20+ Big Boob Girl Problems Few People Know

20+ Big Boob Girl Problems Few People Know

Although girls with big boobs get a lot of attention, they have certain things they struggle with regularly. Some of these issues are simply embarrassing. Few people know about these struggles, and here they are.

1. Shopping For Bras

Bra shopping is fun for most girls, because they have so many choices. Girls with big boobs are not so lucky.


2. Nothing Like No Bra Day

Other girls can decide that they won't put on a bra that day. These girls cannot, as their breasts are too big for it, and it would be unappealing.

3. Tougher Workout Sessions

Seriously, exercise can be painful when you have a big chest. Taking off the sports bra afterward is not much fun either.


4. Running Possibly Out Of Question

When you run as a large-chested girl, you get a lot of attention. Unless you want tongues wagging about your display, you have to keep your running workouts indoors.

5. No Tank Tops

This is for one simple reason — they won't stay put. They will keep falling out, and that would certainly cause a scene.


6. No Graphic T-shirts

Those really cute funny low-cut t-shirts you fancy are not for you if you are a big boob girl. They look good on less endowed girls.

7. Wearing Superhero Costumes Are Difficult

Female superheroes are not usually as large-chested. Therefore, wearing these outfits can have unexpected results. They are tight and usually inappropriate for girls with big boobs.


8. Watch Out For Popping Buttons

Buttoned shirts can look really neat and classy. But with a big bust, those buttons can be stretched to their limits and start popping.

9. Sweaty Boobs

Yes, everybody sweats, but big-chested girls have a lot more sweat to deal with. There is no fun in that.


10. Crumbs Falling Into Your Clothes

When eating chips and popcorns, you have to deal with a few crumbs that fall down your shirt. That's pretty inconvenient. For other people, they fall on their clothes within easy access.

11. Can't Wear Backless Shirts

You can't wear a bra with a backless shirt, strapless tops, and even swimsuits. You always have to wear a bra when you have big boobs.


12. Are You Pregnant?

Flowy dresses are really cute, right? But when you have a large chest, people will think you are pregnant.

13. Dumb Questions

Having a large chest makes it the highlight of your physique for many people. And you will have to deal with questions about your bra size.


14. Unwelcome Suggestions

Besides questions about your bra size, you will even be asked if you have ever considered getting breast reduction surgery.

15. The Pain

Girls with small boobs can run all they want. However, a big-chested girl would be lucky to do more than a few minutes on the treadmill before the pain sets in.


16. Accidental Bumps

Some people will genuinely bump into your boobs, and you have to learn to live with it.

17. They Are Heavy

Having big boobs is a workout in itself, they can get heavy.

18. Lucky To Get Eye Contact

When you have a big chest, you might have to keep reminding people, 'my eyes are up here.' People will naturally focus on your boobs when looking at you.


19. Chafing

Some people hardly know what this word means. Being a big boob girl, you will know what it means from experience.

20. Bumpy Rides Twice As Annoying

When you hit a bump as you drive, the boobs will also jump about. That can actually be hazardous.


21. Peek-a-boo necklines not for you

It will show your cleavage, that's why you can't wear it.