18 People Who Totally Rocked Their Age

18 People Who Totally Rocked Their Age

It gets harder and harder to guess the actual age of some unique people who seem never to grow older. They age like fine wine, only getting richer and invaluable. You may wonder, is it a result of good genes, or is there more to it?

Scientists confirm that those in happy relationships are healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even as they grow older, they tend to be healthier than their age mates. It is not just about good genes, but having close ties with those who make and keep us happy contributes greatly to how we look.

We gathered 18 people who are aging gracefully to remind you that age is just a number.

Tatyana Nekludova

This 61-year old is not only gorgeous but age-defying. She is a mother to 2 and a grandmother to 3. She spent the earlier parts of her life as an engineer, but her life took an adventurous turn when she turned 60. Not only did she have her first modeling auditions, but she was also invited to star in a movie! Well, that is the definition of "life starting at 60." She is a model and an inspiration to many women around the world.

Ivan Petkov

Not many can pull off what this 53-year does. As a certified art teacher, he used to work at a school. He did not limit himself to teaching but ventured into drawing sketches for theatre decorations and performing in theatres, even featuring in movies. To change the way people perceive age and style, he became a senior model who gives off vintage vibes.

Veruschuka Von Lehndorff

If you wonder what models do after retiring in their late 20s to early 30s, Lehndorff will answer, "still modeling!" In the '60s, she used to be an icon in the modeling industry. Although she retired, she became the new face of the Swedish brand Acne Studios at 78. She totally rocks at that age and shows that she has not lost her touch even though she is older.

Alessandro Manfredini

Making a statement with his trademark silver beard is the 49-year old, handsome Italian sculptor and graphic designer Alessandro Manfredini. His career journey as a sculptor and graphic designer came to an end, opening the way for a new beginning as a fashion model. He now represents various brands, always looking dashing and dignified.

Whang-od Oggay

At 101 years old, she is the Philippines' oldest tattoo artist. Even at this age, she still delivers her service to interested customers. She loves what she does, and age is no barrier for her. She uses an old tattooing technique very different from what we now know. She uses thorns, bamboo sticks, coal, and water to get the job done. Well, if you are adventurous enough to want to experience what tattooing felt like in the past, you should visit her.

Jim Arrington

The 85-year old is known as the Fit Man. He is the world's oldest professional bodybuilder, has been in the sport since he was 15, and still actively participates. He totally rocks his age and maintains the effect of bodybuilding gracefully.

Maye Musk

This 70-year old never-aging beauty is mom to one of the wealthiest men in the world, Elon Musk. Away from her son's fame and image, she has made a name for herself as a model. At 69, she became a Covergirl. She is a recognized nutritionist. It comes as no surprise that she looks as great as she does, knowing what not to and what to eat to look as amazing as she does.

Wang Deshun

Look at that body! He definitely qualifies as China's hottest grandfather at 82. According to Wang, he joined the gym when he was 50 to attain what he wanted, and he gradually intensified his daily exercise routine. We can see the results and absolutely agree with his motto to "Never Give Up."

Anthony Varrecchia

55 looks absolutely dashing on Varrecchia! His grey hairs are a crown to his head, and his wrinkles are like apples of gold in silver carvings. He is a model, photographer, and influencer on Instagram. At 55, "too good to be true" becomes "too attractive to be true" with Verrecchia.

Lauren Hutton

Once a star, always a star! This is totally true in Hutton's case. The American model and actress became famous in the 1980s and has upheld her career since then. She kept staring in movies and was even recently featured in a Calvin Klein underwear campaign. This list of people who totally rock their age wouldn't be complete without her.

Ron Jack Foley

When it comes to being fit and restricting our airflow even at 50, we have Foley. He looks and is fit and strong, almost as strong as any younger man out there. His recipe for looking that dashing is simple. He recommends that you eat healthily and do sports. So, when last did you hit the gym? You can't get the body without the work.

Robert Marchand

Grandpa is 106 years old and does not stop pedaling! He holds several world records for cycling. Guess when he got them? After he turned 100! Absolutely amazing, right? Although he doesn't compete anymore, he has a stationary bike in his apartment to relive those memories and keep doing what he loves. Age should not stop you.

Eveline Hall

72 and smoking hot! She is so graceful and has not lost one bit of it with age. She has been featured on the covers of many magazines. A success she had yearned for earlier came in her 60s. It reminds me of the phrase "delay is not denial." So why give up?

Majorie Gilbert

It really is never too late to try something new. Gilbert is not a professional model but featured in Vogue. How? For the first time in her life, she posed for the camera as a model for a special occasion, Vogue's celebration of its 100th edition. They decided to feature a woman of the same age on its cover, and that was how she landed the role. She did not let an opportunity to do something different pass her by. When your opportunity comes as well, grab it!

Philippe Dumas

On the list of men that make beards something to rave about is 62-year old Philippe Dumas. Growing beards changed his life. He was pretty ordinary until he decided to grow out his beards. That single action started drawing the attention of many in the fashion industry. Once he was scouted, he took the fashion world by storm. Being able to do that in his 60s is a huge victory for him. Who knows, growing out your beards could change your life too.

Yazemeenah Rossi

Category: Legs! At 63, she glows inside out. With the appearance of a young girl, it is impossible not to ask what her secret is. She is a grandmother with long silver tresses that she has refused to dye, and we are glad she hasn't. They are beautiful and generally contribute to her gracefulness.

Chuando Tan

If you were told that he was 30, you would totally believe it, automatically taking 21 years off his real age. He has a baby face and smooth skin. This is the biggest age defy-er on this list. He is a photographer from Singapore, and we totally love him!

Ernestine Shepherd

She is 81 years old. Did you gasp? Ernestine is a professional bodybuilder and is known as the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world. She did not always use to be that way. In short, up until she was 50, she used to be very chubby. In her 50s, though, she decided to embark on the fitness journey that brought her to her current destination. Shepherd teaches us that it pays to be disciplined and committed.

We hope you found these 18 people who totally rock their age inspiring. If they have all taught us one main lesson, it is that it is never too late to start and that age is never a barrier to experiencing new things.