17 Signs You Are An Indigo Child

17 Signs You Are An Indigo Child

Indigo children are children born possessing special or supernatural abilities and traits. The concept was studied, developed, and made popular in the 1970s. Indigo children are believed to be a new generation of children who are more empathetic and creative, expressing themselves in increasingly newer and more unique ways. They are artistic, sensitive, curious, and inquisitive, while at the same time being intuitive, independent, open-minded and accepting of all who are different from them. Indigo children are frequently misunderstood by society, who often view them as being different.

So how can you tell if you are an indigo child? Here are a few traits that can help you find out:

1. You found school boring

Indigo children are highly intelligent. However, the world's education system does not conform to the way their minds work. Their independence makes them fail to understand the rigid structure of the education system, and an indigo child will struggle to thrive in such an environment. If an indigo child is placed in a less structured and alternative learning environment, they will excel because they are curious, furiously intelligent, and value their independence. They need to chart their paths if they are to achieve success.

2. You are more sensitive than other people

If you cry during movies, or you cry when you read a sad story, and you find it easy to laugh heartily at a funny situation, you are probably an indigo child. Indigo children find it easy to let their emotions show, and they feel everything at the core of their beings. Every feeling for them is stronger than what an average person feels.

3. You cannot stand cold, calculating people

Indigo children have more empathy than past generations. They feel other people's emotions and identify with their joys, sorrows, and fears, which explains why they cannot stand selfish, unsympathetic people. Indigo children cannot bring themselves to mistreat people constantly.

4. People think you are a pushover

You try to avoid conflicts with others as much as you can, and this can make people think you are a pushover. You tend to try and please everyone and make everyone happy, and this often comes at the expense of your happiness.

5. You always wonder "why?"

Why are things the way they are? Why do they work the way they do? How do things work? Indigo children are more curious than other generations. As children, they often wonder why, and ask it, and are seldom satisfied with the answer they are given. They seek to dig deeper and have a more in-depth understanding of life.

6. You often feel you are not "normal"

Indigo children often feel like outsiders looking in when they are in most social situations. They act differently, they feel differently, they think differently. Their empathy with the lives of others also sets them apart and makes them feel different, especially as children.

7. You do not blindly respect authority

Indigo children believe in respecting authority, but they also believe in respecting authority that is right. They question rules and ask why those rules are in place. If their conclusions make sense, then they will respect the authority of that rule. If you are not disrespectful but do not blindly follow orders either, you are likely an indigo child.

8. You have found a creative outlet

Indigo children are creative individuals, and they actively seek ways of expressing themselves. They do this through various mediums, such as music, dance, cooking, or any other art form. If you don't, then you will probably figure out how to do things differently, whether at home or at work, in ways that will make you stand out. Indigo children don't seek creative outlets for fame or fortune, they do it because they absolutely have to and would feel unfulfilled otherwise.

9. You are seeking your purpose in life

Indigo children are actively searching for their reasons for existence. As an indigo child, you want to lead a meaningful life. You are not obsessed with money, fame, or fortune, and you know that your job is not more important than how you live your life. An indigo child's life is driven by the feeling that they have a purpose for being alive, and they lead their lives accordingly, trying to decipher this purpose.

10. You are drawn to spirituality

Indigo children believe there is something more to this life than merely the act of living. They are open-minded and enjoy and accept other people's religions. They however seldom stick to one religion. Instead, they practice an amalgamation of the various beliefs and practices they encounter in their journey through life.

11. Horror movies easily scare you

Indigo children have a highly developed imagination. A horror movie puts their overactive minds into hyperdrive, and they imagine themselves in the situations they see. They are easily scared, and often still conjure up the movie images long after the horror movie is over, to scare them some more when they are alone in the dark.

12. Money is less important to you than wealth

If you would rather be happy and fulfilled than wealthy, you are probably an indigo child. Indigo children only want to have enough money to be comfortable, and firmly believe that they do not need more than that. They think there are more important things in life than money, and actively seek these. This is why you may find yourself choosing a more fulfilling career over a better paying job.

13. You love the paranormal

Stories about ghosts and aliens fascinate you. Your open-mindedness allows you to accept such things more efficiently than other people, and you probably believe in the existence of some things that most people don't. You understand that we do not have all the answers, and so you are open to other explanations.

14. You are mature for your age

You probably get this a lot. You act beyond your age, and most people are usually surprised when you tell them how old you really are. You feel out of place with your peers because your reasoning capacity is beyond them, and they know this. You are more independent, more intelligent, and more emotionally mature. Sometimes this may cause problems, but often it has its advantages.

15. People think you have ADHD

Your overactive mind may lead people to think you have a mental disorder. Every action triggers a reaction in society, and being different makes people think you have ADHD. Sometimes people have a hard time accepting those who are different from them. Luckily, you have made your peace with this fact.

16. You are great at telling stories

Being a gifted storyteller often stems from having a highly developed imagination. If you are the go-to guy for captivating stories on any and all occasions, you probably are an indigo child.

17. You know you are "special"

You have a feeling you are unique in some way. You have the feeling that you have a more significant purpose in this life, without looking down on others and thinking of them as lesser people. You believe you are going to leave the world a better place than you found it, and you are going to be remembered for it.