20 Things To Text A Guy At Night (How To Get Him Thinking About You)

You've been either dating or communicating with this guy for a period of time. It could be that you had your first date, have been dating for a while, or are in the process of planning a first date.

It's possible that you're not searching for a date, but rather just seeking some enjoyment. That's perfectly okay.

Late-night talks are ideal for various scenarios, but it's crucial to be mindful of your words if you're at a delicate stage in the relationship, or you might end up overwhelming him.

What are some appropriate things to text a guy at night?

We're happy you inquired. Here are some suggestions to ensure that he is thinking of you (exclusively) until late at night.

Let's begin by answering a few quick questions.


In brief: Yes!

There's no reason why you shouldn't. Keep in mind that the message conveyed through late-night texts can vary based on the stage of your relationship.

They are often linked with sexuality or solitude. Showing either can be acceptable, particularly if you have a good understanding of him.

However, if you are not in a steady relationship or don't know him well, appearing desperate can quickly turn him off.

Thus, the more nuanced response would be: yes, but be mindful and cautious about the content and frequency of your late-night texts.


Another common question regarding nighttime communication is "how late can you text him?"

There is no universal answer that applies to all relationships and individuals. It varies.

To begin with, set some boundaries using common sense. Don't text him too late, especially if it's a work night or if he appears to be tired.

But if you're already in conversation and it's flowing naturally, there's no reason to cut it short.


The basic checkup text

When someone inquires about your day or emotions, don't you feel cared for?

You can apply the same approach with your partner. This is effective in both casual and serious relationships as it's a timeless conversation opener.

He will probably inquire about your well-being in return or say something that allows you to respond.


Hello, how was your day?

Make him laugh one more time for the day with a quick meme

Just as you enjoy being with a man who can make you laugh, men also appreciate a woman who can bring humor to their lives.

Conclude the day on a positive note and showcase your humor with a funny meme or picture. This conveys to him that you possess the sought-after sense of humor and has the added benefit of putting a smile on his face before bedtime.

Request a pick-me-up from him by asking for one of his favorite memes

Did you have a challenging day?

While it's advisable to maintain a positive tone in the early stages of a relationship, you can still request a mood boost from him. Ask him to share one of his favorite photos or memes with you.

This demonstrates your interest in him and provides another opportunity to understand his preferences. Memes cover a wide range of topics, including games, books, movies, and politics.

The meme or picture he chooses to share with you will reveal much about his personality.


"I could use a pick-me-up. Could you send me one of your favorite memes?"

Get him on the edge of his seat with a Hollywood-worthy cliffhanger

The use of cliffhangers in popular movies is intentional, as it builds anticipation for the next installment and generates discussions with loved ones about potential outcomes.

You can apply this psychological technique in your texting by sending a brief message about an intriguing event of the day without revealing all the details.

This not only encourages him to open up, but it also allows you to shine. Seize the opportunity to showcase your storytelling abilities and captivate him.


"You won't believe the eventful day I had..."

Get deep with it

You may have experienced lengthy late-night conversations with friends that lasted until the early hours of the morning. There's something about the late hours that gives a deeper significance to conversations that might seem trivial during the day.

Make the most of this time and initiate a thought-provoking conversation with your partner that leads to exploring new and exciting ideas.

However, exercise caution. Avoid controversial topics, such as politics, unless you have been together for some time and are aware of each other's views.

While it's important to maintain your individuality and not agree with him on everything, it is advisable to steer clear of potentially divisive topics for the ease of the conversation. You can still express your deep thoughts while providing him an opportunity to do the same by choosing a less controversial subject.


"Lately, I've been pondering about the mysteries of outer space. Do you believe we are alone in the universe or is there something else out there?"

Let him lead

Similar to traditional dances where the man leads, conversations can also require flexibility and demonstrate your intrigue.

So if he initiates the conversation by texting you, go along with it. Allow him to steer the conversation and follow his lead.

He could steer the conversation towards unexpected and interesting directions.


To keep the conversation flowing, ask questions like "And then what happened?" or "What was your reaction?"

Follow up after a successful date

This works well if you recently saw each other. It demonstrates your eagerness to be with him again.

Sending a post-date text opens the door for playful and charming flirting.


"Had such a great time with you today/tonight. Can't wait for round two."

Turn up the heat with some sultry descriptions and selfies

Want to take things to the next level?

Turn up the temperature by sending a sultry selfie or a teasing description of your current attire and activities.

This will lead to a steamy conversation and leave him wanting more.

Sending a hot selfie or a tantalizing description can spice up your casual or long-distance relationship. It can help to satisfy the longing for physical contact, leaving your partner wanting more.


"Feeling cozy in my bedwear. Want to see? 😉" - Followed by a photo of your alluring bedtime attire.

Dial his curiosity up to eleven

Hey, just wanted to reach out and check in. Got a few things on my mind, would love to chat when you have a moment. 😊

Looking to create desire in him? Guide him into some steamy fantasies using this technique.

Want to put a smile on his face? Start a romantic conversation focused on your sweet dreams about him.

He will be eager to learn more. His interest will have him pleading with you for information - and you can enjoy playing along by providing what he desires.


"I had some intriguing thoughts/fantasies about you today while I was at work."

