18 Signs You're Actually A Grown Woman


If you're over 18, you might assume you're already an adult. However, reaching the age of 20 or 25 doesn't automatically make you a mature individual. There are many people who are 30 years old or above but still display childish behavior such as saying foolish things, throwing tantrums, and playing manipulative games. Ultimately, being an adult is determined by your mentality and behavior, not just your age. To truly consider yourself a grown-up, you must be able to navigate real-life situations and cope with whatever challenges come your way. Here's how to determine if you're truly an adult:

1. You Don't Give A Crap About What Other People Say Or Think

Why should it matter? Let them gossip and criticize to their heart's content.

2. You Take Charge Of Your Own Life

You shouldn't allow others to make decisions on your behalf. Ultimately, you are the best judge of what is in your own best interest.

3. You Don't Let Anyone Use You As A Doormat

Individuals are aware that they cannot exploit you.

4. You Stand Up For Yourself And What You Believe In

You possess a clear understanding of what is ethical, and you are indifferent to being alone in your stance.

5. You Have Your Own Ideas

You don't simply parrot others' opinions. Instead, you engage in independent thought and carefully consider the words you speak.

6. You Don't Let Small Stuff Get To You

You are too busy to be troubled by the unpleasant colleague at your workplace, as there are more significant matters that require your attention.

7. It Takes A Lot To Make You Cry

In the event of a bad day at work, you acknowledge it as a natural occurrence. Although unfavorable circumstances can arise, you refuse to let them bring you down to tears every single time.

8. You Don't Worry Constantly About Your Looks

While your physical appearance holds significance, it is primarily determined by how you present yourself. Your self-assurance is derived from your inner qualities, rather than external attributes.

9. Your Life Doesn't Revolve Around A Man

You do not measure your worth based on the achievements of a man or anyone else, only your own accomplishments.

10. You're Honest With Yourself

Rather than deluding yourself with falsehoods to boost your morale, you take practical steps towards resolving the situation.

11. You Get Crap Done

Taking a break from daily routines is necessary, but you recognize that spending every weekend watching TV will hinder your goal of writing a book.

12. You Have Your Life In Order

In contrast to your friends who struggle with managing their finances and frequently experience monetary shortages, you possess the ability to prioritize and maintain financial stability.

13. You Know What You Want And You Go After It

You are aware that success does not come effortlessly, and money is not readily available. Thus, you work hard to achieve your goals.

14. You Treat People As You'd Want To Be Treated

In most cases, this implies that there is a shared sense of respect.

15. You Judge People Based On Their Character

This is based solely on their character, rather than their background, appearance, or beliefs.

16. You Can Take Care Of Yourself

You take care of your own responsibilities, including paying bills, washing dishes, and disposing of garbage. You do not depend on anyone else for assistance.

17. You Don't Gossip

You are aware that high school is in the past, and gossip serves no beneficial purpose. Therefore, you see no point in engaging in it.

18. You Don't Expect Special Treatment

Your gender does not imply that you anticipate special treatment from others. While it is appreciated, you are also capable of opening your own doors.