17 Struggles Of Being A Woman That Guys Will Never Have To Stress About


It's often said that men have it easy, and while they may have traditional expectations to provide for their families, it's not a difficult task when they earn $1 for every $1 women make and have the luxury of deciding when to start a family. Unlike women, they don't have to deal with the hassle of wearing a bra. In short, men have several privileges that women don't, which translates into at least 17 things they'll never have to worry about.

1. The Gender Wage Gap

The issue of pay disparity based on gender is a significant concern. Despite being equally qualified, many women earn less than their male counterparts, solely because of their gender. Surprisingly, some men deny the existence of this disparity, even though it's a well-documented fact. One way to prove the point is by comparing pay stubs.

2. Their period being late

Although men may have to worry about their partner's late period, they don't have to be constantly bothered with it until the woman is ready to share. Moreover, they never have to experience the inconvenience of a regular period, including cramps, bloating, or adult acne.

3. Whether or not to have kids/when

Men also consider starting a family, but they don't have the pressure of a ticking biological clock. Unlike women, who experience a decline in fertility with age, men can father children well into their senior years. Famous older fathers like Larry King, Julio Iglesias, and Clint Eastwood are examples of men who have had children later in life. Although it may not be the most desirable way to spend retirement, at least men have the option.

4. Walking in heels

Men will never have to face the challenge of spending a fortune on shoes or figuring out how to walk in them. Unlike women, who have to calculate the number of steps they'll take from their house to their car and to their destination and determine how long they'll be standing in those shoes, men don't have to worry about such details. It's a real struggle for women!

5. Fitting everything you need into one clutch

Women have more to carry than just their phone, keys, and wallet. They have to carry essentials like lipsticks, safety pins, bobby pins, gum, a mirror, dental floss, perfume, and other items to keep them looking perfect all night long. Men are familiar with how heavy women's bags can get, especially when their arms give out, and they end up holding them.

6. If someone else will show up in the same dress

Unless they dress extravagantly like Scott Disick, men's clothes tend to look similar. They don't care if another guy is wearing the same outfit because black tie events call for identical penguin suits. In contrast, women spend months searching for the perfect dress, and it's a nightmare if they end up seeing someone else wearing the exact same outfit. Panic ensues!

7. Getting replaced with a younger model

It's true that men have to worry about being replaced by a wealthier partner, but they don't have to go through Botox, butt lifts, and facial peels to delay the signs of aging, unlike women.

8. The size of their boobs

Unless they have gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue), men don't have to worry about their chest area. Women, on the other hand, are in a constant battle with their breasts. They may be the teenager who's worrying about not having enough breast size, or the woman in her 30s still waiting for her desired breast size to come.

9. Being a single mom

As a mother, it's more challenging to abandon your family. While it does happen, there isn't an epidemic of motherless children like there is of fatherless children. Worrying about various tasks, such as taking children to different places at once, can lead to stress and wrinkles, which is why Botox becomes a necessary solution. That's the real circle of life!

10. Looking like promiscuous

If you're a woman who woke up one morning with DDs, even a simple t-shirt can make you look promiscuous in the eyes of society. Sometimes, we're not trying to show off our cleavage; it's just too hot outside, and we want to stay cool. And even if we did want to display our cleavage, it doesn't make us sluts, so let's retire that word.

11. Menopause

While married men may dread the day their wife of 30 years turns into an evil caricature of herself, women are the ones who have to look forward to hot flashes, extra body hair, dry vaginas, and mood swings. Though, come to think of it, this might be worse for men...

12. Getting raped

The fear of being a victim of sexual assault is a constant burden for women. We are always on guard about where we place our drinks, walking alone to our cars, and even being preyed upon by someone we know who has consumed too much alcohol. Although men can also be victims of sexual assault, the statistics show that females are more vulnerable to this crime. This is a daily reality for women, and the lack of safety is something we must always consider.

13. leaky tampon

Women often have to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities, leaving little time for changing tampons. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most absorbent tampons are not enough to control the flow. While a little leak may not be too embarrassing, it can be mortifying if a friend's dog sniffs it out and calls attention to it.

14. The pain of wearing a bra

It's hard to find a bra that fits you well and looks good on you without making you feel like you're wearing your grandma's bra. Also, dealing with underwires that give up easily and preventing your boobs from spilling out every time you make a sudden move is quite challenging. Guys don't really understand how uncomfortable these bras can be, but they also don't get the satisfaction of the amazing feeling you get when you finally take it off.

15. Underwear

Men have it easy when it comes to underwear - it's either boxers or briefs. But for women, the options are endless - granny panties, French cut, high-waisted, or thongs for the masochists. And it doesn't stop there - we also have to decide whether to match them with our bra or go commando, which leads to a whole other set of worries like our dress flying up over our head.

16. Remembering to take your pill every day

We are responsible for taking our birth control pills every day at the same time, while they can't even be bothered to pick up a condom once in a while.

17. Bridesmaids dresses

Bad lighting is the ultimate enemy of self-confidence. It can turn even the most attractive person into a disheveled mess, leaving you feeling terrible about yourself without any control over the situation.