17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow

17 rules hooters girls need to follow

For many girls, being a Hooters girl is a dream come true. However, the girls working at the eating establishment must abide by rules unlike any other you have ever seen before.

In fact, working at this popular establishment can be a little tough.

Generally, we can't do what we want in our workplaces; in most cases, workplace rules exist for our own good. That explains why you might be barred from wearing open-toed shoes to work or get high while on the job.

Nevertheless, Hooters stands out for having a set of pretty peculiar rules for its famous girls.

Some of them are pretty harsh. Still, that hasn't stopped many girls from trying their best to land a job at this restaurant chain.

Being a Hooters girl is something of a privilege.

However, here are some rules Hooters girls have to abide by while working for this eating establishment.

1. Only Wedding/Engagement Rings Are Allowed As Jewelry

You might not have noticed this, but Hooters girls don't wear much jewelry. That's because the girls are only allowed to wear engagement or wedding rings as jewelry.

2. The Girls Should Be Thin And Pretty

This rule should hardly seem surprising considering that all the girls working at Hooters look so gorgeous and trim.

3. Wearing The Hooters Crop Top Requires Prior Approval

Not every girl gets to wear the famous Hooters crop top. To get this privilege, the girl has to get approval first.

They do this to avoid muffin tops and girls without flat bellies from wearing crop tops, which would be quite unflattering under the circumstances.

4. Girls Get Free Food, But It Has To Be From The "Healthy" Menu

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

In practically every restaurant, the servers get a free meal. However, things are slightly different at Hooters since the girls are only allowed to eat from the "healthy" menu. Otherwise, she has to pay 50 percent for her meal.

This rule ensures that the girls maintain their fit appearance.

5. They Should Always Have Makeup On

No-makeup days are not allowed at Hooters. These girls always have to look glamorous, which means putting on makeup every day before showing up to work.

6. Wearing A Hooters Uniform Outside Work Means Losing Your Job

Any girl who wears a uniform away from work gets fired immediately. They probably do this to ensure that their brand name does not end up in other places besides their establishment.

7. The Girls Have To Wear Sneakers

In case you have never noticed, the girls working at Hooters are always wearing sneakers. It's one of their rules.

8. In Theory, Money Aprons Should Not Be Longer Than Their Shorts

This rule does not work out so well in practice, but it is intended to ensure that nothing interferes with the overall look these girls have while working for Hooters.

9. When Couples Come In, The Waitresses Are To Sit Next To The Women

Of course, most people visiting Hooters are guys. However, a lot of women also enjoy eating and drinking at Hooters.

Due to their scanty clothing, the servers might easily intimidate female guests coming in with their male partners. For this reason, when such couples come in, the servers should sit next to the lady to seem less threatening.

10. Cellphones Are Not Allowed On The Floor

Having a cellphone while working at Hooters can land the girls in a lot of trouble. So, those selfies have to wait until the girls are no longer serving customers.

11. You Have To Be Friendly To Work At Hooters

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

This should be obvious, although not all restaurants enforce this rule. Hooters wants customers to see that they have the most welcoming team of waitresses, which is why they have this rule in place.

12. Nude Or French Manicured Nails

Hooters won't let girls do their nails in bright colors that clash with their easily recognizable outfits. For this reason, nails have to be manicured and well-groomed.

Although this is a strange rule, many girls are more than happy to oblige for a chance to work there.

13. The Girls Have To Wear "Suntan" Pantyhoses

Another surprising fact about the pantyhose rule is that the girls have to buy this accessory themselves. The rule exists to ensure that the girls look like they always have gorgeous and flawless legs.

14. The Girls Can't Touch Any Men

Although most male patrons to Hooters would probably not mind, the girls are not allowed to touch the girls. Actually, the guys can't touch the girls either.

The only exception to this rule is when patrons want a photo with the servers. However, even then, these should be group shots to ensure that nothing too crazy happens and makes the place unsuitable for kids.

15. Hair Must Be Worn Down

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

In other words, you can't have ponytails while working at Hooters.

16. The Girls Must Always Do Their Hair

Since these girls are a big part of why Hooters is so popular, they must always ensure their hair looks good. Therefore, these girls have to spend a lot of time and money on their hair to uphold this important standard.

17. Black Can Only Be Worn On Fridays

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

Hooters girls have very high dressing standards, and that includes the fact that they can only wear black on Fridays.

Other Surprising Conditions Hooters Girls Have To Put Up With

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

In addition to the above rules, the girls have to work under peculiar circumstances that put certain demands on them. Here are some of them.

The Girls Should Be Okay With Objectification

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

For obvious reasons, Hooters gets accused of objectifying women. The company knows this, and that's why they hire waitresses who are okay with being seen in this light.

The Girls Have To Be Okay With Spending Lots Of Time In An Uncomfortable Uniform

Although the Hooters uniform looks so fun and revealing, it's not the most comfortable working outfit ever. The uniform can be very uncomfortable at times, and the girls wearing it should be ready for this.

Tattoos Can't Be Visible

Although the girls can get tattoos, they are not allowed to have tattoos that customers can see. That means having lots of visible tattoos can doom your chances of working at Hooters.

The Waitresses Are Also Entertainers

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

Hooters obviously hire waitresses based on their looks, and they actually hire the girls as entertainers because they often have to do a lot more than serving customers.

The Uniform Must Remain Spotless

Although some people think that the Hooters uniform looks a little tacky, the girls can't look unkempt while wearing it. That means the girls have to change if they get something like wing sauce or a tear on the uniform.

They Should Be Okay Dealing With Jealous Partners

Considering how gorgeous Hooters girls are, they should be okay with the threat they might pose to female guests visiting with their male partners.

In any case, the waitresses have to remain warm and friendly at all times, which can inspire lots of jealousy in some of the women visiting the establishment.

The Managers Can Be A Little Invasive

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

Since the Hooters girls have to work with very high standards, the managers can sometimes get a little invasive in their attempts to ensure the standards are upheld.

These managers inspect the girls to ensure the uniforms are tight and neat.

They Should Be Okay With Some Customers Taking Things Too Far

17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

Some creepy customers tend to walk through the doors of many Hooters locations, and some of them want more attention from the girls than they should offer. The ladies have to be ready for this.

Regular Exercise

Since Hooters exclusively works with girls who are physically fit, regular exercise is highly encouraged. Overweight and obese girls could be fired.

Shifts Are Based On Sales

To get better shifts, the girls have to bring in more sales than their peers.

The Girls Have To Learn Choreographed Dances

Since the girls are hired as entertainers, they are supposed to know a few moves. Therefore, when a particular song plays, they should drop everything and start dancing.


17 Rules Hooters Girls Need To Follow
17 rules hooters girls need to follow

Do these strange facts change your perception of Hooters? As you can see, being a Hooters girl is clearly not as easy as the vibrant servers make it seem.

Hooters started back in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida. Today, there are many Hooters restaurants in 28 countries.

One thing is certain, however: although Hooters girls seem very proud of their jobs, they have to put up with some pretty crazy rules most people don't know about.

By the way, if you want to become a Hooters Girl, make sure you know how to go about it.