20 Reasons Men Obsess Over Girls With Big Butts

Millions of men worldwide worship girls with big butts, such as Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Nicki Minaj, among other well-endowed ladies. And forget about celebrities with large buns for a moment: in regular life, girls who have this physical trait get endless attention from the guys.

And why is that? Why do guys so shamelessly drool over huge, mesmerizing booties?

The funny thing is that even women notice women with big behinds. It's not always because they are gay, but having this curvy attribute has a certain irresistible visual appeal.


So, the fact that men will so readily obsess over big butts is a big puzzle, and it's worth looking into. After some digging, here is what I found out about the obvious love many men have for girls with large butts.

1. A Big Butt Is An Eye Candy

Men are famously visual, and they will easily choose a beautiful girl over ladies with the best manners and other valuable virtues. So, when a woman wears tight clothes that highlight her behind, men can hardly help themselves.


The attraction will be instant and intense.

Obviously, guys will also check the face, hair, figure and other physical attributes if they want something more serious. But what grabs their attention is the big booty.

Even when the relationship gets physical, the butt cheeks will get special attention.

2. They Are So Cuddly

Snuggling with a woman with an ample butt is certainly much more fun than snuggling up to a woman who is a little bonier.


Such butts feel so comfortable, and they offer the perfect kind of comfort to a man before he falls asleep.

3. Big Butts They Are Very Feminine

One of the things that makes a woman different from a man is having a bigger butt. That's why men with big ones often get teased for looking feminine.

Along with boobs and pretty face and long hair, big booty is one of the things that define femininity in the eyes of men. It plays a very important role in making a woman have an hourglass figure, which guys are absolutely crazy for.


So, a girl with a big behind who knows to dress her body will easily get a man's attention.

4. It Makes You A Better Dancer

Women with large butts find it easier to put on dance moves that will easily mesmerize a guy. That, in addition to the fact that such a butt is such a turn-on, will make you a lot more appealing to a guy.


When he is dancing with you and your large butt is rubbing against him, that will be the ultimate fantasy for him.

5. It's A Great Place For A Guy's Hands

Many guys will naturally drop their hands when hugging a girl until they land and rest on her butt. Being so big, nice, and squishy, it's the perfect place to place the hands.


This is especially so in the bedroom, where having hands in that position makes other things easy. With their hands on this part of the body, a guy will feel lots of physical satisfaction with the woman.

6. It Makes A Girl Look Like She Has A Smaller Belly

Girls like looking like they have a large butt, and they will usually stick them out to create this impression. While there is nothing wrong with doing this to highlight their behinds, it also makes such girls seem like they have a gut.


A bigger behind girl does not have to stick out her tail to make it seem like she is well endowed in that area. So, for them, looking like they don't have a belly is much easier.

7. Girls With Big Behinds Are More Fertile

Science has proven that guys are attracted to women who are more fertile on a subconscious level. And one of the signs that a girl is fertile is a big ass, which often goes hand in hand with wide hips.


Such physical attributes demonstrate child-bearing abilities, which is something guys cannot resist because it happens on a subconscious level.

Men are always looking at the right women for procreation. Women who have a big behind naturally look more fertile, and men cannot resist them.

And there is truth in this because such women get healthier and smarter children. Apparently, the butt and thighs store omega-3 fatty acids, which end up in the mother's breasts and promote the development of the baby's brain.


8. These Butts Have Drug-Like Effects On Men

Studies have shown that, to a man, a woman with a big derriere triggers the same parts of the brain activated by the consumption of drugs and alcohol. This was done in a study where the men were shown pictures of the woman before and after getting a butt enlargement.


Surprisingly, when men looked at big behinds, it was like they were intoxicated, just as if they were doing drugs. So, a predisposition to large butts is genetically hardwired in men.

They can't help it if they tried.

9. It's The Perfect Kind Of Fat

Many girls are going to dangerous lengths to lose weight and stop looking fat because few guys are willing to put up with such a woman. But when that fat is in the butt, making it bigger, such men are more than willing to put up with it.


10. Forbidden Fruit Is Sweet

Butts are often off-limits, and that is a turn-on for many guys. Because that is one of the places on a woman a guy cannot easily access, it's easy to obsess over it and imagine all the delights it has to offer, if you know what I mean.

When a guy sees such a butt, he is probably thinking of all the fun erotic antics that emphasize a woman's butt.


11. They Show The Girl Is In Good Shape

Subconsciously, guys are really crazy about healthy girls who know how to take care of themselves. An ample, perky, and firm butt tells a guy that the girl truly cares about her body and is quite healthy.

Also, large butts are a sign that the woman works out regularly, and that's a great turn-on as it makes them imagine all the crazy sex positions the girl can comfortably get into.


12. Big Butts Make Girls More Attractive

Evolutionary scientists have discovered that bigger butts make women more attractive to men. But I suppose guys have always known that based on the attention they give females who have large buns.

A full behind enhances the appeal of the spinal curvature, which for some reason makes a woman very attractive in the eyes of men. But it turns out that good spinal curvature really helps a woman during pregnancy and it enhances mobility.


13. They Are Perfect Pillows

Many men agree that butts are the perfect pillows, and for most, the bigger the butt, the better. Because they are so cushy and warm, they make perfect pillows and they offer perfect comfort.

14. Big Butts Are Perfect In Jeans

While women like to look slim and lean, men love to see the curves. And there is no denying it: big asses really look great in jeans.


They accentuate these curves perfectly, and it's really fun for guys to see a woman try to pull up her jeans over her butt. That is why guys will pay less attention to girls with flat butts and go crazy over ladies with shapely behinds.

15. Women With Large Posteriors Are More Intuitive

Science has shown that there is a connection between greater emotional intelligence and bigger butt size. As women get curvier in their teens, their emotional intelligence also increases, which shows that there is a connection between the two.


Such women also have better social skills, and they understand some things much faster than their counterparts with small butts.

16. They Make The Waist Thinner

Men love a good waist-to-hip ratio in a woman, and a big butt really tips the odds in a girl's favor as far as this goes. Studies have shown that men prefer women who have a certain waist to hip ratio, and this ratio improves with an increase in butt size.


17. It Gets The Men Attention Too

Because many men know how much other guys love women with big booties, it is truly a win for them when they manage to get such a lady to call their own.

Men have always loved having a partner they can show off and get complimented on. And a woman with an ample posterior will easily get them such attention.


18. Big Butts Feel Nice To The Touch

Big booty is nice and cushy and therefore a delight to touch. It can warm the hands, tease with its touch, and be fun to play with.

Additionally, it is perfectly shaped and always delightful to look at, which is why it can drive a guy crazy. That is why guys can grab it as his life depends on it because it has so much to offer.


19. Ladies With Big Butts Walk More Gracefully

A girl with a big posterior walks differently from girls with flat butts. They seem more graceful and therefore are more attractive to the men watching them.

20. Everybody Seems To Love Big Butts

We live in a society where large butts get a lot of attention as the ultimate sex symbols. Their desirability has been promoted in popular culture by both men and women.


Men cannot obviously resist this influence, which is why women with large behinds get a lot of attention from their male fans. Today, many songs are centered around women with large booties, and many men can't help but play along by obsessing over this body part.

It's an open secret that guys love girls with big butts, and we are not here to fault them. But if, like many other people, you have been wondering what makes men so helpless whenever an oversized female booty passes by, here are some reasons.