20 Texts To Make Him Ask You Out

Interacting with someone of the opposite gender can sometimes be reminiscent of a game of cat and mouse, where it's difficult to determine who is the predator and who is the prey.

You express your affection for him through bold and flirty gestures, such as sending flirtatious text messages and tempting selfies accompanied by playful emojis.

You may have already spent time together, indulged in intimate moments, or had romantic experiences with him. So, when will he finally pick up on the hints and ask you out on a date?

If you've realized that the guy you like is a little bit clueless, we're here to help. We've composed a collection of text messages that will leave your intentions unmistakable and encourage him to ask you out.


Keep in mind that the text templates we've created are just one aspect of the equation. There are additional factors to consider in order to make yourself irresistible and have him begging for more of your time.

Here's the first key point to keep in mind: Don't always respond to him immediately when he sends you a text. The notion of pursuing something that is difficult to obtain often makes it more desirable. On the other hand, being constantly accessible to him conveys the opposite message.

In simpler terms, take a break from your phone every now and then and don't respond to his texts right away. This will build anticipation and leave him longing for more interaction with you. Additionally, this gives you some time to carefully craft a thoughtful response.

Second, avoid overwhelming him with expressions of love. Even if you're certain that you're developing feelings for him, inundating him with overly romantic language too soon can be overwhelming. Instead, try to rein in your emotions and maintain a flirtatious tone in your interactions.

Lastly, don't forget to have a good time! Interacting with him should be a source of excitement and joy, not a cause of stress or anxiety. It may be easier said than done, but try to reduce the amount of overthinking and worries. Simply relax and enjoy the conversation.


We've compiled 20 text messages that are designed to encourage him to ask you out. Each message has a unique approach, and they can be used in various situations to achieve your desired outcome.

We will present each text message and explain the best scenario in which to use it. Keep in mind that you can customize each text to fit the specifics of your relationship by incorporating the names of restaurants, TV shows, or places that you think are appropriate.

If you require additional guidance, consider checking out the Text Chemistry program. It provides a wealth of text templates and helpful tips to make your interactions more effective.

"What are your plans for this weekend?"

Best Used: When you want to assess his interest in spending time with you. If he thinks about his weekend and realizes he has no commitments, he may ask you to get together!

"What do you have planned for tomorrow?"

Best Used: When you want to gauge his current mood and emotions. This text is similar to the previous one, but is more effective when you're hoping to see him soon.

"I feel like treating myself to a meal at your or his favorite restaurant..."

Best Used: When you want to subtly suggest the idea of a date. This text not only implies that you would enjoy his company but also hints at the added bonus of a delicious meal at his or your favorite restaurant. As the saying goes, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

"I'm feeling so restless right now..."

Best Used: When you want to test his ability to keep you entertained. However, be cautious as this text could be misinterpreted as you being bored with talking to him. Use it carefully.

"This weekend is looking a bit dull. I don't have any plans yet."

Best Used: Expressing your boredom and hinting that you'd like some company. This approach is a little more subtle and puts the ball in his court to offer to hang out with you. However, it's important to be mindful of not coming across as too needy or desperate.

"I'm eager to visit the new bar, but I don't want to go solo."

Best Used: Encouraging him to step up and be a hero. He'll feel like a chivalrous knight when he offers to accompany you to any location of your choosing. Note: It doesn't have to be a bar, it can be any place you'd like to explore together.

"What's your go-to restaurant/bar/coffee shop?"

Best Used: Gaining insights into your guy. This question will flatter him as it shows you're interested in his likes and dislikes. It also presents an opportunity to invite him to his favorite place for a visit together.

"My roommate is out for the evening, and I'm feeling unexpectedly lonely."

Best Used: Seeking an indirect way to be in his embrace. However, messages like this can sometimes be misconstrued as just a casual hookup request, so this approach carries some risk. It may be helpful to learn about how to express your feelings for a guy through text messaging.

"A movie has been released that I'd love to watch, but none of my friends are keen on it."

Suitable for: Igniting his thoughts and fueling his imagination. Let him visualize all the potential adventures and experiences he could have with you, if he musters the courage to make the first move and ask you out.

"What activities would we be engaging in, if we were together at this moment?"

Perfect for: Stirring up his thoughts and igniting his imagination. Let his mind wander and ponder all the exciting possibilities of what he could be experiencing with you, if only he musters the courage to make the move and ask you out.

"The other day was a blast when we spent time together. It's been quite some time since I had such a good laugh!"

Ideal for: Reviving memories of enjoyable moments shared together. Recalling a successful outing will ignite his desire for another memorable experience with you.

"I'm eager to expand my knowledge about his hobby/the game he's passionate about. I'm planning to give it a deeper dive tomorrow."

Suitable for: Boosting his confidence. This demonstrates that you are taking notice of his interests, and he will likely be eager to join you if you're pursuing an activity that he enjoys.

"I might indulge in a marathon viewing session of a TV show that you both enjoy this weekend..."

Ideal for: Expressing your desire for a cozy movie night with your partner. The thought of snuggling up and watching your shared favorites together will be irresistible to him. If he doesn't respond, these are some tips on what to text when a guy fails to reply.

"I'm considering ordering some pizza. Would you like to join me for a slice or two?"

Perfect for: Extended a casual invitation to your place. Enjoying takeout and a low-key date at home is always a treat. Note: the cuisine doesn't necessarily have to be pizza, it could be any other dish of your choosing, but it should be something that he also enjoys.

"I long to be snuggled up with you at this moment..."

Ideal for: Conveying your romantic desires. This straightforward invitation for a cozy embrace is hard to miss, and he would have to be quite unobservant not to understand it.

"When is our next get-together planned? I'm eager to spend time with you again!"

Suitable for: Clarifying the situation with him. Directly inquiring about the next time you'll see each other helps resolve any confusion or uncertainty, especially if it's been challenging to understand his feelings.

"What's your stance on women taking the initiative in initiating a romantic connection?"

Ideal for: Assessing his perspective on women initiating romantic advances. Many men find it attractive when a woman is confident and decisive. If he expresses a positive view on this, feel confident to make the first move and ask him out.

"I have a spare ticket to that movie/show he's been wanting to see. Would you like to accompany me as my guest?"

Suitable for: Taking the initiative and inviting him on a date. This is a straightforward way to ask him to join you for an outing.

"The thought of your kiss from the other day keeps lingering in my mind. I can't help but question if your kissing skills are really as exceptional as I recall..."

Ideal for: Raising the intensity and inciting his desire for you. This text can be used to make him crave your presence. If you're feeling adventurous, consider daring him with some suggestive text messages.

"I've been reminiscing about our beach trip lately and it's got me thinking I'd love to go back and create some new memories soon."

Ideal for: When you want to suggest a new date based on a past experience. Bringing up a memorable event from your past together will create excitement for a future outing together.