21 Reasons Guys Act Weird Around You (#11 Is Surprising)

When men behave abnormally around you, it creates an unpleasant and stressful situation for both individuals involved.

There is clearly something on his mind, otherwise, he wouldn't act abnormally. For you, this behavior might evoke feelings of suspicion that he is keeping something from you, which can add to the unpleasantness of the situation.

The men in our lives may differ greatly, but they often exhibit similar core behaviors. Continue reading to discover 21 reasons why men may behave abnormally around you.


There are countless reasons why a guy may behave strangely around you.

This can range from having a crush and attempting to attract your attention while struggling with communication with the opposite sex, to being outright intimidated by you.

Here are some of the most common reasons for guys to act abnormally around you:

1. He Likes You But Doesn't Want You to Know

If a guy has feelings for you but doesn't want to reveal them, he may exhibit strange behavior.

The duration of the abnormal behavior may be influenced by your discovery of it and your response.

However, if you believe that he has feelings for you and you reciprocate, expressing your emotions may resolve the situation. If not, brace yourself for continued unusual behavior.

2. He is Naturally Shy Around the Opposite Sex

Many guys, despite their boastful online and peer-group demeanor, are actually very timid when alone with someone of the opposite sex.

Whether it's due to limited interaction with members of the opposite sex apart from family and close friends, or simply a result of shyness, their unusual behavior may reduce as they get more familiar with you.

The most effective approach to handling a shy guy is to give him space and allow him to feel more comfortable around you.

Expressing your appreciation for him as a person can also be beneficial.

3. He Thinks Your Gorgeous (and Better Than Him)

If you have received education on human sexuality, you are aware of the significant role physical appearance plays in attracting members of the opposite sex.

If a guy finds you incredibly attractive, his lack of confidence and low self-esteem may lead him to believe that you are "superior" to him due to your appearance.

It is common for guys who rarely interact with attractive women to exhibit odd behavior when faced with someone they find physically appealing.

4. He's Scared of Initiating a Relationship (But Wants One)

At times, guys may act abnormally around you because they desire a relationship with you deeply, but are afraid to make the first move.

Their strange behavior may stem from fears of rejection or appearing vulnerable in front of their peers.

Additionally, some guys have a strong macho image and prefer to be pursued. If they become impatient from waiting, they may exhibit strange behavior.

5. He Thinks Your Smarter (and Better Than Him)

For many guys, intelligence is attractive in a partner, but not all guys are comfortable with a partner who is more intelligent than they are.

If a guy is interested in you and realizes that you may be more intelligent than he is, he may act strangely as he considers his next steps.

The best solution to this situation is not to conceal your intelligence. You should never compromise your intellect for anyone. If you are considering doing so, it's a sign to reevaluate your choice in partners.

6. Commitment Terrifies Him and He Thinks You Want/Deserve It

Contrary to popular belief, the fear of commitment for some guys is not solely based on the commitment itself, but also on the perception that you expect or deserve it from them.

If a guy is not prepared for a commitment and believes it's what you deserve, he may behave abnormally.

This doesn't necessarily mean he'll suddenly disappear, but he'll likely spend time in introspection before deciding to take things further with you.

7. He Sees Himself as Beneath You In Status

If a guy perceives that he is of lower social status compared to you, whether due to your prestigious education or affluent family background, he may exhibit unusual behavior around you.

Once he concludes that you occupy a higher social rung than him, his normal demeanor towards you may suddenly alter.

It's important to be transparent about your background and who you are from the start of a friendship or relationship, to prevent any misunderstandings about social status from affecting the way a guy acts around you.

8. There is Stuff Going on in His Life

Life is a constantly changing, dynamic journey. There are ups and downs and moments of both beauty and heartbreak. At times it may seem like there is nothing but joy and positivity, while at other times it may feel as though there is only darkness and sadness.

When a guy is going through a difficult time, it can cause them to act strange towards you.

Sometimes life can be difficult and challenging, and this can affect a guy's behavior around you. In such situations, a guy may act weird as he struggles to deal with the difficulties he's facing. This is not unique to guys and is a common experience for all people.

9. He Thinks/Knows You're Not Attracted to Him

If a guy has a major crush on you but fears that the feeling isn't mutual, they may start exhibiting strange behavior.

The stronger his feelings for you are and the more he believes that you are not interested in someone like him, the more he may act in unusual ways.

If a guy continues to be around you despite acting strangely, it's a positive sign that he has strong feelings for you.

10. He's Scared of Being Hurt

If a guy has experienced past heartbreak or has been exposed to too many romantic films growing up in a household with a mother and three sisters, he may start exhibiting strange behavior around you when he realizes the extent of his feelings for you.

Sadly, when a guy's feelings for you intensify, it's not uncommon for them to disappear or "ghost" you, especially if they have been hurt in the past or have been influenced by an over-exposure to romantic movies while they were growing up.

To ease his fears and show your affection, be supportive and make an effort to be there for him during difficult times. Let him know how much you value his presence in your life.

11. There is Something He Isn't Telling You (But Wants/Needs to)

Sometimes, guys behave abnormally around you because they are hiding something from you.

When a guy is hiding something from you, but feels like he must reveal it, he may act strange until he finally shares the information with you.

