20 Goodnight Texts For Your Ex-Boyfriend (To Make Him Smile)

It can be challenging to navigate through the nighttime. When you lay in bed, eagerly anticipating slumber, it tends to lead your mind to topics that you may have intentionally been evading throughout the day. Whether it's a past mistake that still brings shame, or reminiscing about an ex-boyfriend, these thoughts seem to occupy your mind entirely.

As you clutch your phone, contemplating whether to reach out to your ex, you may ponder: Should you send a good night message? And if you do, what would be an appropriate message to convey?

This guide is crafted to aid you in eradicating any lingering uncertainties. We will inform you about the acceptability of texting your ex and equip you with a compilation of goodnight texts that you could send to your ex-boyfriend.


Now, let's delve into the core of the matter: what to text your ex-boyfriend when it is imperative to send a good night message. We have sorted them into two categories for your convenience: texts to send if you are still on good terms and texts to send if things have become somewhat strained between you.

Good Night Texts for Close Ex-Boyfriends

Here are some messages that you could send if you are still in regular contact with your ex. The texts vary from flirtatious to casual, depending on what you are trying to convey.

If your goal is to maintain a friendly relationship with your ex, it is recommended to steer clear of texts with a flirtatious undertone.

If you aim to reignite his desire for you, the flirty texts that we suggested avoiding earlier may be the ideal choice. These messages could help rekindle the spark and reignite his interest.

"Sending you good night wishes. May your dreams be sweet!"

Suitable for: When you desire to conclude a pleasant conversation for the day on a casual note.

"Good night, sleep well. If you ever need someone to cuddle with, you know where to find me..."

Suitable for: When you want to add a hint of spice to your conversation and showcase your intentions. This message has a flirtatious tone.

"Getting ready to hit the hay for the night. Who knows, maybe I'll meet you in my dreams."

Suitable for: When you are in a romantic mood and are curious if he reciprocates the same feelings.

"Are you still keeping up with tv show before dozing off every night? Perhaps, it's a bedtime routine worth trying."

Suitable for: When you wish to inject some humor and keep the conversation light and non-romantic.

"Just preparing to hit the sack, but wanted to check on you first. How was your day?"

Suitable for: When you aim to inquire about his well-being without revealing your underlying intentions.

"Missing you more and more with each passing night."

Suitable for: When you want to tug at his heartstrings and make him swoon. Note that this message has a flirtatious tone, so it may be best to avoid it if you wish to remain friends.

"Just wanted to inform you that I'm about to sleep, and you'll be the last thing on my mind tonight."

Suitable for: When you're feeling especially cheesy and sense that he may reciprocate. While it has a flirtatious tone, he might not express it, but he will certainly appreciate it.

"You better be thinking about me tonight, because I'll definitely be thinking about you!"

Suitable for: When you want to subtly flirt with him without using more daring cheesy messages. This text has a flirtatious tone.

"I long to drift off to sleep while wrapped in your embrace."

Ideal for: After a heart-to-heart conversation filled with emotions. Send this enticing message to remind him of the good times you shared together. This text is flirtatious.

"By the way, I had the most incredible dream last night about...!"

Ideal for: When you want to pique his interest and keep the conversation going with some room for interpretation. You can add a hint of flirtation or keep it light and playful by sharing either a humorous or a risqué dream.

little unease? We've got a guide on how to get your ex-boyfriend to sleep with you if you're feeling the heat with him.

Do you feel a little uneasy? We've got a guide on how to get your ex-boyfriend to sleep with you if you're feeling the heat with him.

Good Night Texts for Distant Ex-Boyfriends

We have designed these text messages for the ex-partners with whom you may have lost touch over time. Please note that this does not include exes with whom you have an acrimonious relationship. If encountering your ex-partner in public makes you want to avoid them, then it might not be appropriate to initiate text communication.

In essence, you can use these text messages when you and your ex-partner share a certain level of emotional distance or are openly neutral towards each other. Consider someone whom you would acknowledge with a greeting if you ran into them in public, but perhaps not engage in a lengthy conversation with.

"Have a good night, and I hope you had a wonderful day."

Ideal for: When you want to initiate a conversation with someone on a casual note without being too forward. This simple text leaves room for them to respond at their own pace.

"Wishing you a good night, his name. Would it be alright if I texted you tomorrow?"

Ideal for: When you want to plan a more extensive conversation with him in the future.

"Something I saw today reminded me of you. It's a bit late now, but I'd love to share it with you tomorrow."

Ideal for: When you want to spark his curiosity and interest to talk with you more. Make sure you have something interesting to share when you use this text!

"Tonight, I find myself unable to sleep as you've been on my mind constantly. I hope you're doing well."

Ideal for: When you want to convey your feelings and let him know that you still think about him, with the hopes of rekindling your relationship.

"Although things might not have ended on the best note, I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and you're on my mind. Have a good night."

Ideal for: When you want to reach out and start mending any rift that may exist between you. By acknowledging the past and expressing your feelings, you can open the door to a renewed connection.

"Unable to find comfort in my sleep, are you still awake as well?"

Ideal for: When you want to casually start a conversation with him in a laid-back manner.

"Can we set up a call tomorrow? I would really enjoy catching up with you."

Ideal for: When you want to move the conversation to a phone call and have a more personal and expressive conversation. If he agrees, make sure to have some topics prepared to keep the conversation flowing. You can check out our guide on what to talk about with your ex-boyfriend over text for some ideas.

"Just wanted to drop a quick message to let you know that you've been on my mind all day. That's all."

Ideal for: When you want to reach out to him and let him know that you're thinking about him without being pushy or pressuring him to respond. It's a simple and friendly way to show that you're open to talking again.

"If you're still up, I would love to hear about your day."

Ideal for: When you want to demonstrate that you still care about him, whether your relationship is platonic or romantic. This message is a simple and genuine way to show your interest in his life and well-being.

"Good night, his name. I might be in your area tomorrow and was wondering if you would like to grab some lunch together. My treat!"

Great For: When you want to suggest a casual hangout and catch up over lunch without any romantic pressure. Offering to treat him is a nice gesture that may make him more willing to accept the invitation.