20+ Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met

Congratulations on obtaining the number of a guy you recently met!

Clearly, his strong interest in you resulted in him ensuring continued communication by obtaining your number. This is a promising start.

However, this is only the beginning. Now that you have his number, it's time to decide what to communicate to him.

Fortunately, you have arrived at the right destination. We will provide several options for you, along with sample texts to send to a guy you recently met.

However, we will first provide some guidelines.


Do: Take the initiative and text him first

Waiting for him to initiate the texting is often a successful approach, as it creates an aura of mystery and makes him desire to pursue you.

However, when you've just met someone, you're in a delicate situation. This is why it's more fitting to take the initiative and send the first text.

Don't hesitate. Your confidence will leave a lasting impression on him.

Confidence is always attractive, and initiating the conversation yourself will definitely captivate his interest.

Don't: Send him one-word messages

At times, finding the right response can be challenging. When feeling stuck, the temptation to send a one-word or single-letter text, like the dreaded "k," may arise.

Such responses are uninterested and can make the guy feel discouraged. In addition, they can cause the conversation to end abruptly, damaging any future potential for further communication.

If unsure of what to say, consider changing the topic. You can respond by asking him a question.

Adding a simple emoji to a one-word text can significantly lighten the tone and convey more emotion.

Do: Ask him questions to give him room to respond

Responding to a question is often easier and can lead to a more engaging conversation. Reflect on your best conversations, they likely started with a question.

They likely started with one question which led to exploring multiple related topics.

Become a skilled conversationalist by incorporating questions into your conversations. This increases the likelihood of receiving answers and demonstrates genuine interest in the person and their thoughts.

Avoid interrogating the person, as it can make them feel like you are taking notes if you ask too many questions in succession.

After asking a question, carefully listen to their response. They may have provided information you can use to continue the conversation, such as making a comment on their answer or offering your own related answer.

Don't: Answer him instantly every time

When you have feelings for someone, you may feel the urge to quickly respond to their messages. This may stem from the belief that if you don't reply immediately, they will lose interest in you.

This is not accurate. Answering immediately can have the opposite effect, implying that you will always be available and responsive to their every message.

Regardless of your schedule, don't give the impression that you'll prioritize them above everything else. Take your time in responding.

By taking your time to reply, he will see you as a self-sufficient individual and the intrigue of not knowing what you are doing will repeatedly captivate his attention.

Even better, he will learn to appreciate each response you provide as he won't receive a constant stream of messages from you.


The simple introductory text

If you have just obtained someone's number, a simple introductory text is a straightforward option. This type of text includes sharing your name and greeting them, giving them an opportunity to add you to their contacts if necessary.

While not particularly original, this approach is polite. Another advantage is that you are not taking a risk by sending a joke or flirtatious remark that they may not appreciate, as you are still getting to know them.

This type of text may not be innovative, but it is respectful. Additionally, it eliminates the risk of sending a joke or flirty message that they may not like, since you have not yet developed a strong relationship with them.


"Hello, this is Beth from the bar. How are you doing?"

"Hi, it's Sam. I obtained your number from the dating app we met on. "

Raise his interest levels with a little flirting

If a basic introduction is not your style, and you find the guy particularly attractive, you may want to make an extra effort to impress him.

In that case, consider sending a flirty text. With playful and affectionate remarks, you can make a strong impression and clearly express your interest in them from the start.

By showing that you're not just seeking friendship, you'll prevent him from viewing you in a platonic manner and ensure you're on the same page. Additionally, you'll demonstrate your playful and fun side, making for a positive dating experience.


"Hello, it's your future girlfriend đŸ˜‰. What are you busy with?"

"Is the temperature rising, or is it just you making me feel this way?"

"Was meeting me as fulfilling for you as it was for me? ;)"

Let's be real: sometimes even we struggle to come up with flirtatious things to say. It can be challenging to craft texts that will maintain a guy's interest.

However, it becomes easier when you understand what all men desire secretly.

Get to know him with some interesting questions

Even though you don't have much knowledge about him yet, you now have the opportunity to gather information as you have his number.

