20,000 Bees Swarm Together For A 2 Day Car Chase To Rescue Their Queen

20,000 Bees Swarm Together For a 2 Day Car Chase To Rescue Their Queen

The life of a bee might be all too familiar to most of us. It seems simple enough; fly around collecting nectar, spread some pollen, build a honeycomb, produce honey, and follow the queen.

Of course, the hive sticks together and works hard to achieve its ultimate goal: to continue populating.

If the hive wants to maintain its existence, the workers have to produce honey and protect the queen.

20,000 bees swarm together for a 2 day car chase to rescue their queen

Without the honey, the babies will starve, and without the queen, there will be no babies.

They achieve this by working hard and showing the utmost dedication, often putting their lives on the line.

As proof of this dedication, a swarm of bees had the town of Haverfordwest buzzing with excitement.

Bees vs. Sedan

20,000 bees swarm together for a 2 day car chase to rescue their queen

While chasing after their queen, 20,000 or more bees swarmed a sedan in an attempt to rescue their matriarch.

While visiting a local nature reserve, 68-year-old Carol Howarth, the sedan owner, accidentally took on an unwanted passenger.

A queen bee got trapped in the car's boot by some unknown means, and her hive soon followed in pursuit.

The tiny insects followed Carol's car for two days, giving the poor old lady a terrifying shock.

However, the incident did provide the West Wales town with a thrilling story that made the papers.

20,000 bees swarm together for a 2 day car chase to rescue their queen

It even went viral on social media, as a witness shared the story on his Facebook account.

CNN also covered the story, reporting how the bees chased after the Mitsubishi Outlander, hoping to reunite with the trapped matriarch.

Carol drove around town unaware of the situation, though still alarmed about the swarm of bees following her car.

Carol said that she has never seen anything like it in all the many years she has lived.

It certainly sounds like the kind of story she could share with her grandchildren.

The Great Rescue

20,000 bees swarm together for a 2 day car chase to rescue their queen

Local ranger, Tom Moses, witnessed as the bees descended upon the lady's car and took the chance to be a hero. He called the incident a Bee-riliant swarmathon and posted the event on his Facebook.

His caption read: "Driving through town and noticed this going on outside".

Of course, Tom could not resist getting involved as he knew how endangered bees are worldwide.

Afraid that someone might harm the bees or vice versa, he felt compelled to protect the hive.

Tom called in the help of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association to get the bees, and the queen, to safety.

He detailed the rescue effort in length on his Facebook profile, and after hours of struggling, the bees were captured.

Five beekeepers, witnesses, and park wardens assisted in the task, and thanks to their dedication, this hive prevailed.

A local member of the PBA, Roger Burns, who assisted in the rescue effort, found the incident especially amusing.

Even he said that in all his years of beekeeping, this was something to witness.

While it is common for bees to follow the queen, their enduring dedication surprised Burns.

It was indeed odd that they would pursue for two days, Roger added.

For Tom Moses, it was the best thing to ever happen in Haverfordwest.