17 Things Selfish People Do And How To Handle Them

17 Things Selfish People Do And How To Handle Them

In case you are wondering why selfish people never tire of their self-serving behavior, know that they have no idea they are so selfish. So, for all intents and purposes, these folks are just nice people who mean no one any harm but will always put their interests above everyone else's.

But that is not to say you should let these people mess up life and ruin your chances of having a good time.


It's not right that these people have no regard for other people's feelings, even though they have no idea they are doing it.

You see, when you let a self-centered person into your life, they sully your love and diminish your affection. When you give without getting anything back in return, you get worn out.

And don't count on knowing a selfish person easily. They can hide behind various veils.


For instance, they can be very convincing people-pleasers, but by looking at your relationship, you can tell you are in deep with the wrong person.

Experts agree that dealing with selfish people can make your life very miserable.

So, to save you from this hell of a life, here are signs you need to look out for.

1. They Can't Share With Others, Avoid Being A Doormat

Even when a selfish person shares, you will see that it's quite a struggle for them. That is because their niceness is all a show.


When they offer something, they want something else in return.

So, when this person tries to share, know that they are up to no good. The solution is not to make a big deal of their generosity because that gives them a hint that they can strike.

2. They Think They Deserve Everything, Don't Give In To Them

Self-obsessed people have a deluded sense of entitlement. To them, every small accomplishment they make deserves your greatest attention, but anything you do doesn't matter.


They expect a lot of positive attention for everything they do, and that can be draining. So, stop giving them compliments for everything they do.

3. Selfish People Hate Constructive Criticism, Tell Them The Truth Anyway

The last thing a self-centered person wants is to get called out for their horrible behavior. Their pride can't handle it.

Just a bit of criticism will make these people very upset. It is because they can't see what's wrong with them, and the criticism is completely unexpected because they think they are perfect.


When faced with this scenario, you should not try to hold anything back. Tell them the truth, if they choose to leave, then that's their problem, not yours.

No one deserves to be in your life, do you wrong, and then deny you a chance to mention it.

4. They Will Try To Upset You, Don't Fall For This Trap

These people will intentionally push your buttons because they enjoy playing games with people if they think it will benefit them. But you should not fall for this trick.


Learn to remain true to yourself, even though it's hard being kind to a rude and insufferable person.

Learn to appreciate that these people are just like that and will never change their ways. But don't stoop to their level and "let them have it."

Keeping your cool will make them realize that you don't entertain their shenanigans, and they will have less ammunition to use against you when trying to manipulate you.


5. They'll Have Insatiable Demand For Attention, Don't Give It To Them

People who only care about themselves will never want attention to be on anyone else but them. In their mindless self-absorption, they will go to ridiculous lengths to make sure that all you care about is their business.

You can gently remind them that the world does not revolve around them. And chances are that they won't like hearing that.


But that does not mean you should put up with their unending demands for attention. If they can't handle your opinions regarding their unreasonable demands for attention, then be ready to accept that.

6. They Don't Care About Others, And You Shouldn't Care So Much About Them Anyway

Selfish people make neglect an art form because they are so good at it. They couldn't care about what everyone else wants as long as their needs are met.


Even when you open up to them, they just try to use that to their advantage.

When in such a relationship, you will need to take care of your needs because if you care about them, hoping they will return the favor, you will be very disappointed.

7. They Will Be Terrible Friends, Find Better Friends

Terrible friends make your life harder, not easier, and that is exactly what you get with people who only care about themselves. So, if you have a friend who is always in need and therefore draining your energy, then you are probably friends with a selfish person.


The earlier you get rid of such people from your life, the better off you will be. Real friends will do as much for you as you will do for them.

So, anyone who falls short is worth replacing with someone who cares as much about you as you care about them.

8. They Expect You To Prove Yourself To Them, But Don't Do It

People who think the world of themselves think other people have to prove themselves. They will want you to confirm your love, your loyalty, your commitment, and so on.


Never mind the fact that they don't expect you to expect them to prove themselves to you.

They will throw around phrases like "if you love me, you will do this for me" and other manipulative terms to get you hooked.

But don't fall for this trick, even if they pretend to be disappointed in you or threaten to step away from the relationship. You deserve better.

9. They Have Lots Of Negative Energy Around Them, Avoid Them

You have probably realized that when around some people, you feel worse about yourself or your life. That happens a lot when around self-serving people because they are always trying to get your attention and use it to their benefit.


The best option is to limit the time you spend around such people, and if possible end the relationship.

10. They Are Self-centered, Stay Away From Them

These people think the world revolves around them, and they don't want anyone to be in the spotlight but them. So, this person will often try to put you down.


Therefore, there will give no attention to anything you say, because all they can see are their needs.

You should ignore such people, or get caught up in their toxicity.

11. Selfish People Exaggerate Their Achievements, Point It Out

Some people like to show anyone who would care to listen to how accomplished they are. Humility is not something these people understand.


Even when they do something commonplace and not worth obsessing over, they will make it seem like the biggest achievement ever.

That has everything to do with their oversized egos.

To deal with such behavior, let them know the true worth of their accomplishments. If it's nothing to be so excited about, then tell them so.

You don't have to go to the extreme to make it seem like they have nothing to celebrate. But don't feel the urge to make a big deal of something that is not worth as much attention as they expect either.


12. Selfish People Have A Desire To Dominate, Don't Give In To The Pressure

People who have an excessive love for themselves like things to go their way all the time. To accomplish this, they have a desire to dominate and control every situation.

They will not pick your calls unless they think they have something to gain. They will change narratives to suit their own interests and even try to brainwash you, so you believe whatever they tell you afterward.


13. They Never Showing Weakness Or Vulnerability, Understand That They Are Like That

A selfish person will never let you see their weak side. They fear that you will take advantage of them like they would if the situation was reversed.

For this reason, they avoid doing anything that makes them look vulnerable, such as helping others.

If you can help it, it's not worth keeping such a person in your life. But otherwise, also avoid showing them your vulnerabilities because they will use them against you.


14. Selfish People Manipulate, Make Sure You Are Not A Victim

These people have to make everything about them. So, even things that are not meant to benefit them will somehow end up serving their interests.

Manipulation often involves blackmail, and they never see a problem in anything they do. They are always right.

As long as things are going their way, these people think everything is fine, even if everyone else is hurting.


The solution here is to look out for signs you are being manipulated and take your stand against selfish-serving behavior.

15. Selfish People Scheme And Plot, Learn To Avoid Their Plots

As people become more self-centered, they turn into schemers and eventually into narcissists. At this point, all they want is to make sure they get something from you.

But they will offer you nothing in return. They will even hurt you to serve their own interests.


When the relationship gets to this stage, then the only solution is to call it quits and go your separate ways.

16. They Fear Public Failure But Don't Let Them Put The Blame On You

While it's normal for most people to fear failure, selfish people go to the extreme, especially when it's likely to happen in public. They consider failure to be the worst form of humiliation.

And when failure happens, and they are involved, they blame it on others. They will even criticize others harshly, even though they caused the loss.


But you should not allow these people to blame you for things you never did. Learn to stand your ground, but make sure you have the facts to back you up because they will put up quite a fight.

17. They'll Make Endless Demands For Favors, But Don't Indulge Them

Selfish people always need a favor. However, while they still expect you to indulge them when they do, they will be very reluctant to do you favors in return.


Although you should not cut them off, for this reason, be careful not to turn into a doormat.

If someone can't be a true friend, then it's best not to waste so much of your effort and resources on them because that will make your life very miserable.

In this life, you will meet selfish people; that's without a doubt. But when you do, make sure you know these tricks, so these people don't ruin your life.