20 Signs He's Into You But Too Scared To Make A Move

Have you ever felt hesitant to ask a man out because of the possibility of rejection? It's important to know that men also have fears of being turned down. Sometimes, they would appreciate it if the woman initiates the action to avoid potential embarrassment. How can you tell if a man is shy or simply not interested? Observe his actions, if he shows any of the following signs, it could indicate that he is interested in dating you.

1. You Catch Him Staring At You, Like, All The Time

A significant indication of his interest in you is when he glances at you frequently. A self-assured man will maintain eye contact, but a man who is timid may look away when you notice him looking. This doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you, it could just mean that he is uncertain if you like him.

2. He Jokes About Being Your Boyfriend

Another way to know if he's into you is if he makes casual jokes about the two of you dating. This could be a sign that he is testing the waters and gauging your reaction. He may not be confident that you would accept a date, and may be concerned that you would consider the idea ridiculous, so he brings up the subject of dating casually and observe your reaction.

3. He's Judgmental About The Men You Date

If he is being overly critical of the other men in your life, it could be a sign that he is not just being a protective friend, but he is jealous. He is doing this to show you that those men are not right for you, and he wants you to understand that he is the right one for you. This is one of the most obvious signs that he likes you.

4. He Gets Nervous And Acts Like A Bumbling Idiot Around You

If he is fidgety, such as twirling his thumbs or shaking his foot, or if he seems to be struggling to find the right words to say, it could be a sign that he is nervous around you. This nervousness is likely caused by his attraction to you, and it is preventing him from asking you out on a date.

5. He Thinks You're Out Of His League

If he ever expresses that he believes you are out of his league, it could mean that he wants to know your thoughts on the matter. His lack of self-confidence may be preventing him from expressing his true feelings for you. If he thinks that you are too good for him, he may feel that rejection is inevitable, unless you give him a different indication.

6. He's Always There. Always

If you keep running into him at the same bar on Friday nights or the same coffee shop in the morning, it's not a coincidence. He is positioning himself close to you and you always seem to notice each other. Every time he puts himself in proximity to you, he may be unable to gather the courage to make a move. Men don't usually change their routine to be near a random woman. This is a significant sign that he is interested in you.

7. He Goes Out Of His Way For You

If you often find yourself thinking about how kind and considerate he is, pay attention to his actions. Does he go out of his way to do things that make your life easier, even if he doesn't need to do so? There is a difference between simply being polite and making an effort to impress a woman. This could be another sign that he is interested in you.

8. He Gets All Up In Your Personal Space

Body language can speak volumes. Is he positioning himself close to you? Do you find that your knees are touching under the table? Does he lean in when speaking to you? Instead of verbalizing his feelings, he may be expressing them through his actions and movements. Be aware of his body language, it can give you a clue on how he is feeling.

9. He Bigs Himself Up, Hoping You'll Take Notice

If he is not paying close attention to everything you say and instead is talking about himself, it could mean that he is trying to impress you. He may be acting as his own "wingman", trying to show you that he is a desirable choice and that impressing you is his ultimate goal.

10. He Acts Differently Around You Than He Does His Friends/Other Women

He is doing this because in his mind, you are not just any ordinary person, you are someone he could potentially see himself dating and being in a relationship with. Therefore, he is always trying to make a good impression and impress you as much as possible. He may act differently around his friends, but when he is with you, you will see a different side of him.

More Signs He's Into You That You Shouldn't Ignore

1. He's Super Jealous Of The Other People You Spend Time With

A clear indication that he is interested in you is when he cannot stand the thought of anyone else being attracted to you or you being interested in someone else. You may notice that he gets upset or moody when you mention spending time with other people or he may act suspicious of your friends, whether they are male or female. While this behavior can be concerning if it becomes excessive, if it is generally harmless, it is likely because he is deeply infatuated with you.

2. He's Your Biggest Cheerleader

If he is always supportive of your goals, no matter how unrealistic or ambitious they may be, it could be a sign that he is interested in you. He will be constantly there to cheer you on and remind you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. It is apparent that he is your biggest fan and wants you to be aware of that, and it's quite endearing to have someone who believes in you so completely.

3. He's Always Complimenting You

It's quite obvious, but it's still worth mentioning that if a man is constantly giving you compliments, it could be a sign that he is interested in you. Men don't usually give compliments to women without a reason, so if he is often saying positive things to and about you, it's likely because he has romantic feelings for you. He wants to make you feel good and let you know how highly he thinks of you.

4. He Remembers Pretty Much Everything You Say

It can be difficult to get a man to listen and remember things you say, that's why it's significant when he pays attention and even recall details from your conversation later on. For example, if you mentioned that you love a particular truffle from a chocolate shop on the other side of town and he surprises you with them a few months later, this is a clear sign that he is not just interested in you but he is really into you.

5. You Have His Full Attention When You're Together

In today's world, it's common for people to spend a lot of time on their phones even when they are with friends or in a relationship. If a man keeps his phone away or even "forgets" it at home when he is with you, it's a sign that he wants to give you his undivided attention, showing you that you are important and valuable to him.

6. He Never Talks About Dating Other Women

If he is not comfortable discussing other women he is interested in or dating with you, it could be because he is not dating anyone else and he doesn't want you to think he is not available if you are interested in him. This could be one of the most significant signs that he is interested in you, and it shows that he values your opinion and wants to make sure you know he is available.

7. His Friends Tell You He's Into You

In principle, his associates shouldn't betray him in this manner, yet they are likely revealing this to you because he is deeply infatuated and they are aware that he will not express himself. They are not probably fabricating the truth, so if they are telling you that he is interested in you, you should certainly trust them.

8. He Laughs At All Your Jokes Even When They're Not Funny

Not that you do not possess an extraordinary sense of humor, because you certainly do. However, not all of your peculiar jokes are a complete success and yet he still thinks they are. His laughter does not seem to be feigned or fake, on the contrary, he honestly appears to be delighted by everything you say.

9. He Can't Keep The Smile Off His Face When He's Around You

He beams like a cat who got the cream whenever you are together. The clearest indications that a guy is into you can be determined by simply noticing his body language, and a guy who has a broad smile on his face every time you are together can only be a positive sign.

10. He's Super Protective Of You

He is aware that you are self-sufficient, but that does not mean he does not want to take care of you as well. He gets highly protective if he perceives that you are not being treated justly, and he promises to take revenge against anyone who causes you harm. The reason why he cares so much? Because he is interested in you, of course.