2020 Lockdown Has Business Booming For Naked Cleaning Company

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to close their doors, it had the opposite effect for others.

The lockdown and strict measures have actually caused a rise in business for one unique company.

Demand for scantily-clad or completely naked cleaners from the Naked Cleaning Company has gone through the roof.

New Company Making Big Money

2020 lockdown has business booming for naked cleaning company

The owner of Naked Cleaning Company, Nikki Belton, launched it earlier in 2020, but when the coronavirus outbreak started, things looked bad.

In the UK – where the company is based – strict measures were put in place. People were prohibited from meeting others or bringing them in their homes.

Since then, some restrictions have been lifted, and the Naked Company could get back to what they do best.

And they haven’t looked back once.

Nikki feels that their jobs are more important than ever. They hope to clean away the dreaded virus one naked cleaner at a time.

The 34-year-old is all about service with a smile but takes her job as a cleaner seriously. However, she doesn’t see why she cannot have fun with her work as well.

She added that people find it nice to pay for such a quirky service with everything that’s going on in the world.

Being at home and having no contact with others can be mentally draining. The Naked Cleaning Company hopes to bring back a little bit of happiness and fun during and after the pandemic.

More Than Pretty Faces and Naked Bodies

2020 lockdown has business booming for naked cleaning company

The cleaning crew from The Naked Cleaning Company will do more than look appealing. They will vacuum your home, dust and wipe down anything dirty and clean your bathroom and kitchen.

All this while wearing sexy lingerie or, if you want, nothing at all.

This Service Doesn’t Come Cheap

Of course, such an alluring cleaning service won’t come cheaply. A topless cleaner tidying up a bit will cost you £75 ($95).

You will have to cough up £95 ($121) per hour for a more exposed experience. If your home is really messy, it could get very costly!

Don’t Stress – It’s a Secure Service

2020 lockdown has business booming for naked cleaning company

Many may wonder how safe it could be to enter strangers’ homes wearing little to no clothing.

But The Naked Cleaning Company takes precautions to keep everyone involved safe and smiling.

Before a booking can take place, clients will undergo a background and identity check. The cleaner’s safety needs to be assured.

Cleaners are very hygienic as well, given that the coronavirus is still an active threat. New measures have been put in place to keep things safe.