20 Dirty Memes To Start Your Day!

If you like memes and enjoy some not-so-polite talk, you came to the right place.

Here are some epic, in-your-face, hilarious memes to kick off your day. Grab your cup of Joe, and laugh!

1. Oh, Jana

2. Doggy What Now?

3. It Is "Science"

4. Always Be Prepared

5. Promises, Promises

6. Socrates Wondered The Same Thing

7. True Story Behind Wuthering Heights

8. Sure, Babe

9. Dirty Geek Meme

10. Bon App├ętit

11. Better Luck Next Time

12. Bon Jovi's Album?

13. Self-Explanatory

14. Vitamin D

15. We Feel Ya

16. This Is Slow, For Some

17. Let The Games Begin

18. Feeling Nostalgic?

19. Some People Will Never Learn

20. Oh, Have Mercy!

We hope you have a filthy day!