17 Differences Between A Confident Guy And A Cocky One

Confidence and cockiness are often mistaken for each other, but they are vastly different. The difference is easy to spot:

1. A confident person will initiate plans and ask you out. A cocky person will assume you will come to them.

2. A confident person is straightforward about their intentions, while a cocky person tends to play games.

3. A confident person gives you space and doesn't keep track of your actions, while a cocky person believes they have a right to know everything you do.

4. A confident person values and respects your friendships, while a cocky person constantly compares themselves unfavorably to them.

5. A confident person is invested in getting to know you, while a cocky person primarily focuses on talking about themselves.

6. A confident person is proud to have you by their side and wants to show you off, while a cocky person may neglect your presence or take you for granted.

7. A confident person is proud of your achievements and celebrates them with you, while a cocky person constantly compares your accomplishments to theirs.

8. A confident person prioritizes their health and well-being, while a cocky person prioritizes the appearance of being fit, often taking mirror gym selfies and sharing them on social media.

9. A confident person respects your boundaries and accepts your decision, while a cocky person pressures you and believes they deserve what they want.

10. A confident person is open to admit their mistake and learn from it, while a cocky person stubbornly holds onto their position, even if it is indefensible, and continues to argue.

11. A confident person values and seeks out your perspective, while a cocky person may be unaware or indifferent to your thoughts and opinions.

12. A confident person is excited to share and talk about you with their friends and family, while a cocky person may neglect to mention or involve you in their social circle.

13. A confident person provides a thoughtful and well-written description of themselves on their online dating profile, while a cocky person may not bother to write anything, believing that a photo is enough to speak for them.

14. A confident person trusts your ability to make decisions and take care of yourself, while a cocky person may assume they know what's best for you and impose their own views and beliefs on you.

15. A confident person sees you as their equal and value your contributions, while a cocky person may hold a belief that they are superior to you.

16. A confident person is able to let go of their ego and offer comfort and support, while a cocky person may take pleasure in rubbing in their supposed correctness and saying "I told you so" when you make a mistake.

17. Confidence is desirable, while cockiness is often a cover for negative traits such as low self-esteem, immaturity, and narcissism.