17 Obvious Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship With You Anymore

17 Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You Anymore

You know deep in your heart you deserve a man who wants to be with you, but what if he doesn't want a relationship with you anymore? I know it's not exactly fun discovering he doesn't, but the earlier you find out the truth, the better off you will be in the long run.

It can shatter your heart to realize that the man you have pinned all your hopes on does not love you anymore. Even if he has not said it straight to your face, his actions might have you worried.


Maybe you have even been asking yourself why he hasn't broken up with you already if he no longer cares.

But the truth is that breakups are always hard. It doesn't matter whether or not the end of the relationship is for your own good or not.

Probably, the guy does not want to hurt you. That's why he does not want to break up.

Also, chances are that you are missing the signs he is no longer interested in you. That is a mistake you should never make.


Learning the truth early is the best way to go. You shouldn't waste your precious time on what will never be.

You can spend that time working on yourself and pursuing a relationship that will go the distance.

But before we go any further, it's important to understand something first. There's a difference between his lack of interest and a relationship that has gotten a little lukewarm.


Maybe he is stressed out by his day job, which is why he hasn't been so "hands-on" lately. However, if you see so many of the signs below, chances are that he might no longer have an interest in you.

Sings He Doesn't Want A Relationship With You

1. If The Intimacy Is Gone

When a relationship starts, things are usually pretty intense. You can hardly have enough of each other, and that's totally allowed.


As the relationship settles, the excitement will go down but things should still be quite intense.

So, if your love life is on its deathbed, then that is a pretty good sign he doesn't want you anymore. Men live for physical intimacy in romantic relationships.

2. If He Has Become Your Harshest Critic

There was a time the man was your greatest supporter, and he respected your opinions and decisions. That, unfortunately, has now changed and he is increasingly critical of you.


He finds fault in everything you do. And you feel like you could never do anything right by him.

In the past, he was appreciative and understanding. The reason for this change is that he might be trying to push you away.

In short, he does not want a relationship with you anymore.

3. If, During Arguments, He Tries To Hurt You

Even healthy couples have fights from time to time. However, the goal is usually to resolve whatever problem you are arguing about.


So, does he focus more on hurting you than on solving whatever has caused the fight? Then it's a pretty good sign he doesn't care as much about you as he once did.

4. If You Feel He Doesn't Love You

When you wonder if the man loves you at all, then that's a pretty good sign something is lacking in the relationship.


A woman who is loved, treasured and cherished knows it without having to think so hard about it.

And so, when you start wondering if the man still wants you or not, then it might be time to accept that he does not want you in his life anymore.

5. When You Feel Drained Emotionally

When you are in a healthy relationship, you will feel emotionally nourished, even without understanding why.


If you start feeling emotionally drained, then you are making too much of an effort to be in the relationship.

And that happens when your partner is not holding up their end of the deal. It shows he is not making an adequate contribution to the relationship.

If the man still cared, you would not be picking up the slack all the time. You would not be feeling exhausted.

He makes less effort than necessary because he does not want the relationship as much as he once did.


6. When The Guy Is Constantly Pissed At You, He No Longer Wants To Be With You

There was a time he swore your quirks were the cutest things about you. But today, he is usually irritated by them.

Even when you try to be cordial with him, he gets harsh. And your attempts to get close as he enjoys the TV are met with coldness or complaints.


Generally, every small thing you do seems to upset him.

When things get to this point, then know that the relationship has changed. He might not have any further interest in being with you.

But still, this might be a phase. Maybe he is having a hard time at work, or maybe you have had a huge fight with him and he is still reeling from it.

7. When He No Longer Cares What He Says To You

A man who cares about you will think twice before saying anything to you because he doesn't want to hurt you carelessly.


But when he says whatever crosses his mind and you wonder if he is the same man you knew, then there's a big problem.

A man who does not care what he says to you is also a man who does not care about being in a relationship with you.

8. If He Is Always Lying To You, He No Longer Wants To Be With You

For a while now, you can see that everything the guy says is a lie. When he makes a promise, he never keeps it.