Ask him a fun question

If you've been in the dating scene for a while, you're likely familiar with the repetitive and cliché remarks that are frequently used.

Communication with individuals can become monotonously tedious. And as you engage in conversations with more and more people, they may start to seem similar, causing difficulty in remembering who is who.

Being unremarkable is the last thing you desire. Asking a distinctive and enjoyable question could result in a conversation that distinguishes you from other women he has previously interacted with.

If you're uncertain about what to say, consider searching for information online. There are various lists of interesting questions to ask individuals you're getting to know.


"If you woke up tomorrow with the ability to have one superpower, which one would you choose?"

Get his recommendation

Men enjoy being perceived as experts and appreciate being recognized as such. Asking for their advice in a particular subject validates their expertise and boosts their confidence.

Additionally, seeking his advice demonstrates your interest in his passions and respects his viewpoint. Such consideration is sure to be well received.

Ask for his recommendation on a TV show, musical act, novel, or dining establishment. Then, take his suggestion into consideration and provide feedback to show that you take his advice seriously.


"I've finished watching a show and I'm searching for something new to watch, do you have any suggestions for me?"

Make a recommendation to him

Remember, giving recommendations can go both ways. If you come across something that you think he would enjoy, don't hesitate to share it with him.

Being solely invested in his interests can be monotonous and give off the impression of being overly attached, which is unappealing.

You can expand his perspectives.

However, don't overwhelm him with constant recommendations. Occasionally sharing your own interests and demonstrating your interest in him through suggestions can be a great way to show appreciation.


"I stumbled upon a song today that I believe you'll enjoy." - Follow it up by sending him the link to the song.

Share your (spoiler-free) thoughts about the latest developments in current events or media

Whether he took your suggestion for a TV show or music or you took his, now that you both have a shared experience, you have the opportunity to engage in countless discussions about it.

Night is the ideal time for watching a new series together and relaxing, making it the perfect opportunity to send a text about your recent thoughts.

Also gather his opinions on the subject. After all, a great series has the power to bring people closer.

However, if he's behind, ensure your thoughts are not spoiler-filled, naturally.


"I just finished the last episode of show. The ending was shocking! Did you get a chance to watch it?"

Start planning out your next date

Feeling adventurous? Consider planning your next date.

Demonstrating initiative sets you apart and conveys confidence, showing that you have a clear vision and are not afraid to pursue it.

Men often face pressure to initiate all the pursuits, but being pursued is enjoyable. By taking some initiative, you alleviate this pressure and make him feel desired.


"Would you like to join me for coffee tomorrow?"

Test the waters by asking what his plans are

If you're feeling uncertain and want to proceed with caution, that's understandable.

It's okay to take it slow. You can send a text to gauge his interest and see when he wants to meet again.

Consider sending a casual text asking about his plans a week or so ahead. If he's invested, he'll respond with an invitation for you.


"What do you have planned for this weekend?"

Send him a cute selfie

Selfies don't need to be sensual. You may prefer to steer away from that angle if you want your relationship to focus on other aspects, which is perfectly acceptable.

Adorable selfies are also great options. Try taking a picture with a pet or cozy in your pajamas.

A wonderful photo has the power to warm his heart and may be saved on his device for future viewing.

Ask him to send you a selfie

Requesting a selfie from him is also a playful option, providing a range of possibilities and avenues to explore.

With the appropriate emoji, your request can lead in any direction you desire.

Wanting a sensual photo to tantalize you? Suggest a picture to help you get through the night with a winking emoji.

Desiring a cute photo to admire? Request a picture of his charming face with a smiling emoji.

Men also enjoy feeling attractive. This is a great way to express how attractive you find him.

If you haven't already sent a photo, it's the ideal opportunity to reciprocate once you receive his.


"Could you send me a photo? I miss seeing your attractive face today."

A basic (and classic) good night text

Going back to basics is perfectly fine and sends the message that you are level-headed by sending a standard goodnight message.

Try to keep it simple while still conveying warmth. Simply saying "good night" may come across as distant, which could be effective if you're playing the hard-to-get game.

Include well wishes with your "good night" to give your message a warm touch without being overly affectionate. If you keep things tasteful, it will leave him wondering what it takes to win you over.


"Wishing you a fantastic day. Have a good night!"

A sweet good night text

Is your bond with him beginning to develop into something lovely?

Sending a charming and playful goodnight message will do the trick. It allows you to capture a portion of his thoughts without appearing too clingy.

If fortune favors you, sending it close to bedtime will increase the likelihood of you being a leading character in his dreams.


"You occupied my thoughts throughout the day. Hopefully, you'll also visit me in my dreams. Sleep well! :)"

A spicy good night text

If you're in a playful mood, send him a spicy late-night message to add some excitement.

A well-crafted message will have a provocative effect on him. He won't be able to get a good night's sleep as he'll spend the night ruminating over you and picturing you.

You can choose to be bold or simply tease him with a hint. The decision is yours.

Our recommendation is to hint at it subtly. This approach is alluring and intriguing, and it will make him yearn for you like never before.


"If you were here with me, I doubt we'd be attempting to sleep. Sleep well..."

To summarize:

If you aim to establish a long-lasting relationship with a guy, it's crucial to comprehend the one thing that all men desire.