2 Best Friends Followed The Same 4 Strategies To Become Millionaires By 30

2 Best Friends Followed The Same 4 Strategies To Become Millionaires By 30

Swati Sehgal and Riddhi Jain met while they were freshmen at the University. The two became roommates a year later, and eventually, best friends.

After college, the friends started working in finances and created strategies to become millionaires by the time they turned 30.

Speaking to Personal Finance Insider, the ladies revealed how they managed to become rich despite not starting with much.

Build Wealth Like a Badass

2 Best Friends Followed The Same 4 Strategies To Become Millionaires By 30

Swati Sehgal and Riddhi Jain started a company Build Wealth Like a Badass.

Talking to Personal Finance Insider, Jain said:

"We shared a lot of things. During the job-interviewing process during our senior year, we were sharing stories and talking openly with our friends about, 'Did you negotiate? How did you negotiate?' things like that."

It was not their intention to become as rich as they are now, yet the pair shared ideas, visions, and it helped them understand the corporate world.


Sehgal stated:

"I never wanted to be in a scarcity mindset that I feel can be pretty pervasive when you're growing up in an immigrant household."

She was conscious about her finances:

"That translated to, 'OK, I'm going to put away a portion of this every month, and I'm going to accelerate how I can get there.'"

The thought process led to combining their savings and teaching others through their website Build Wealth Like a Badass.

The "Pay Yourself First" Strategy

2 Best Friends Followed The Same 4 Strategies To Become Millionaires By 30

Friends brainstormed a strategy named "pay yourself first." Instead of saving only leftovers, the two would set aside a portion of their incomes every month. It is like paying a monthly bill to many.

Sehgal explained:


"'Pay yourself first' is our key thing that underscores all of the rest of our process."

First, their money was going toward building emergency funds. Sehgal said:

"I basically saved up 12 months, and if I ever had to use it, I will top it off again to that level."

The two women used every trick known to men, from online banking to investing, to get to their goal.

Not only that the two women obtained the power of investing, but they also showed remarkable willpower. Sehgal further said:

"When I first started out earning, my 'pay yourself first' money would go almost entirely towards an emergency fund and a small percentage to my investments. And once I had my emergency fund topped off, all of that would go towards investments."

Building Long-term Wealth

2 Best Friends Followed The Same 4 Strategies To Become Millionaires By 30

Through the power of investing, the ladies were on the road to success. Jain said:

"As I got more intentional about it, I thought, 'I can't believe they don't tell you this when you're in high school.'"

Two friends max out their 401(k)s and then primarily invest in low-cost index funds. It is not about how much you invest, but about consistency, as Sehgal said:

"Investing every month, I think the consistency there is really what's key. So it's not the amount; it's really the consistency."

Even before becoming millionaires, the two women were always paying bills on time to avoid any debt.

Sehgal added they were lucky:

"I think both of us were lucky in that we started with that fresh slate: We didn't graduate with any debt from college. The thing we were very intentional about is not getting into any credit card debt from the start."

They are well aware of all the advances of credit cards and keep an eye on credit-card news and offerings.

The Ladies Know How To Splurge When They Feel Like It

2 Best Friends Followed The Same 4 Strategies To Become Millionaires By 30

So, the two friends "pay themselves first." They pay the bills and invest. The rest, well, they don't feel any guilt for occasional splurging.

Jain stated:

"We don't budget every single day. We've paid ourselves first, we're saving and investing and comfortable with that number, and then anything else we can intentionally spend based on our values."

Jain enjoys traveling first class and staying at top-notch hotels. Sehgal explained:

"It's not just about building wealth; it's building wealth for whatever life that you want to live."

She concluded:

"There are some things in my life I want excitement from. I don't need my excitement to come from how much my money is moving up and down."

That being said, the two friends became millionaires, and they are not slowing down. Their financial strategies are well thought off, not risky, but profitable.

Though you may say it is impossible, why not give their way of building wealth a try? It sounds clever, and most importantly, it will teach us all to respect what we worked hard for.