20 photos that show us what “huge transformations” look like

The word transformation is something that we often hear these days.

Whether it is related to losing weight, changing something in our appearance that made us insecure, or something else - a change is more than welcome!

But the definition of transformation doesn't have to stop here.

We could elevate the meaning of this word to a whole new level. Moreover, we could include deeper topics such as dealing with mental health or other personal issues.

Channeling our true selves, and not being ashamed of embracing who we are should be a must.

All these significant changes are special in their own way for sure. And that is why we love seeing them more often.

Enjoy the gallery of 20 pictures that try to show us how a real change could look!

#1 Embracing Who You Are Might Be Your Best Decision Ever

#2 A Doggo's Journey: 1 Month Vs. 7 Months Together

#3 When You Achieve Your Goals, It's Hard To Believe That You Used To Look Differently In Your Past

#4 The Road To The New You: Almost 6 Years Of Testosterone

#5 The 10-Years Selfie Challenge, More Like - The Change Of Style Selfie

#6 The Christmas Morning of 2018 Vs. Today - 197lbs Down!

#7 About Hair Goals And Hair Gains

#8 When You Not Only Decide, But You Also Turn Your Life Around

#9 A Cat's Path To Rule The World With Its Awesomeness: From Thick To Stick

#10 This Cute Lady Dog Succeeded In Growing Her Eyebrows Back!

#11 A Total Makeover

#12 The Day This Handsome Little Fellow Was Found Vs. 18 Months Later

#13 2 Years After Her Anorexia Recovery

#14 Kai Has Lost 100lbs Between 2018 And 2019

#15 When Things Finally Start Following The Direction You Lead - Hard Work Makes Everything Possible!

#16 When You Go Traveling With A Chronic Cheater Vs. Solo Traveling As A Happily Divorced Woman!

#17 The 'Finally Under 300' Achievement Officially Unlocked!

#18 3 Months May Sound Like Nothing, But It's Enough For An Animal To Start Blooming While Living His Best Days

#19 The Results Of A Year Full Of Clean Eating And Resistance Training

#20 From 1 Month To 9 Months - Some Habits Stay With Our Pets Forever