18 Rules Exist Because Someone Was Dumb

Some rules should not even exist, but because fools are all around us, they had to be spelled out. If this does not show how far we have fallen as a society, we don't know what does.

When you think about it, our society has made life much easier for idiots. This must be why it seems like there are so many dumb people in the world today.

There was a time a can of paint didn't come with an instruction not to drink the contents because that would have been pretty obvious. People weren't warned against ironing clothes while still wearing them either.

If you broke these "rules," you had nobody to blame but your own dumbness. In anything, people felt justified in mocking you for your moronic behavior.

However, we live in an increasingly litigious society. To avoid lawsuits, many rules had to be created to ensure nincompoops didn't get anyone into trouble for doing dumb things.

So, here are some rules we never needed in the first place.

1. Remove The Baby Before You Collapse The Stroller

18 Rules Exist Because Someone Was Dumb

Any reasonable person knows that all accessories should be removed from the baby stroller before being folded up and stored for later use. However, some people have to be reminded of this fact to ensure their babies are safe.

2. Wear Clothes Before Video Calls

18 Rules Exist Because Someone Was Dumb

We have the pandemic to thank for this obvious rule. It seems like we are not as prepared for the digital world as we thought we were.

3. Cooking Not Allowed In The Plane

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

During an AirFrance flight from Morocco to Mauritania, the flight attendant informed the passengers that there would be no cooking or campfires allowed on the plane at any time. At first, it sounded like a joke, or a language problem, until the same rule was repeated in a different language.

It's horrifying to imagine that there are people out there who would have no problem starting a fire to cook something in the plane during a flight. You have to wonder what some idiot did for the airline to come up with this rule.

4. Unwrap Suppositories Before Insertion

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

It turns out that some people thought the foil used to wrap the suppository was off the medication.

5. Dispose Used Tampons Properly

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

After a landlord had an issue with a tenant that caused $50,000 worth of damage after improperly disposing of her tampons, subsequent leases had a rule that tampons had to be disposed of properly.

Apparently, the tenant would throw the used tampons into a cabinet under the sink. She had lived there for over three years, and in that time, she dumped lots of used tampons.

Blood from the tampons caused a lot of damage on the floor under the cabinet, and it needed a lot of repairs afterward.

6. Don't Iron Clothes While Wearing Them

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

Irons typically operate at temperatures many times beyond what would be considered dangerous for the human skin. Most people naturally know this fact and ensure a respectable distance between the iron's hot surface and any part of their body.

However, some people think a layer of fabric is enough to keep them safe from an iron's scalding heat, which is clearly not the case. For that reason, this ridiculous warning exists.

7. Remove Child Before Washing

18 Rules Exist Because Someone Was Dumb

This sounds like a joke, but apparently, it's not. In this piece of clothing, they had to inform users to make sure the clothing was separated from the child before being washed.

8. You May Not Have Sexual Relations With A Porcupine

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

In Florida, they have a rule against having sex with a porcupine. The dangerous reality of messing around with this animal did not make this rule clear enough to some people.

9. No Cotton Swabs

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

While in rehab, someone saw the staff take away their cotton swabs, thanks to an idiot who decided to jam one of them into his eardrum as a way to get painkillers at the hospital.

10. Bring An Extra Pair Of Pants

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

At a corporate Christmas party, the email asked people to bring an extra pair of pants. This rule was meant for those who would be urinating on their first pair.

11. Transferring Chemicals By Mouth (Mouth Pipetting) Is Forbidden

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

This rule was aimed at scientists, and you would think they should be smart enough to know the dangers of using their mouths as a way to transfer potentially dangerous chemicals without being warned against it.

12. No Roller Skates In The Lab

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

Someone worked at a private lab where half the women used rollers. The lab had smooth concrete floors, and when the boss realized the kind of OSHA nightmare he was about to have in the future, he decided to ban roller blades.

One of the ladies had apparently found it fun to skate between machines, which introduced a lot of avoidable risks to the woman and everyone else in the lab.

13. No Marmite Spread And Kit Kats Allowed In Prison

18 Rules Exist Because Someone Was Dumb

Marmite was banned because the prisoners used the yeast to ferment alcohol. Kit Kats were prohibited because the foil wrappers were being used for heroin.

14. No Riding On Pallet Jacks

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

A warehouse found it necessary to warn employees against riding on pallet jacks like scooters.

15. No Drunk Excuses For Lateness/Absenteeism

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

A professor had no option but to declare that drunkenness would no longer be an excuse for missing work or being late in submitting work. Students were repeatedly arguing that their drunk roommates threw out their work while cleaning.

16. Don't Put 14 Rolls Of Toilet Paper In The Toilet

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

At Walmart, they warned against putting an unreasonable amount of toilet paper in the toilet.

17. Patrons Must Not Play Blindfolded

18 Rules Exist Because Someone Was Dumb

Apparently, bowlers were trying to play while blindfolded. Given the risks this introduced, a rule against playing while blindfolded had to be introduced.

18. No Backward Walking While Eating A Donut

18 Rules Exists Because Someone Was Dumb

This rule was put in place in Marion, Ohio. The rule was introduced because people did this to lure police horses away from the officers, which sounds quite hilarious.