21 Deeply Intimate Things To Do Besides Sex

Intimacy with a partner can go beyond just physical intimacy, and there are many other ways to build a strong connection with your partner. These activities can create a deeper sense of intimacy and can even enhance physical intimacy when it does happen. Don't be afraid to try new things and explore different forms of intimacy with your partner. There are many ways to feel closer and create a strong, fulfilling connection with your partner.


1. Spend Some Time Cuddling

Cuddling can be a great way to create intimacy with your partner without the pressure of physical intimacy. Try setting the mood with a movie or music, and snuggling up close to your partner. The close physical contact and the sound of their heartbeat and breathing can create a sense of intimacy and connection. It's a sweet and simple way to feel close to your partner and can be just as fulfilling as other forms of intimacy.


2. Talk About What's Really Important

It's important to have meaningful conversations with your partner in order to foster intimacy and strengthen your connection. Try to go beyond just sharing surface-level information about your day and delve into deeper topics such as hopes, fears, dreams, and even the relationship itself. These conversations can help you get to know each other better and create a deeper understanding and bond. You don't have to have these types of conversations every day, but making an effort to have them regularly can be beneficial for your relationship.


3. Offer To Help Your Partner With Something

Showing your partner that you care by helping out with tasks and chores can be a great way to create intimacy and strengthen your connection. Taking the time to work together on something mundane can create an opportunity for bonding and can even be fun. Helping each other out with tasks shows that you are willing to support and assist each other, which can be a very attractive and attractive quality in a partner.


4. Play Truth Or Dare

Playing Truth or Dare can bring some excitement and playfulness to your relationship. Don't be afraid to let go of your need to be mature all the time and have some fun. The element of risk can add an exciting dynamic and the game can help you both open up and laugh together. With the right approach, this playful activity can lead to deeper intimacy and connection.


5. Try Something New Together

Trying new things together can create a sense of vulnerability and bring you closer together as a couple. When you both experience something for the first time together, it creates a shared experience that can foster intimacy and connection. This vulnerability can be a simple yet deeply intimate way to strengthen your bond with your partner.


6. Focus On Just Making Out

Kissing can be a great way to create intimacy with your partner. Instead of always focusing on more physical forms of intimacy, try taking the time to enjoy the simple act of making out. Keep your clothes on and focus on the pleasure of kissing without expecting anything else. This can be a fun and playful way to connect with your partner and can help you feel more connected and closer to each other. Don't underestimate the power of more innocent acts to create intimacy.


7. Sleep Together

Sleeping together can be a simple yet deeply intimate and romantic act. Trusting each other enough to simply curl up and drift off to sleep can strengthen the bond between you and create a sense of intimacy and connection. Don't underestimate the power of simple acts like this to bring you closer together.

8. Share Your Fantasies

Exploring new forms of intimacy, such as role play or bondage, can be a great way to bring excitement and novelty into your relationship. It can be intimidating to bring up these fantasies with your partner, but sharing them can be a courageous and vulnerable act that can create a deeper connection between you. You don't have to try them right away, but simply discussing and exploring these fantasies can be a great way to strengthen your bond and bring you closer together.


9. Give Each Other A Massage

Giving each other massages can be a highly intimate and sensual activity. It can be especially sexy when your partner knows how to rub out all the tension from your neck and back. While it's perfectly fine to get naked for the massage, it's important to approach it with no expectations beyond relaxation and intimacy. Enjoy the sensual touch and the opportunity to connect with your partner in a deeper way.


10. Take A Shower Together

Showering together can be an incredibly intimate and sensual experience. To make it even more special, try to focus on caring for each other rather than just the sexual aspects of the activity. Wash each other's bodies, stand under the water together in silence, and enjoy the feeling of being close to your partner's body. This can be a deeply intimate and bonding experience for couples. Just make sure to set boundaries and respect each other's personal space to avoid things going too far too quickly.


11. Netflix And Chill… But For Real

Instead of "Netflix and chill," try actually watching a TV show or movie marathon with your partner. Snuggle up on the couch and just enjoy each other's company. No need to make it sexual, just relax and have a good time.

12. Dance To Your Favorite Songs

Try something new and fun together, like dancing. Make a playlist and dance like no one's watching. You'll laugh and forget about your daily stresses, and you'll open up to each other in a way you may not have done before.


13. Play Games

Try a board or card game for a fun and intimate night in. Play a two-player game and avoid competitive games for a deeper connection. Engage in deeper conversations and forget about the outside world for a while.

14. Share An Embarrassing Secret

Sharing embarrassing moments with your partner can be a way to strengthen your bond and bring you closer together. Don't be afraid to open up and laugh about past mistakes. It's a sign of trust and vulnerability that can bring you closer.


15. Share Each Other's Favorite Hobbies

Sharing your hobbies and interests with your partner can be a very intimate and bonding experience. Even if you don't end up loving the other person's hobby, the fact that you were willing to try it together shows a level of understanding and appreciation for each other's interests. Seeing your partner's excitement and joy when you offer to try their hobby can be a special moment for both of you.


16. Cook A Meal Together

Try cooking a meal together as a team. Go grocery shopping to pick out ingredients, then spend time in the kitchen prepping and cooking. Not only will you enjoy the process, but you'll also get to savor the delicious results at the end. It's a fun and intimate way to bond with your partner.

17. Sext Each Other

Sexting can be a fun and intimate way to connect with your partner, even when you're not physically together. It allows you to explore your fantasies and desires, and can help build anticipation for your next in-person encounter. Just be sure to be respectful and consensual, and remember that sexting should be a part of your relationship, not the only form of intimacy.


18. Flirt Like You Used To

Revive the flirting and playfulness in your relationship by acting like you're still courting each other. Surprise your partner with compliments and playful gestures, and see how it brings back the excitement and intimacy in your relationship.

19. Write Each Other A Love Letter

Write love letters to each other expressing your genuine feelings. It may seem cheesy, but it's a simple and intimate way to show your partner how much you care. You don't have to be a poet to do this, just be honest and heartfelt. Your partner will appreciate the effort and feel loved. Plus, it's a great feeling to express your love in writing.


20. Surprise Them With Some Of Their Favorite Stuff From The Store

Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift that shows how well you know them. It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive, just something that shows you were thinking of them and took the time to choose something special. This small gesture can be incredibly intimate and make your partner feel loved and appreciated.


21. Say "I Love You"

Say "I love you" often and genuinely. This simple phrase can go a long way in strengthening your bond and reminding your partner of your love for them. It's an easy but meaningful way to show your affection and build intimacy in your relationship.