18 Ways To Approach Your Swolemate At The Gym

18 Ways To Approach Your Swolemate At The Gym

So, there's this guy you see at your gym that you want to start a conversation with. Maybe you have a romantic interest in this person, or perhaps you just want a new workout partner.

Whatever your reason is, I've got you covered with some clever ways to approach them and strike up some conversation.

1. Equipment Talk

Maybe you both use the same equipment or attend the same classes. Talking about your similar gym habits is an easy way to strike up a conversation. Discuss your favorite things to do, why you enjoy them, and inquire about theirs. Simple.

2. Common Interests

You both happen to arrive or leave simultaneously, wear the same brands or styles, or seem to have similar routines. Common interests are clear and easy ways to start an interaction in any place.

3. Ask Questions

18 ways to approach your swolemate at the gym

If you happen to need some help or advice, go ahead and ask. Most people will be happy to respond. You can even ask where they got their clothes, or if they can give you some recommendations on product brands.

It's complimentary, and they'll likely be glad to refer you to something they trust. You also have the bonus of learning what they're passionate about and discovering a similar interest.

4. Compliment Them

It might take a few tries to start up an actual conversation, but a few passing "hellos" and compliments on their outfits and form lets them know you're interested in some level.

It can also help build your confidence, because, at the very least, you've been able to say "hi."

5. Make A Joke

A couple of well-timed, workout-related puns might catch their attention. They'll probably take a liking to you if you can make them laugh. Don't overthink it, but if, at the moment, you're struck by some clever pun or joke, it wouldn't hurt to say it out loud.

6. Ask If They Need Help

18 ways to approach your swolemate at the gym

They might seem to be struggling, confused, or have bad form, and you're genuinely worried that they could hurt themselves. Ask if they want help or advice, and be respectful if they say no.

Many appreciate someone expressing concern for their well-being or recognizing when they're struggling and don't want to ask for help themselves.

7. Be Honest

Admit that you're shy if you're shy or that you have been hesitating to talk to them. It can come off as endearing to be open about how awkward you feel talking to them, and they'll likely reassure you that there is nothing to fear, and you're welcome to strike up a conversation anytime.

8. Flirting

This is, perhaps, a riskier tactic, and more specific to someone who is a crush. Flirting doesn't always mean putting on your best show and being coy. You're at a gym, not a pageant, a club, or a 20-questions game show. Compliments and jokes are the most basic and available flirting tools you have. If you've had a good interaction so far, try asking them out. If they say no, don't push the subject.

9. Find An Activity To Do Together

18 ways to approach your swolemate at the gym

It's always more fun with a workout partner. If you don't have one, and they don't appear to, this could be your chance. Pick out something that requires two people and ask them if they'd like to do it with you. If the interaction was fun, they might ask you next time!

10. Ask Them To Try Something New With You

You're interested in trying some new equipment or class, and you might've seen them do it, or you're nervous without a friend or instruction. Ask them to show you how, or try it out with you and learn together. It's a good bonding experience to build whatever kind of relationship you're looking to gain.

11. Challenge Them

Don't just slap them with your leather glove, but if you've already been talking or spotting each other, it won't do any harm to challenge them to some friendly competition.

People enjoy having a workout partner who can push them beyond what they can do alone. Also, it's a good start toward building a relationship of any kind.

12. Ask For Help From A Friend

18 ways to approach your swolemate at the gym

Maybe you don't have enough confidence to approach them alone. A friend can be there to lend a helping hand and get in a good word for you. Be cautious not to be dependent on them, however, because they could steal your chance with that person away from you.

13. Talk To One Of Their Friends

It could be that they have a workout partner already. Especially if you happen to have a crush on them, it could be easier to approach and talk to their friend first.

14. Be Inviting

Perhaps they seem as though they want to approach you. Make sure they know they can if they want to. Say something if you feel it's appropriate, or send a smile or wave their way to get the message across.

15. Respect Distance

18 ways to approach your swolemate at the gym

This may not be a direct approaching tactic. However, you will certainly appear more friendly and seem more approachable when you know when to back off or leave someone alone. Human decency is appreciated more than you might think.

16. Wait For An Opening

If they're in the middle of a heavy workout or have headphones in, they are more focused on their exercise. Waiting until they can give you their attention means a better chance of making a good first impression.

17. Don't Ramble On

Again, not a direct way to approach someone, but keep in mind that you've both come to the gym to work out. Don't keep them from their ultimate goal. If you are enjoying each other's company, go ahead and try to schedule a meetup away from the gym so you can talk more.

18. Take Your Time

Don't rush into anything; you'll likely see them again soon if they have a consistent schedule. As previously mentioned, passing greetings and compliments or jokes make for an excellent beginning.

Stop Reading And Just Talk To Them

You've read more than enough to develop a strategy. Approach them how you see fit and see how it goes. The introduction is often the hardest part.

Respect their boundaries and keep the focus on working out. Don't interrupt someone's workout, and back off if they don't want to talk. Be a decent human being when trying to make a new friend or a date.