20 Signs Your Guy Friend Secretly Loves You

20 Signs Your Guy Friend Secretly Loves You

It can be challenging to figure out whether someone has a crush on you or not. But if you're suspecting that your guy friend may like you as more than a crush -- maybe he secretly loves you -- then it's time to do a bit of investigative work.

Approaching him directly may seem too forward. It may be difficult for him to express his feelings for you. However, observing his demeanor can give you a clue whether he is interested in you or not. Some of the secret signs include facial expressions, hand gestures, eye contact, and body language.


1. His Smile Stands Out

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Pay close attention to his smile. It would be different from ordinary smiles. His front teeth will show, his eyebrows will lift, and sometimes he'll get a dimple. He may also broaden his smile when you exchange a glance with him.

2. He Stares At You Intensely

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If a guy friend of yours stares at you passionately, it is his way of telling you that he likes you. If he's shy, the chances of him approaching you are slim for fear of rejection. He would wait for your signal before striking up a conversation with you.

3. Different Style Of Speaking

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Observe how your male friend speaks with your other female friends. If he speaks with you differently, then he is definitely into you. He will frequently smile, laugh, or touch you playfully during a conversation.

4. He Gives You Compliments

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Guys who are interested in you may compliment you about your sense of humor, outfit, facial expressions, hairstyle, fragrance, and so on. On the other hand, some guys will commend you for your work and support you in your endeavors.

5. Envious When You Are With Another Guy

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A big sign he is into you is if he becomes envious the moment he sees you with another guy. He would try to gauge whether you are in a relationship with him or not. He may walk away dejected if the answer is "yes."

6. He Wants To Know About You

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If he likes you then he'll want to know everything about you. He'll want to know about your family, interests, achievements, and tragedies.

7. He Is Protective Of You

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Pay attention to the way your friend behaves with you in public. In crowded places, he can distance you from other people by placing his arms around you. Though it may seem odd at first, him protecting you is a sign that he cares about you.

8. He Stutters In Your Presence

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He may stutter when he talks to you, even if he's a good speaker. He would find it difficult to articulate words properly out of nervousness. His awkwardness is a sign of interest in you.

9. Looks At You When He Is With Other Girls

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He will keep an eye on you when he is talking to other girls. Your friend may be trying to figure out if you're interested in him based on your reaction.

10. He Leans In When You Speak

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Your guy friend will lean towards you whenever you have a conversation with him. With this body language hint, he not only wants to get closer to you, but he also wants to show you how special you are to him by paying close attention to what you have to say.

11. Finds Ways To Contact You

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When your guy friend secretly loves you, he will come up with ways to get in touch with you regularly. He may not say things directly but would try to keep you entertained.

12. His Friends Tease Him

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His friends may know something you don't know. They may give him a nudge, poke him, or smirk when you are around.

13. He Insists On Paying

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He will behave like a gentleman and treat you like his lady by offering to pay for the meal. This is his way of showing respect.

14. Likes Your Social Media Posts

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He actively follows you on social media and likes every post. He wants to be connected with you, at least virtually. This is one way of complimenting you.

15. His Hands Are Sweaty

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It's a little awkward, but sweaty hands could be his tell. His heart and breathing rate can also increase in front of you. This happens because he's nervous.

16. Grooms In Front of You

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This is one of the most obvious signs that he's interested in you. He wants to look good for you! Your friend will run his hands through his hair, adjust his shirt, or fix his tie.

17. He Values Your Opinion

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He values your opinions, even if he disagrees. He also trusts your opinion on his clothes, hairstyle, and home décor.

18. Your Jokes Always Make Him Laugh

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A guy friend would normally find some of your jokes funny. However, if he has a crush on you, he will laugh at all of your jokes, even if they are lame.

19. Flaunts His Strong Physical Features

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When you cross paths, he may flex his chest and arms to show that he is a strong guy. If this is not typical of him, then he is doing it to get your attention.

20. His Voice Changes

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He may sound tough, but when he is with you he speaks softly and in a higher tone. Changing his tone of voice is a way to show you respect, patience, and care.

Is Love In The Air?

The key to knowing about your guy friend's love for you lies in these clues. Look out for body language, eye contact, and even the way he presents himself in front of you. If he acts strangely when you're around, remembers little things, or shows unwavering support, he just may be in love with you!