2 Tractor Trailers Filled With Food Donations Sent To Texas From Massachusetts

2 tractor trailers filled with food donations sent to texas from massachusetts

The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation organized two tractor-trailers with shelf-stable food to donate to Texans in need.

Texas's winter hell started with a deadly 133-car pileup outside Fort Worth. Since then, the state has experienced a winter storm unlike any Texan has ever seen.

As the snow and ice made roads impassable, the state's electric grid operators lost control of the power supply. This left millions without power and water. And now, the state is running out of food.


From farm to table, freezing temperatures and power blackouts have disrupted the food supply chain that people rely on daily.

As a result, many are using up the food supplies they had stocked and losing more as fresh produce spoils in refrigerators. And the chaotic trips to the grocery store often do little to replenish pantries.

Thankfully, New England Patriots Foundation and Katsiroubas Bros partnered with the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation to help combat Texas's food crisis.


These donors sent two tractor-trailers full of shelf-stable food products to help those struggling.

A statement from the MMSF said:

"Due to the unprecedented storm, Texans are running low on food and are finding empty grocery store shelves."

"Local food pantries across the state are running out of food and supplies as well. And, unfortunately, the deep freeze has wiped out substantial portions of the state's citrus and vegetable crops."


The request came from a Marine, identified as Ernesto, in Texas who knew about Massachusetts Military Support Foundation's work to alleviate food insecurity.