17 Hilarious Tweets About Joe Biden Defeating Donald Trump

17 hilarious tweets about joe biden defeating donald trump

Millions of Americans were hoping Joe Biden would win the 2020 Presidential Election.

To be honest, much of the rest of the world was hoping right along with US voters.

News outlets all over the United States have called the election. They have named Biden as the next president.

Reportedly, he managed to surpass the necessary 270 electoral votes. President Trump only got 214.

It was Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona that turned out to play a big role.

They were the most important states during the election and did their part to determine the election winner.

Social Media Reaction

17 hilarious tweets about joe biden defeating donald trump
17 hilarious tweets about joe biden defeating donald trump

Naturally, the way to respond to anything important these days is to take to the social media streets.

Twitter was exceptionally busy with tweets going out in the millions. Hashtags such as #DonaldIsOutParty also started trending.

The current pandemic doesn't permit actual partying to celebrate. However, after the outcome of the elections, social media was abuzz with celebrations.

Many tweets used Trump's famous phrase from his television show 'The Apprentice' against him. They started tweeting proudly, 'You're fired!'.

A multitude of other funny tweets has been shared as people celebrate and enjoy this victory.

Here are 17 of our favourites:

Trump's Reaction

President Trump was very confident that he would win the election. He was certain he would spend another four years in the White House.

He even sent out a tweet that stated he won the election way before any such claim could have been made.

Of course, news reports did not reflect his opinion.

As was expected, Trump did not react kindly to this news, and the triumphant sounds echoed through America.

He claims the counting was fraudulent. He added that the election was rigged, and everything was just unfair.

According to news reports, Trump has gone as far as to file lawsuits to fight the election outcome.

Should they get dismissed, Biden will be the new leader of America come January 2021.