If a guy has a secret he's hiding from you but feels compelled to share, he may act strange until he finally comes clean. Unfortunately, if he overblows the significance of the secret, he may choose to end the relationship rather than reveal it.

12. He Wants to Slow Things Down

If a guy feels that the pace of your relationship is moving too fast for his comfort, he may start acting strangely towards you.

The reason for his sudden shift in behavior may be because he feels that the relationship is moving too fast for him and he wants to slow things down to a pace that he is more comfortable with.

His behavior change may also stem from his concern about whether you are envisioning marriage, which he may not be ready for at this point.

13. He's Trying to Build Your Interest in Him

At times, a guy's weird behavior could be because he is trying to accelerate the pace of the relationship and make things move faster.

When a guy is eager to attract you, he may take bold steps to capture your attention and arouse your interest.

Unfortunately, sometimes the strange behavior can have the unintended consequence of pushing you away instead of increasing your interest.

(…which is why, guys, the best approach is to always just act naturally!)

14. He Isn't Really Into You "Like That"

If a guy realizes he is not romantically interested in you, especially after pursuing you, he may start acting strange as soon as he becomes aware of this realization.

Beware, ladies: he may move on to ghosting you after exhibiting strange behavior.

If the guy has good manners, he will acknowledge his feelings and inform you about his true intentions.

15. He Has Strong Feelings (and it Scares Him)

If a guy is experiencing deep and intense emotions that he finds overwhelming, it may initially frighten him.

When a guy realizes that his feelings for you are more intense or profound than he initially thought, it can be a shock to him. This may result in him acting differently around you, whether it be out of fear, excitement, or any other emotion, and this behavior is often unconscious.

If he comes to understand that you feel the same way about him, his strange behavior will subside.

16. He's Trying to Show You That He's Not Your "Hero"

Sometimes guys don't want to be portrayed as heroes, whether it be in literature, movies, or even just in conversation, as it can put a lot of pressure on them.

Both psychology and genetics play a role in the "hero" archetype that guys are sometimes expected to embody.

Sometimes, when a guy acts oddly around you, it may be because they want to demonstrate that they are not your typical hero stereotype.

Sometimes guys who are used to being the hero in relationships may start acting weird around you if they are feeling overwhelmed or overburdened by the constant expectation to save the day. On the other hand, some guys may not be comfortable with the hero role at all and want to assert their independence and individuality. Additionally, guys who have been a hero for a long time may start to feel burnt out and simply want a break from the pressure.

If a guy who has previously been your constant support, always showing kindness and protection, starts acting strange, it could be a sign that he's no longer the hero in your story.

17. He Gets Anxious in Any Social Situation

Many guys suffer from social anxiety, especially in situations where they have feelings for someone. They may act weird as a result of their nerves.

This reason for a guy acting strange is not necessarily related to you or how he views you, but rather due to his own social anxiety in situations, especially when it involves someone he has a romantic interest in.

If a guy consistently behaves differently around you compared to his behavior with others, including other girls, it could be a sign that he has feelings for you, or a crush.

18. You Make Him Feel Threatened in Some Way

If a guy feels seriously intimidated by you, he may react by acting strangely around you until he overcomes that feeling.

As the sense of danger he feels from you persists instead of diminishing, his odd behavior also amplifies over time.

Regrettably, in such circumstances, your options are limited and you must endure and demonstrate to him that you pose no threat to him.

19. He Doesn't Like Your Family/Friends

A reason for a guy's strange behavior around you, which is more prevalent than you may think, is due to their dislike for your friends or family.

If your relationship advances, either he will adapt or become even more peculiar about your friends and family.

Keep in mind that the man who is right for you will not hold your family or friends against you. However, this doesn't mean he will have any interest in them.

20. He Thinks You're Dating Someone

At times, the cause of a guy's strange behavior towards you is because they have feelings for you and would like to date you, but they mistakenly believe you are in a committed relationship.

If he believes you are in a relationship and he has feelings for you, he may display peculiar behavior, whether you failed to mention your recent break-up or you assumed he was already aware.

The amusing aspect? When he discovers that you are single, he may exhibit even stranger behavior when he realizes he must act quickly before someone else tries to win your affection.

21. He Thinks You're Judging Him for Something

If a man perceives that you are evaluating him based on aspects such as his race, religion, education, attire, or financial status, he may act awkwardly towards you.

Even if a man doesn't feel guilty, if he perceives judgment, he may still exhibit altered behavior.

It's important to openly express your disagreements while also being reasonable and respectful.


How Do You Know When A Man Is Nervous Around You?

A man may exhibit several signs of nervousness when around you such as increased heart rate, sweating, restlessness, fake laughter, and averted gaze. Whenever he loses control over his emotions, he is likely to feel nervous around you, especially if he has a romantic interest in you.

Is It Normal To Be Awkward Around Your Crush?

It's normal to feel awkward around someone you have a crush on. If you don't experience any changes in behavior, it may indicate that your affection for them isn't as strong as you believe. Our desire to impress those we like often results in unnatural and awkward behavior, as we strive to make everything appear perfect.

How Do I Stop Acting Weird Around Guys?

It's normal to behave abnormally around someone you have a crush on. To stop this behavior, you need to make a conscious effort. This can include avoiding excessive sarcasm, not playing hard to get, smiling frequently, speaking less, controlling your gestures, and observing what irritates or doesn't irritate them.