20 Examples Of Modern Chivalry You Need In Your Life

While traditional chivalry may no longer be practiced, there are still ways to show kindness and consideration towards others in a modern context. These 20 acts of modern chivalry can help to create a more positive and respectful society.

1. He Calls When He Says He Will

According to a study conducted by, a significant majority of women (84%) consider it important for a man to follow through on his commitments and promptly communicate as promised. The survey included responses from over 500 women of various ages.


2. He Checks You Got Home Safe

While checking in to ensure the safety and well-being of one's partner after a date may seem like a basic act of kindness, it is unfortunately not always a given. Not only does this simple gesture demonstrate concern and care, but it can also serve as an opportunity to express that the date was enjoyable and memorable.

3. He Texts During The Day

While it is important to respect each other's boundaries and personal space, receiving a thoughtful text message from a partner showing that they were thinking of you can be a meaningful and heartwarming gesture. A study by found that a majority of women (80%) appreciate receiving attentive texts throughout the day.


4. He Turns His Phone Off Or Puts It Away When He's With You

It is extremely disrespectful for a man to take calls and constantly check his phone during a date. A gentleman who can turn his phone off or put it away shows that he is worthy of your time and consideration.

5. He's Open About His Intentions

A true gentleman will be open and honest with you about his thoughts and feelings and will respect your feelings rather than lead you on. He will make it clear where you stand with him.


6. He Plans Dates

A man who texts you late at night asking you to come over to his house is showing a lack of effort and consideration. You deserve someone who will make an effort to plan romantic and thoughtful dates. A man who puts in this effort will stand out from other potential partners.

7. He Calls Instead Of Texts

While texting may be a quick and convenient way to communicate, it does not have the same impact as hearing someone's voice. When a man takes the time to call and invite you on a date rather than just sending a text message, it shows that he is genuinely interested in you and is willing to put in the effort.


8. He Cleans Up Nicely

In the past, men made an effort to present themselves well on dates by taking care of their appearance. However, nowadays it seems that some men show up to dates looking unkempt and as if they haven't slept or shaved in days. I don't agree with this approach. A man who is chivalrous and respectful will want to make a good impression by being well-groomed and putting some thought into his outfit, including choosing colors that match.


9. He Pays The Bill

While it is not necessarily expected that a man pays for a first date, it can be a kind and thoughtful gesture if he does. It can be seen as a way for him to express gratitude for the opportunity to meet with you. It is important to note that both parties can contribute financially or take turns paying for dates, and it is the thought and effort that truly counts.


10. He Walks You To Your Front Door

If a man has offered to pick you up for a date, it is a considerate and chivalrous gesture. As such, it is polite for him to also see you to your front door after the date. It is not respectful to simply drop you off at the gate or doorstep like a package.

11. He Kisses You On The Forehead

While physical intimacy is not uncommon after a first date, it can feel predictable. On the other hand, a man who shows affection by kissing you on the forehead can be perceived as more romantic and special. It is a gesture that conveys tenderness and care.


12. He Cooks You Dinner

A man who pays attention to your dietary needs and preferences, such as any allergies you have and your favorite dishes, shows consideration and thoughtfulness. He may even go so far as to prepare a special meal for you, rather than just suggesting a casual evening of streaming movies at home. This demonstrates his desire to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for you.


13. He Brings You Thoughtful Gifts

While a man doesn't need to bring expensive gifts to impress you or show interest, it can be a nice gesture if he brings something he knows you will appreciate. This could be a tangible item or a thoughtful action, such as picking a flower in your favorite color from his garden. This demonstrates that he is paying attention to your preferences and wants to make an effort to make you happy.


14. He Walks Closest To The Road

When out walking with a partner, it can be a chivalrous and thoughtful gesture for a man to position himself between you and the road, to protect you from any potential dangers, such as passing cars. This simple act demonstrates a willingness to care for and protect you. While individuals need to be able to look after themselves, feeling cared for and protected can be a comforting and reassuring feeling.


15. He Doesn't Eye Out Other Women

He is respectful enough to not stare at the hot blonde who walked into the restaurant, and he should also show you the same respect by treating you as if you are the only woman in the room who matters.

16. He's Nice To Your Parents

He demonstrates genuine kindness by getting out of the car to greet them, having a friendly conversation, and showing that he is a sweetheart. If he is respectful to your loved ones, it shows that he is treating you with respect as well.


17. He Gives You Real Compliments

Instead of using generic compliments like calling you sexy or beautiful, a modern chivalrous man pays you unique compliments that make you feel good and show that he notices you. For example, he might compliment your interesting perspective on the world or your poetic way of speaking. These compliments show that he is genuinely interested in you and values your unique qualities.


18. He Lets You Order First

A chivalrous man does not assume that he knows what you want and makes decisions for you, such as ordering dessert without asking. Instead, he shows respect by allowing you to order first. While this may seem like a small gesture, it is surprising how few men do it.

19. He Introduces You

Even if you are not an official couple, a chivalrous man will introduce you to everyone he meets, including acquaintances. This shows that he values you and is proud to have you by his side.


20. He Makes Sure You're Having A Great Time

A chivalrous man cares about your enjoyment and will check in with you during the date to see if you are having a good time. He values your opinions and wants to make a positive impression on you. By showing this consideration, he makes you feel special, which is an important part of dating.