20 Signs You Dodged A Relationship Bullet

Breaking up can be beneficial in certain relationships. It may seem painful now, but it could save you from potential problems in the future. If you noticed any red flags in your previous relationship, consider yourself fortunate.

1. Everyone who hears how the situation went down is appalled

A good rule of thumb is that if the people you tell about the breakup are shocked by the guy's actions, it's likely that he was a terrible person. It's not worth being with someone whose behavior is so bad that it shocks others.

2. He got violent, screamed at you, or insulted you

The moment you escape from his hold, you're avoiding a dangerous situation. Keep in mind, there are individuals who spend most of their lives trying to fix these kinds of individuals. You don't have to be one of those people, and you shouldn't be.

3. He tried to steal from you or use you for money

If someone is attempting to steal from you, it's advisable to contact the police.

4. After the two of you broke up, people seem relieved or happy for you

If your friends are relieved when a relationship ends, it could be an indication that they sensed the person wasn't right for you. They may not have known how to bring it up. If that's the case, it's worth considering their perspective.

5. Your friends and family hated his guts and told you so

There may be some bias involved, but usually, it's because they knew that person wasn't good for you. If anything, learn to listen to the opinions of those who care about you more often.

6. Now that he's out of the picture, you feel happier, more relaxed, and confident

If you feel this way, it's likely that the person was toxic in your life. It can take time to realize this. Once you have this feeling, it's best to trust your intuition and avoid them.

7. His current relationship is horrible, or you get the feeling that he's mistreating his partner

After a breakup, it's common to blame yourself even when it's not your fault. It's easy to feel like you'll be alone now that your ex is with someone else. But if you observe that the new relationship seems unhappy, it's a sign that the problem was with him and not you. You have avoided a lifetime of unhappiness by ending the relationship.

8. Drama has suddenly ceased

It ended because the relationship ended.

9. He's miserable

If he is unhappy, it often indicates that he realizes that you were the best partner he could have had. When combined with other signs, it suggests that you deserve someone better than him.

10. Without him, you're seeing major life improvements

If your career is flourishing, your social life is thriving, and your family is supportive, it could be a sign that you were fortunate to have ended the relationship.

11. The person who you dumped is clearly unstable

While "Fatal Attraction" is a classic movie, if your ex is acting like the character played by Glenn Close, it's a good indication that you're better off without them. The more erratic and unstable their behavior becomes, the more likely it is that you should be grateful for getting away from them early on.

12. His friends still like you and hang out with you

If someone chooses to spend time with you over their long-time friend, it shows that they value your company more than theirs, indicating that they have strong feelings towards you.

13. You begin to hear rumors about you or him

If you are hearing negative things about him, it's likely that he's speaking poorly of you or engaging in other questionable behavior after the breakup. If all the news is bad, it's a strong indication that ending the relationship was a positive change in your life.

14. He ghosted

Unless you were abusive, this behavior shows that you narrowly avoided a dangerous situation. A man who acts in such a cowardly manner does not deserve love.

15. He's gotten heavier, balded, etc

A way to gauge how much better off you are post-breakup is to observe how he's doing a year later. If he has not taken care of himself, it's likely that you would not have been happy in the long term.

16. He recently got arrested

Being in a relationship with someone who has been arrested is not desirable. So, if your ex has been arrested, it's a good indication that you are fortunate to not have them in your life. If the charges were for assault or domestic violence, it's best that they are no longer in your life and away from other people.

17. Your ex rejoined the dating pool rather quickly

If he moved on quickly, it's likely that he was unfaithful during the relationship or that he is someone who falls in love easily, rather than truly caring for an individual.

18. People are shocked that you dated him

If people are surprised and shocked when you tell them who your ex is, it's a sign that you were fortunate to have ended the relationship. The reason is clear. If they are shocked, it's a sign that the person was not good enough for you.

19. He turned into a creep

When he starts posting things about how he is a "Nice Guy" and women don't appreciate it, it's a sign that you're better off without him.

20. His social media is a train wreck

If he is behaving in an embarrassing and foolish manner, it's clear that you don't need that kind of embarrassment in your life.