20+ Fun Texting Games For You And Your Partner

20+ Fun Texting Games For You And Your Partner

Just because your partner is not right beside you does not mean you cannot have fun together; there are dozens of amazing texting games you can play. Call that one of the major perks of having a relationship in the twenty-first century.

I get it. Regular texting can sometimes be quite thrilling.

But you have to admit, sometimes you force the conversation or stay off your phone altogether because you have nothing interesting to text about.

This is where these fun texting games come in. You need them more in a long-distance relationship to keep the flame of your relationship burning.

I promise you, these games can be lots of fun, and they will help you know each other so much better. They give you a very convenient way to explore each other's deepest secrets and most intimate fantasies.

Top Texting Games For Couples

1. Emoji Translation

We have grown accustomed to using emojis, but how well can we interpret them if they are used in place of words?

In this game, instead of putting your statements in words, you use emojis and let your partner translate them into what you meant to say.

If they are right, they get a chance to string together emojis you have to interpret.

To kill it at this game, it's best to know what possible meanings various emojis have.

2. Story Builder

This game will let you showcase your great creativity and open-mindedness.

The game starts with you sending a sentence to your partner, which would mark the beginning of the story. They then reply with a sentence that builds on it before you respond with another.

The game goes on like that until you have created a really interesting story. If you are really creative, you can make it really naughty.

Remember not to get too excited and start sending paragraphs: you are still supposed to send a single sentence at a time. Also, the story ends with 20 sentences before the other person starts another story by sending the first sentence.

3. Two Truths, One Lie

This is an exciting variant to the truth and dare game you obviously know about.

The rules are also just as simple. The person playing should say three things, one of which is a lie.

This game can be pretty fun. You switch roles after the person answering gets the responses right.

4. Rhymes

If you are feeling a little poetic, this game is for you. It can jog your mind and also give you a great time.

You can talk about normal things but have to create rhymes as you do it.

The game starts with you sending a sentence to your partner, who has to reply with a sentence that rhymes. This goes on and on until you have had your fill of rhyming fun.

5. Confession Game

Just as the game is called, you simply make confessions to each other in this game.

You take turns confessing things to each other. This game is for the thick-skinned, and you have to agree not to take things personally if nasty stuff comes out.

Played right, this game can really strengthen your relationship because it encourages honesty in the relationship.

6. 20 Questions Text Game

In this game, you and your partner make guesses at questions you ask each other. No clues are given.

That makes this game really fun, and it makes you think outside the box and showcase your creativity.

To get things started, one person is designated as the "answerer" and the other person takes on the role of a "guesser." The latter asks 20 questions.

However, if they get the answer to the question asked right, the roles are reversed.

7. The Name Game

This game is easy and also fun. One of you gets to choose a topic, such as animals, countries, famous actors, and so forth.

Basically, the next player comes up with a name that starts with the last letter of the name said by the previous player.

This game can go on and on, and it can be lots of fun.

8. Funny Picture Challenge

You will need Google for this game. It is all about finding the most hilarious pictures and sending them to each other.

But before that, one of you has to suggest a hilarious theme, and the other person has to find a hilarious picture. And so, your imagination is your only limit here.

9. Fill In The Blanks

This game can get really flirty and exciting. All you have to do is make a statement and leave out some details.

For instance, "I am happiest when…" or "I feel hottest when wearing…"

So, depending on where you are in the relationship, the game can go pretty deep.

10. Never Have I Text Game

I'm guessing you've already heard of this game, or even played it. But did you know there was a text version?

With this game, you can find out plenty of things about your partner, just as in the more drunken one-on-one version.

To play this game, you just have to text a "Never have I ever" statement. To make it more interesting, you can allow questions in between to find out more about your partner's responses.

11. Lightning Fast

This is an association game. You say a word and the other person says the first thing that comes to their mind.

If you both put your mind to it, you can make the game pretty fun.

12. Would You Rather

In this game, you will think of very fun scenarios that touch on your interests and dislikes and likes.

To make it more fun, you should come up with dilemmas that will make sure they are excited and unsure of what response to give you.

Needless to say, this is a great game you can use to find out more about your partner. The questions can be as ridiculous as you want them to be, for instance, "would you rather be twice as tall or half as tall as you are?"

13. Riddle Me This Text Game

Riddles have been with us since time immemorial, and they still have a place in today's culture.

In these games, you just pose a riddle and your partner tries to answer it. Be sure to keep the riddles simple to avoid killing the fun and excitement.

14. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This is always a classic, and a fun one at that. If you have the right attitude, you can really enjoy this game.

All you need are the names of three celebrities, and the other person gets to decide which one they would rather kiss, marry, or kill.

When your partner answers, they also get a chance to give you three celebrities and you decide who to kiss, kill, or marry.

15. Text Strip Poker

If you have been together for a while and are willing to play a game that is a little more naughty, then text strip poker might be what you need.

The games start with a declaration of how many pieces of clothing you have on. From there, you ask each other questions about your relationship.

When a question is answered correctly, you switch roles.

If the answer is wrong, the person who got it wrong takes off a piece of their clothing and sends a picture as proof.

16. Personal Trivia

This is among the most amazing texting games for new couples. If you don't know much about each other, this game can help you out.

The game is simple, and it's all about asking simple personal questions. The good thing is that these questions go a little deeper because you know you are in a game.

Suddenly asking someone something really personal can raise questions and cause arguments. That makes this game so much more fun than asking personal questions in regular texts.

Whenever your partner gives you an answer, you switch roles in the game. Just be sure to keep the questions personal.

17. Guess The Lyric/Line Texting Games

So, you both believe you are diehard film or music fans? Good.

That means you can totally enjoy this game.

You just guess a line/lyric and your partner tells you the title, the musician, or the actor. You can keep points to make the game more fun.

To really enjoy this game, you should have similar tastes in film or music. Otherwise, you can always restrict yourselves to popular classics.

18. Truth Or Dare Text Game

You might think this game only works when played in person, but it's also pretty interesting when played through texts.

And yes, it is just as entertaining. It is also amazing for partners who want to know more about each other.

To play the game, you just have to ask your partner to choose between a truth or a dare. For truth, you ask them a question, and if they pick a dare, you ask them to do something ridiculous and send the picture.

19. Scramble

This is the perfect game for crossword lovers.

To play, you send a word to your partner and they unscramble it within 30 seconds. At the end of the game, the person with the most unscrambled words will have won.

20. I Spy Text Game

No, "I Spy" is not childish, and it can be pretty exciting actually.

At this age, you will have naughtier options as you play, which can make this game pretty exciting. You can reveal details such as the color of your underwear and so forth.

Before you play, have in place some ground rules. For instance, decide if using the internet is allowed.

From there, all you have to do is just text "I spy…" and then complete the statement with a short description of your target.

21. Abbreviations Texting Games

Despite its name, this game can be lots of fun if you pick the right categories. To play the game, you should pick a category and then start mentioning abbreviations while your partner completes them.

You can pick any topic from cars, texting abbreviations and so forth.

22. Reversed Writing Text Game

This game requires something of a learning curve, but you can still master it within a short time and enjoy yourselves. As the name implies, this game is about writing sentences in reverse.

All you have to do is send your partner a sentence in reverse and they respond in kind. At first, it will seem a bit hard, but once you get the hang of it, you will really enjoy it.

Texting games have come a long way, and you can have unlimited fun if you pick the right game for you and your partner. Just a little heads up: make sure your SMS bundle can handle the flurry of texts you will be exchanging to keep your phone charges down.