20 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Keep Your Love Strong

20 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Keep Your Love Strong

We put together a list of 20 cute things to say to your boyfriend to show him just how much you care. After all, men need some TLC just like women. And, it's always healthy for a couple to practice expressing themselves and communicating their feelings to one another.

1. "I Brought Home Beer And Take-out"

OK, let's start with something easy. Admittedly, this doesn't seem super loving, but it is a thoughtful and cute gesture. Everyone loves coming home to a treat, and taking care of the evening meal is an easy gesture for anyone, especially because we have take-out! Let your boyfriend know that you've sorted out the evening, and he'll feel cared for and loved.

2. "I'm Proud Of You"

We don't tell people that we're proud of them enough. And that has to change. Tell your boyfriend that you're proud of him. Proud of his ambition and drive, proud of his swag sense of style, or proud of his dorky humor. Whatever it is, remind your partner that you're proud of his adorable ways.

3. "You're So Beautiful"

Men are often called handsome, but what stops them from being beautiful? It might feel weird at first, but tell your boyfriend that you find him beautiful. Using a different word is more profound, and we're willing to bet that he'll like it. In terms of cute things to say to your boyfriend, this one is up there.

4. "Sorry You're Annoyed, Who Are We Fighting?"

Always remember that you and your boyfriend are a team. You're partners, and it's you two against the world. If your boyfriend is feeling low, ask him who you're fighting to reiterate that you're on his side. Plus, the image of you fighting anyone might bring a smile to his face.

5. "I Love Hearing You Say My Name"

This might seem like an odd thing to say, as surely your boyfriend says your name all the time. He might call you babe, or hon, or a cute nickname you came up with together. Regardless, telling him that you love hearing him say your name shows that you're still excited to be with him.

6. "I Know You're Stressed, But You're Strong And You Can Make It Through This"

When your boyfriend is stressed out by something, remind him of a previous time that he got through. Point out that he got through something similar before and that he's strong enough to do it again. Saying this shows that you pay attention to your boyfriend's life and support him. In terms of cute things to say to your boyfriend, this one is super supportive.

7. "You Look Just Like Chris Helmsworth Today"

I mean, if women like to be compared with hot celebs, then why wouldn't men? If your boyfriend is looking particularly fine, tell him he looks like a super-hot celeb. It'll perk him up for the rest of the day, and it shows that you pay attention to his outfits and grooming.

8. "I Have A Special Date Planned For Us"

Tell your boyfriend that you have something special booked, and he can look forward to the future, cute plans with you. Telling your boyfriend takes the pressure off him and gives you both something fun to do together in the future. You could tell him exactly what's happening or leave it as a surprise.

9. "I'm So Lucky To Be With You"

Of all the cute things to say to your boyfriend, this one is a real winner. It reminds you both that you chose to be together and that you found each other luckily. What would have happened if your boyfriend didn't stroll into your life? Count your lucky stars that the world brought you together!

10. "Frank Ocean Just Came On The Radio. It Made Me Think Of You"

Let your boyfriend know when he crosses your mind, and link it to a cute memory that you share together. It's simple and easy to let your boyfriend know that you're thinking of him. And bonding over a band or singer together is a sure-fire way to stay connected over shared interests.

11. "You Give Me Butterflies"

If you tell your boyfriend that he gives you butterflies, you're telling him that he makes you feel excited. It's super sweet to tell your boyfriend that he still gives you that funny feeling. It lets him know that you're still excited to be with him and that you aren't shy about telling him that.

12. "I'll Give You Some Space"

We all need alone time, whether it's to chill, decompress, or just process what's going on. Let your boyfriend know that you'll give him space, and he'll feel more comfortable doing his own thing. Of all the cute things to say to your boyfriend, this one's pretty great.

13. "Thanks For Seeing Me And Understanding Me"

One of the best things about being in a healthy relationship is having someone who truly sees you for who you are. If your boyfriend is the type to notice the small things you do, then tell him. It's great to feel understood, and who doesn't love their partner thanking them for noticing the small stuff?

14. "You're So Cute When You…"

Does your boyfriend eat chips like a ravenous bear? Or does he shake his hair out after a shower? Maybe he always sings while he drives the car. Whatever it is, tell your boyfriend when he does cute stuff that makes you swoon. This sweet thing to say to your boyfriend is observant and tailored to your relationship.

15. "You're My Best Friend"

If you're lucky enough to be in a super close relationship and want cute things to say to your boyfriend, it's sweet to tell him that he's your best friend. There's nothing wrong with being pals with your other half. In fact, enjoying activities together and being in love is a dream situation. Let him know how you feel – he probably feels the same!

16. "I'm Wearing Your T-shirt Right Now"

Who doesn't like snuggling into their boyfriend's oversized shirt or hoody? Sharing clothes is a dating ritual as old as time and can be a cute way to stay connected. Tell your boyfriend if you're lying around in his old sweatshirt. This cute thing to say to your boyfriend is affectionate and shows you're feeling close to him.

17. "I Feel Safe When I'm With You"

Women are strong and powerful, but it's still nice to feel safe with a partner. Tell your boyfriend that you feel safe with him, and it will show that you trust him. It's romantic to feel like someone would do anything to protect you, so share your feelings of trust with your boyfriend.

18. "I Like You And I Love You"

Any fans of dorky and sweet mockumentary Parks and Recreation will recognize this cute thing to say to your boyfriend. It's short, it's sweet and it gets right to the point. If you're looking for something to make your boyfriend feel loved, then this is a great go-to.

19. "I'm Here If You Need To Talk"

Sometimes we're in the mood to talk, and other times we just want our own space. If your boyfriend is going through something, tell him you're available if he wants to discuss it. Rather than forcing them to talk, this gives your boyfriend the option to talk through his feelings with you if he's ready.

20. "I Can't Imagine My Life Without You"

Finally, if you're looking for cute things to say to your boyfriend, then let him know how important he is to your life. If he's a central part of your world, and you truly can't see your life without him, then let him know.