20 Apology Texts For Your Ex-Boyfriend (To Make Him Open Up Again)

Everyone is prone to errors. Despite our aspirations for flawlessness, we all occasionally falter.

Regrettably, this is not uncommon in relationships. Despite our affection for someone, we may inadvertently cause them pain and drive them away.

Apologizing is simple in some circumstances, but when it concerns an ex-boyfriend, it can be difficult. Nonetheless, this does not imply that he is undeserving of an apology.

If you're unsure of the right words to use, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of apology texts to send to your ex-boyfriend to help restart communication between you.


Being human, our emotions can be complex. This can result in mixed intentions, including when apologizing to your ex-boyfriend.

There are situations when apologizing is appropriate, and others when it's not. Let's evaluate both scenarios so you can determine when to refrain from sending a message, and when to reach out.

When to Avoid Sending Him an Apology Text

Initially, let's discuss when not to apologize to him via text. While it may appear that apologies can never do harm, this is not the case. There are instances where sending an apology may only exacerbate his anger.

To decide whether to apologize to your ex-boyfriend, assess your motivations. At times, apologies are used as a means of forcing someone to communicate or to gain control over them.

If your intention is to instantly win him back through an apology, it's best not to pursue it. This is an unreasonable expectation and can lead to disappointment and emotional pain in the end.

Additionally, it is best to refrain from apologizing immediately after the end of the relationship, particularly if it ended badly. This may seem counterintuitive, but upon consideration, it is clear why it's not advisable.

During the aftermath of a breakup, which can be an emotionally charged situation, one's state of mind is often not at its best. You may be internally angry, feeling frustrated, and even indulging in self-pity. At such a time, you are neither in a proper state to make a genuine apology nor to receive one.

Lastly, avoid offering hollow apologies to your ex-boyfriend. Do not apologize if you have done nothing wrong. You may feel the need to apologize, for instance, if you were subjected to mistreatment in a toxic relationship or just to start a dialogue. However, this is not advisable.

When to Go for Sending Your Ex an Apology Text

Having covered instances when it's best to refrain from apologizing, let's now examine when it is appropriate to do so.

If you genuinely caused harm to your ex, apologizing can be a mature step towards either repairing the relationship or personal healing. This could be due to reasons such as infidelity, hurtful language, neglect, or any other wrongdoings.

Prior to sending an apology text, allow for a period of no communication. This will provide time for emotions to subside and to reflect on the events that transpired.

Once the no-contact period has ended and you still feel the need to apologize, proceed with caution. It's important to first assess your reasons for apologizing. If you have genuinely wronged him and are offering a heartfelt apology, it's worth sending the message.


And now, onto the main event: here are some apology text templates to send to your ex-boyfriend.

Note that while these texts address past wrongdoings, they do not mention specific actions or words. Detailed descriptions of the mistake could potentially cause further harm to already healed wounds.

Avoiding a detailed analysis of past actions is key in reopening communication between you two. While both parties are aware of the mistake, discussing it in depth can wait for a later time. The goal, for now, is to establish a conversation and move towards a resolution.

"I understand that my actions caused hurt and I take full responsibility for that. I hope that we can both find peace and closure from this situation."

Great for: "I hope we can start a conversation and talk things through. I'm sorry for my part in our breakup."

"I deeply regret the hurt I caused you and would like to discuss it with you when you're ready."

Great for: "I hope that we can talk soon about what happened between us and come to some understanding. I am open to listen to your side and express my own thoughts."

"I'd like to apologize for the way our relationship ended. Can we schedule a call when you're available to talk?"

Great for: "When you want to reach him for a more in-depth conversation over the phone."

"I apologize for not showing appreciation. I'd like to make amends."

Great for: "When you want to inform him without adding pressure that you're ready for change, indicating that your apology is sincere."

"Hi his name. I've reflected on our argument and your words. I realize I made a mistake and would like to sincerely apologize."

Great for: "When you want to briefly admit your mistake for a more genuine apology, without going into details that may cause frustration."

"I regret the way our breakup occurred and wanted to apologize."

Great for: "When you want to demonstrate to him that the breakup has had a significant impact on you."

"I apologize and wanted to express how much you mean to me."

Great for: "When you want to show him that your feelings for him persist and offer an apology at the same time."

"I deeply apologize for causing you hurt. When you're ready, I'd like to meet in person to apologize face-to-face."

Great for: "When you're seeking an opportunity to meet him in person."

"I ask for forgiveness for lashing out at you. It was inappropriate to lose control of my temper."

Great for: "When you're looking for a way to reconnect with him after a disagreement."

"I regret directing my anger towards you. If you're open to it, I'd like to share my thoughts and apologize."

Great for: "When you experienced a difficult breakup and want to start a conversation to heal. You can use this in combination with the previous text for added impact."

"You are a remarkable person and I feel remorseful for causing you pain. I owe you many apologies."

Great for: "When you need to make him more open to your apology. Beginning with a compliment may increase his willingness to accept it."

"You deserve better treatment than what I gave you the other night. Here is my sincere apology."

Great for: "When you want to make him more receptive to your apology. This acknowledges that you treated him poorly and recognizes that he deserves better treatment, and that you're capable of providing it."

"I owe you numerous apologies. Consider this the first of many."

Great for: "When you want to add a touch of humor to your apology. In less serious situations, consider adding an emoji or exclamation point to lighten the tone."

"Hi, I acknowledge my mistreatment of you and wanted to express that you've been on my mind. If you're open to it, I'd like to invite you for drinks/dinner/coffee and discuss it in person."

Great for: "When you want to arrange a face-to-face meeting with him, and anticipate potential resistance. By offering to pay for it and avoiding the term "date", you keep the pressure low for him."

"I would like to express regret for my disrespectful behavior during our breakup. You did not deserve the hurtful words I spoke."

Great for: "To apologize for speaking harshly and causing offense during a recent interaction."

"I ask for your forgiveness for my poor communication. I should have expressed my emotions more effectively to you."

Great for: When you want to apologize for poor communication that resulted in misunderstandings or hurt feelings. By admitting your fault and expressing regret, you demonstrate a willingness to improve your communication skills.

"When you want to express regret over a past relationship ending on a negative note and want to apologize for your role in it."

Great for: When you want to evoke fond memories and elicit a more positive response by reminding him of the good times you shared.

"I take full responsibility for my actions and want to express my sincere apologies."

Great for: "By avoiding excuses and owning up to your actions, apologies become more genuine when you've made a significant mistake."

"I seek your forgiveness for causing you harm. I am willing to make significant changes to regain your trust."

Great for: "When you have the desire to restart the relationship and are prepared to invest effort to regain his trust."

"The words I spoke to you during our breakup were terrible. I want to retract them and sincerely apologize."

Great for: "When seeking words to say following a heated argument."