2 Florida Women Face Felony Charges For Throwing Containers Of Glitter At Man

Two women, Katilin O'Donovan and Sarah Franks are in police custody after breaking into a man's home and throwing glitter at him.

O'Donovan, 27, and Franks, 29, broke into the man's residence in the early morning hours and got into a fight with him. During the fight, they assaulted him with glitter.

The two women threw several glitter containers at the man, and they ended up hitting his head and torso.

Following the initial attack with glitter, Franks climbed over the victim's balcony fence and went into his apartment to throw more glitter containers at him.

Once she was in the house, she let O'Donovan into the house, and the latter joined her in throwing glitter at the guy.

After the attack, Sarah left the apartment using a vehicle registered under her home address. There was still glitter in the car when the police found it.

Once the two women were arrested, they faced felony burglary with assault or battery charges.

Franks also got charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief for kicking and breaking a window while leaving the man's apartment.