition. Nevertheless, there is scientific evidence supporting the notion that women tend to make an informed choice by seeking taller partners.

Here are several advantages that women unconsciously associate with a taller spouse.

1. Tall Men Are Perceived As More Masculine

Women associate height with masculinity, a notion that dates back to prehistoric times when tall men were seen as better providers and protectors due to their ability to detect danger or game from a distance.

2. Educated

Surprisingly, taller men are often perceived as more educated than shorter men and studies have shown that height, regardless of other factors, can predict educational attainment. As a result, taller men tend to attain higher levels of education.

3. Tall Men Live Longer

The exact reason for the correlation between height and longevity is unclear, but research has shown that taller individuals, both male, and female, tend to live longer. This trend is seen across different socioeconomic groups and has been consistent for hundreds of years, according to archaeological studies.

4. Taller Men Tend To Make More Money

Injustice seems to permeate society, as tall individuals are often given more privileges. Not only do they attract more romantic partners and have longer lifespans to enjoy their advantages, but they also tend to have more financial stability. The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida in Gainesville conducted a thorough study and found that taller men tend to earn higher salaries and are more frequently promoted to leadership positions.

5. They Marry More Often And For Longer

For a woman seeking a lifetime partner, choosing a tall man is a wise decision. Taller men have a tendency to marry slightly later in life, but they are also more likely to marry and have longer-lasting marriages. Given the numerous benefits that tall men possess, this outcome is unsurprising.

6. Taller Men Do More Housework

Due to their heightened sense of masculinity, tall men often exhibit a greater willingness to help with household chores and are more adaptable to traditional feminine roles. While gifts and affectionate gestures may initially win a woman's heart, it is the tall man who is willing to reach high and dust those cobwebs that is truly valuable in the home.

These are only a few of the more practical reasons that women prefer taller men. In the following paragraphs, we will examine some of the additional bonuses that tall men offer to women.

7. Women Can Wear High Heels And Still Look Up To A Tall Man

Women enjoy the appearance of their legs in heels, and most men appreciate it too. With a tall partner, a woman can confidently wear heels without worrying about appearing taller than her man.

8. A Tall Man's Wardrobe Makes Wonderful Loungewear

It's no secret that women love to lounge in oversized shirts. With a tall partner, a woman gains access to some of the coziest loungewear imaginable. Additionally, she can continue to enjoy the scent of her man even when he is away.

9. Tall Men Can Reach Things In High Places

The truth is that life can be difficult for those who are shorter, but having a partner with long arms and legs can make things easier. This may be a cliché, but it's still a stock of many campy movies. Can you grab that for me, Honey?

10. Taller Men Have No Problem Arranging The Overhead Bin

If you travel frequently, you know the struggle of trying to fit your carry-on into the overhead bin with everyone else's. It's a pain, to say the least. But for women, having a taller travel companion makes all the difference, especially when they can't see into the overhead compartment.

11. A Tall Man Can Always See Where The Best Seats In The House Are

When you can't see what seats are available in a theater or tables in a restaurant, you could end up sitting in a less-than-ideal location. With a tall significant other, a woman has someone to step in and suggest a better spot to the usher or maitre d'.

12. It Is Easy For A Lady To Spot Her Tall Friend In A Crowd

Losing your date in a crowded place can be frustrating, especially if neither of you can be seen above the crowd. Having a tall partner adds a sense of security and makes it easier to find each other.

13. Spooning Is A Much Better Fit With A Tall Mate

Women love cuddling, but for many men, it means an uncomfortable arm and a face full of hair. Tall guys have an advantage in this situation, as their longer bodies and limbs allow them to place their arm under their partner's neck and rest their chin on top of their head.

14. When A Lady Hugs Her Tall Boyfriend She Can Listen To His Heart Beat

Regardless of gender, there is something comforting about listening to the heartbeat of someone you care for. When a woman snuggles up with or hugs a taller man, she is in the perfect position to lay her head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

15. Tall Men Are Generally Considered To Be Gentler

The notion of tall men being gentle giants still persists in our society, partly due to popular media such as Disney and children's books. Many women carry this stereotype into adulthood, believing that taller men are less aggressive and quick to anger.

16. Women Perceive Tall Men As Stronger

In today's world, size and strength are often seen as synonymous with one another. Tall men are viewed as being physically stronger, giving them an advantage in attracting women as mating partners. A true lady wants her partner to be capable of handling any situation, even if it's just mowing the lawn.

17. Tall People Are More Succesful

Although this generalization is only accurate a small percentage of the time, the myth still reigns supreme over reality, particularly for women. When envisioning a successful self-made man, many people, including women, picture a tall and well-dressed individual.

18. Height Brings Power

It may be surprising, but the notion holds some truth. Power is considered an aphrodisiac, and tall men appear to embody this trait. They tend to reach higher positions faster and hold them longer, whether in politics or the corporate world. Women seem to instinctively recognize this, making tall men even more appealing.

19. Confidence Is Attractive

Society often favors tall men, which may explain why they tend to exhibit more confidence, both in their physical and mental abilities. Confidence is attractive, as long as it doesn't turn into arrogance. What woman wouldn't want a confident partner by her side?

20. Sports Ability

Although our modern-day battles and victories occur on athletic fields and not with weapons, the innate attraction towards athletic men still persists in women. This is why the high school quarterback still wins over the beauty queen, and the star forward captivates the head cheerleader.

21. Cultural Bias

Unfortunately, not only women but our society as a whole favors tall men. From a young age, we are exposed to stories of tall knights saving damsels in distress, and tall dark strangers are the epitome of romance. With such pervasive biases ingrained from childhood, it is not surprising that women dream of having a man they can look up to.


Why Are Tall Guys Hotter?

The majority of women consider tall men hotter for several reasons such as athleticism, better education, success, higher earnings, helpfulness around the house, and confidence. The list goes on, but the general idea is that tall men possess the traits that women desire in a mate.

What Height Man Do Women Prefer?

The ideal height for a man is between 5'11" and 6'3". Additionally, studies have shown that women prefer men who are 6 to 8 inches taller than them.

How Attractive Are Tall Men?

Almost half of all women consider tall stature a factor in their attraction towards someone. Interestingly, women can even guess a man's height based on a photo of his face. This suggests they have a keen understanding of the subject.