18-Year-Old Figure Skater Dies In Horror Car Crash With Boyfriend

18-year-old Figure Skater Dies In Horror Car Crash With Boyfriend

A teenage figure skater has lost her life after a car accident. 18-year-old Elly Mattiuzzo and her boyfriend Daniele Volanti drove in San Marino towards Castello di Murata when they lost control over their Fiat 500.

Their car went to the other side of the road and got in the way of incoming traffic. Soon after, the car got into a collision with a VW Golf.

The driver of the VW Golf managed to survive the collision with minor injuries. The girl and her boyfriend were not as fortunate, as they died immediately after the crash at the accident scene.



According to reports, a third car was also involved in the accident, although the driver got away with no injuries.

In the past, the figure skater has lived in Milan. However, she moved to San Marino with her father, and while there, she went to a local high school.

A skating group, Hot Shivers, heard of the tragedy and commented, saying that she was a great person. She had performed with them in Milan when she lived there.


According to Hot Shivers, Mattiuzzo loved the company of her friends, and she would relate to them with respect and consideration. After hearing news of the tragedy, the group said they felt "destroyed and incredulous."


Back in 2019, Mattiuzzo performed during the 2019 Junior World Championships in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

One of the team member's moms said they would "send a single message, all together, to make her feel our closeness."


Since her death, fans and friends have posted condolence messages on Instagram. One of the fans wrote, "Riposa in peace, Elly."

Another friend recalled how they attended school and grew up together and how cheerful she was.

Elly will be sorely missed by her family, fans, and friends.