2020 Goals: What To Do To Increase My Confidence

2020 Goals: What To Do To Increase My Confidence

It's like the saying goes in relationships that the moment you aren't looking for anything, the more confident and unavailable you are, the more irresistible you become. It's just science, don't ask me.

Either way, It's that old wives' tale that a confident person is a very attractive and successful person. A self-fulfilling prophecy, too. If someone thinks you're successful because of how accomplished and popular you seem, then they may be more inclined to offer you positions.

Based on our outward presenting personas, we can offer the world more realistic viewings of who we are as people. We can ensure that we put our best foot forward in interviews, even if it isn't necessarily how we're feeling on the inside.

Moreover, as you can't always control every aspect of how other people perceive you, it's important to just stay true to yourself. Stick to your guns and know yourself.

Then, figure out what you want the world to see

Confidence is key and it's going to get you far in life. Here's a couple of steps to enable you to achieve them! It's important to present what you can to your advantage!

1 – Think confident thoughts in 2020!

It's like Roald Dahl said in The Twits that ugly thoughts lead to ugly outward manifestations. This is no less true in this situation, where confident thoughts can, through sheer force of will, manifest into outgoing, determined, and empowering thoughts.

If you change your mindset, suddenly everything is possible. If you enter social functions nervous and knowing that you aren't sure of yourself, what do you expect other than that becoming clear to others?

Indeed, surely you would be attracted to a confident person. The power that they exude. The self-possession, understanding of themselves. It's irresistible.

Firstly, though, you have to do something in 2020…

2 – Allow yourself to fail. Be imperfect!

You have to look at your mistakes in the eye and move on from them. Be confident enough to give yourself time to reflect and improve upon whatever has happened in the past.

Let past versions of yourself go. Don't hold yourself to old standards of who you used to be. Just sit and watch the adaptation of Sense and Sensibility and marvel at Emma Thompson running the show and see her gain confidence and a viable marriage in the same feature-length film.

Goals all around, all because of her boldness, the security of self, and confidence. Her ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Rather than being so timid that the fear of failure prevents her from doing anything, like Anne of Persuasion. Can you tell I'm on an Austen spiral in 2020?

3 – Acknowledge your fears though, they're valid

We all fear things for a reason. There's a reason why the fear principle exists. It's to regulate our actions by our emotions. To ensure our behavior isn't unchecked because we'd be putting ourselves in danger otherwise.

You can leave your comfort zone all you like to face your fears, but remember that confidence is the key to getting all that you want. Know yourself first, but then the next step of acquiring confidence is really easy.

You know yourself and will realize all that you have to offer the world. Impressive and capable. What isn't there to be proud and confident of?!

That said, it's important to know that too much confidence without sense can be intoxicating.

I encourage everyone to be self-aware. Or at least to have a friend on hand to nudge us back into place if we get a little ahead of ourselves in 2020.