He lies about how he feels about you, and you can tell because his actions tell a different story. He doesn't even care how much the lies hurt you, and he never seems bothered by how much he lies to you.

Besides showing that he does not love you anymore, this can be a pretty powerful sign he does not care whether or not the relationship goes on.

9. He Has No Time For You

When you are a priority in a man's life, he will always make time for you. So, when he no longer gives you enough of his time, it might be a clear sign that he has found other priorities, at least in the meantime.


In fact, it can be a warning sign that the relationship is nearing its end.

Proof about his changing feelings for you would be endless excuses about being too busy to hang out with you.

When a guy feels that the relationship has ended, he will make no effort to spend time with you because he would rather spend it on other things.

10. He No Longer Remembers Important Dates

While guys are generally terrible at remembering important dates, a man who cares about a relationship with you will make an effort because he cares.


So, when he used to remember these dates but no longer does, then take that as a sign he couldn't care less if the relationship ended or not.

11. When He Cares Less About Your Needs, He No Longer Wants To Be With You

There was a time he catered to your every need. But these days, he only focuses on what he wants, and if not, it's still clear he doesn't care as much about your needs.


While this might also be evidence that he is taking your relationship for granted, it can also be a good sign that the relationship is winding up.

As long as a man cares about you and the future of the relationship, he will keep trying without getting tired.

12. If He's Withdrawn, That's One Of The Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship With You

There was a time this man wanted to share everything with you, but now, you have to coax such stories out of him.


He's no longer excited about telling you how his day went. In the worst-case scenario, this shows that your relationship might have run its course.

Otherwise, another problem might be bothering him that makes him shut off those closest to him, such as losing a close loved one.

13. If You Don't Trust Him, It Possible He No Longer Wants To Be With You

Trust is important in any healthy relationship.


So, do you feel that your trust in your man is gone? Then it might be because he doesn't care about being in a relationship with you anymore.

A man who wants you in his life will do plenty to make sure you have all his trust.

When you ask a trustworthy man what he has been up to, he will divulge all the details without lying. But when he no longer gives a damn about the relationship, he might even get upset when you ask.


That is why a man you can no longer trust is most likely not interested in the relationship you have with him anymore.

14. If He Takes Longer Than Necessary To Reply To Your Texts

When you started dating and seeing each other, he could reply to your texts in an instant. You could hardly keep up.


But now that the relationship has advanced a bit, he can go for hours without replying to your texts.

Additionally, when you mention that he is not as he was in the past, he gets upset or makes a false promise to get things back on track.

And so, you get the feeling that he doesn't feel the same way he felt about you or the relationship in the past. That might be true.

15. When He Has No Respect For You

If you feel that you have lost your voice in the relationship, then that is a clear sign he has lost respect for you.


When a man loves you, you will feel respected in the relationship.

That is because he will pay attention to your opinions, needs, and values. He will even respect your feelings when you differ on certain matters.

You cannot expect the same reaction from a man who does not want to be in a relationship with you.

16. When He No Longer Says He Loves You

When a woman goes too long without hearing her man tell her how much he loves her, she doubts herself. And it's totally justified.


When a man is in love, he will go to unimaginable lengths to prove it. That is why he will keep reminding you how much he loves you.

So, has he gone for too long without saying these words? It might have something to do with the fact that he no longer does.

And that, as you know, is a pretty good sign that he might not be interested in having a relationship with you anymore.

17. If He Doesn't Bother When You're Upset, He No Longer Wants To Be With You

Does he no longer give a damn about you getting upset? Then you don't need a clearer sign he doesn't want to be with you anymore.


A guy who still cares would do whatever he could to ensure you feel better.

He will be someone you can count on when you are feeling down. So, when the man no longer cares that you are feeling upset, it's a clear sign he wants nothing to do with you anymore.

I know it sucks knowing he doesn't want a relationship with you anymore.

But it's more important to know the truth in good time. That way, you can move on with your life and avoid getting stuck in an unhealthy relationship.