$20M Bruce's Beach Property Returned To Family After LA County Stole It 98 Years Ago

$20m Bruce's Beach Property Returned To Family After La County Stole It 98 Years Ago

A beach resort seized by Californian officials nearly 100 years ago has been returned to its rightful owners, the descendants of a Black couple, Willa and Charles Bruce.

The land, called Bruce's Beach, was bought by the Bruces in 1912. Twelve years later, LA County took most of the property, giving the original owners fraction of what it was worth.

The Bruces bought the land for $1,225, but now its value is over $20 million, with the houses nearby worth around $7 million.

Willa and Charles Bruce's great-great-grandson, Anthony Bruce, received an authorized transfer-of-land deed from the LA County Registrar-Recorder.

Previously, the Los Angeles County commission voted unanimously to return a piece of beach to the Black family.

State Senator Steven Bradford said:

"This transfer will allow the Bruce family to realize generational wealth, which they have been denied for generations simply because they were Black in America."

On July 20, with a ceremony, the people gathered to celebrate a historical moment: the government returned a wrongfully taken property to a Black family.