To avoid making it seem like an interview, try to steer clear of overly boring questions, or mix in some unique ones with them.

Avoid making it seem like an interrogation by avoiding too many standard questions in a row. Instead, consider including some unique questions along with those about his job, location, and other basic information to get a sense of who he is.

To avoid coming across as an interrogator, consider rephrasing boring questions in a more engaging manner, or intersperse them with other topics of conversation that promote a natural dialogue between the two of you.


"What do you love most about what you do for a living?"

"What's your dream destination, if you could be anywhere in the world at the moment?"

"What song would you choose to be the soundtrack of your life?"

Comment or compliment him on something you noticed from when you met him

For this method, tap into your inner detective like Sherlock Holmes and utilize your powers of observation.

Think back to what about him caught your attention if you met in person. Was it his shirt representing something of interest to you or was it his irresistible smile?

Notify him via text, he'll be impressed if you recall the name of a band or detail from his shirt and inquire about it later, demonstrating your interest.

This strategy is effective even if you encountered him on a dating app.

Examine his pictures or profile, find something intriguing, and compliment him on it, be it something written in his profile or in one of his pictures.


"I saw that you had a shirt for band. I'm also a fan!"

"Can you tell me where the picture on your profile was taken? It looks stunning there."

"You mentioned having a dog, may I see some pictures?"

Make plans to see him

You have taken the initiative to text him because you were drawn to him, and the attraction is mutual as he was eager to give you his number.

You are in an ideal position to schedule a meeting, either a follow-up or a first-time encounter if you first met online. It's best to keep the plans relaxed and enjoyable, rather than formal or intense.

Avoid making reservations at a formal restaurant. Instead, opt for a relaxed, low-pressure activity that allows for getting to know each other better and strengthening the connection between you.

Informal restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are tried and true options for scheduling another meeting. Alternatively, if you have some knowledge of his interests (from his online profile or where you initially met), consider organizing an activity that he would likely enjoy.


"I enjoyed our conversation and would love to spend more time together. How about joining me for a coffee at this shop sometime?"

"There's a recently released movie that I believe you'd enjoy. If you get the popcorn, I'll treat you to the tickets."

"I'm planning a visit to the downtown wine bar this weekend, care to join me?"

Ask him for his opinion on something or get his recommendation

How to make someone feel valued and significant?

Simply solicit their thoughts or advice.

Requesting someone's expertise on a topic makes them feel appreciated and valued. This puts them in a position of temporary authority and shows that their input is important and valued.

Avoid asking serious or impactful questions, instead, inquire about less consequential topics like recommendations for music to listen to or a Netflix show to watch in one sitting.

By doing this, not only do you boost his confidence, but it's also a subtle way to uncover his interests. You will gain insight into what he likes based on his recommendations to you.


"I just finished a series and I'm looking for some recommendations on what to watch next, any suggestions?"

"I'm in need of new music to listen to, do you have any recommendations for me?"

"What books are you currently reading? I'm in need of a new book to read."

Make him smile with a quality joke or meme

In most cases, it's best to keep things lighthearted when getting to know someone, and making them laugh with your sense of humor can be a great way to make a positive impression.

A good sense of humor is often cited by many men as an important trait they seek in a partner, and it's likely that you too are looking for a man who can make you laugh. A shared sense of humor can bring people closer together and make for a more enjoyable relationship.

Show off your humorous side by cracking a joke about how you met, or send him relatable memes and gifs.

By showcasing your humor, he will perceive you as a lively and enjoyable person to be with, and will eagerly anticipate future interactions with you.


"Should we start crafting a fictional account of how we met to share with our families?"

"Thought this meme was perfect for you, check it out."

"Start the conversation with a playful gif of someone waving!"

"How about using a cheesy pickup line to break the ice? Want to hear my best one?"


"Encountering a handsome single guy who has given you his number is a great opportunity."

It's easy to get carried away, feeling like you've hit the jackpot, as we've experienced it before.

But when the excitement subsides and you start texting, the nerves kick in. You start questioning yourself and analyzing everything he writes.

At times, even the best of us struggle with finding things to say. Nobody's flawless.

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