17 Differences Between A Confident Guy And A Cocky One

There is a very clear difference between cockiness and confidence, but many people get these two attributes mixed up.

Confidence is a good thing, and it’s very desirable, but cockiness is the complete opposite and quite off-putting if you can recognize it. Beneath the surface, cockiness is actually a lack of confidence and a sign of immaturity.

How can you tell confidence and cockiness apart? Here are some pointers.

1. A confident guy will admit his mistakes. A cocky guy, however, will explain why he is not wrong for as long as it takes.

2. A confident guy will want to show you off, but a cocky guy will forget about you to get himself noticed.

3. A confident guy has a genuine interest in taking care of this health, but a cocky guy is more concerned about showing how physically fit he is to the world through social media.

4. A confident guy is straightforward about his intentions, while a cocky guy just wants to play games.

5. A confident guy cares about your opinion, while a cocky guy will not even notice that you have an opinion.

6. A confident guy will usually trust your judgment and knows that you can handle some things on your own. A cocky guy, however, will think he knows what is best for you and tries to make all important decisions on your behalf.

7. A confident guy will ask that you go out with him, while a cocky guy will expect you to do the asking,

8. A confident guy is proud of who he is and assured of his abilities. A cocky guy, however, is sometimes deeply insecure or narcissistic, which he tries to cover up through his cockiness.

9. A confident guy is interested in learning about you, while a cocky guy will not stop talking about himself.

10. A confident guy thinks of you as his equal. However, a cocky guy will always think he is so much better than you.

11. A confident guy does not track your every move, but a cocky guy wants to keep tabs on you.

12. A confident guy will tell his friends how great you are, while a cocky guy will not even let his friends know that you are part of his life.

13. When you are in the wrong, a confident guy will swallow his pride. A cocky guy will ensure that you understand that you were wrong and he was so right to warn you about making such a mistake.

14. A confident guy will have a few lines about himself on his dating profile, while a cocky guy will just post a picture and expect that the picture should say plenty about who he is.

15. Confident guys say your friends are great, while a cocky guy will try to tell you how he is better than them.

16. A confident guy can take a no, but a cocky guy will try to force an answer out of you through unnecessary pressure.

17. A confident guy is happy about your accomplishments, while a cocky guy will often try to compare your accomplishments to his.