17 Reasons Why Guys Like Situationships So Much

17 Reasons Why Guys Prefer No Strings Attached Relationships: From Low Self-Esteem To The Opposite.


1. It Removes the Pressure of a Real Relationship

Situationships reduce the pressure of genuine relationships: no need to worry about holidays or celebrations.

Situationships remove basic responsibilities: no need to worry about household chores.

2. They Are Dating More Than One Person

Situationships allow polyamory: dating multiple people without telling or feeling guilty.

3. They Want an Open Relationship

Situationships allow open relationships: a guy may not settle down with you if open-minded.

Having a relationship with someone who has experienced being with multiple partners simultaneously without guilt or remorse is unlikely to lead to a long-term commitment.

4. They Don't Have to See You Everyday

Men often enjoy situationships because they don't require daily interaction. However, a man who is truly interested will want to see their partner every day.

Men who prefer situationships may not visit frequently, except for sexual encounters. They have other casual relationships besides you.

5. Sex is Easy and Regular, with No Strings

If the physical aspect of a situationship is satisfying, a man is unlikely to seek a commitment. The lack of commitment may even add to the excitement. As long as the sex is frequent and enjoyable, he is unlikely to push for a formal relationship.

6. They Aren't Sure How They Feel

Men may enter a situationship with you if they are uncertain about their feelings or indecisive.

When they have a clearer understanding of their feelings, there's a 50-50 chance they'll pursue a deeper relationship or maintain the current situation.

7. They're Not Fully Mature Men Yet

Some individuals we date may not be fully mature, including men who may not understand the difference between a situationship and a committed relationship.

In such cases, you have two options: stay and wait for them to mature or leave and allow them to grow and pursue you later.

8. Situationships Are Fun

Young men who haven't fully matured often view situationships as just for fun. Unfortunately, it's usually not obvious until it's too late.

These types of men are often youthful, but not always. Sometimes it's men in their 40s and 50s who engage in games with women younger than themselves.

9. They Aren't Thinking About it on a Deeper Level

Like guys who lack maturity, some guys lack depth in their thoughts. This means that when they become aware of the situation, they may desire more from your current relationship than what it currently is.

On the other hand, they may prefer to keep things casual, particularly if the sexual aspect of the relationship is satisfying.

10. They Are Scared a Real Relationship Would Change Things

When guys reflect on their relationships with women, they tend to complicate matters for themselves.

Often, they fear that a committed relationship would alter the existing dynamic.

This fear leads them to prefer maintaining shallow, mutual, and sexually-driven relationships rather than risking losing you.

11. It Gives Them Higher Self-Confidence

Some guys may also derive a significant boost in self-esteem from their relationships. For these guys, the outcome or who they are involved with is not significant.

These guys only desire sexual gratification and an increase in sexual and general male confidence from their relationship with you.

12. They Don't Need to Try So Hard

Relationships of convenience happen spontaneously, without much planning or effort.

This implies that guys don't have to put in as much effort as they would with a wife, girlfriend, or mistress.

In a relationship of convenience, they just need to go with the flow, like a floating stick on a river, and see where it leads.

13. They Get to Be Themselves

Relationships of convenience are attractive because they usually permit individuals to be more authentic.

Men may prefer these relationships for this reason, especially if they have experienced demanding relationships in the past. No one wants to maintain a false identity (not for long, anyway).

14. They Like to Take Things as They Come

Many men prefer to go with the flow, let things happen naturally, and adapt to changes.

Relationships of convenience embody this approach: they can easily come into and leave your life without looking back and without any guilt.

15. They Think It's What You Want

Surprisingly, some guys may prefer these relationships because they believe it's what you desire.

In reality, they may secretly desire to make you their home, elevate you, and propose marriage.

However, until they sense that you want more from the relationship, they will continue to go with the flow.

16. They Are Intimidated By Strong Women

Many men are intimidated by confident women and don't enjoy facing accountability or having their emotions and opinions questioned.

Thus, they prefer a relationship of convenience to never evolve into a committed relationship with mutual obligations.

17. Their Main Priority is Their Personal Freedom

Some men, who prefer to go with the flow, persist in relationships of convenience because preserving and prolonging their personal freedom is their top priority.

This means taking on as little responsibility as possible.


How long do situationships last?

The duration of relationships of convenience varies, as they are created and shaped by circumstances. Some may last for days, weeks, or months, while others may continue for years or even decades.

Is a situationship healthy?

Situationships are healthy when both sides show mutual respect. If one person is giving all and the other is taking, the situation becomes unhealthy.

When is a situationship toxic?

A situationship becomes toxic when it involves two individuals who wouldn't be together if not for the current situation, and includes elements such as physical/mental abuse, lack of respect, or substance abuse. It is no longer healthy.