16-Year-Old Russian Billionaire Makes Video Paying People To Drink His Urine

16 year old russian billionaire makes video paying people to drink his urine

We have already read about people getting paid to eat vomit, and it wasn't even their own. This time, a 16-year-old billionaire, Grigory Mamurin, is doing his best to become the most loathsome teenager in Russia and possibly the world by paying people to do disgusting and dehumanizing things like drinking his urine.

Gregory Mamurin, who goes by the ill-fitting stage name Gregory Goldshield, makes even poorer choices when it comes to making videos. His career involves creating videos that make it clear to the world that he is a total jerk.

For instance, he pays people a lot of money to drink his urine, strip in public, or do some other demeaning task.

That he is also a fan of Limp Bizkit is a clear indicator that Gregory is quite the all-round jackass.

He is usually speaking in Russian in the videos, but you don't have to understand a word he says to know that he is a total jerk based on how people react to his craziness. His videos mostly consist of people walking away upset after he makes some crazy proposition or another.

Some People Take Him Up On His Offer

Unfortunately, some idiots actually take him up on his offer and manage to completely humiliate themselves in public and later online.

For some reason, drinking urine seems like a big thing in Russia based on how popular the videos are. While there have been many assholes online, Gregory is clearly in a league of his own.

The only enjoyable part of the video is probably where a guy takes his money after agreeing to do something disgusting before leaving. It is entirely possible that this is the only reason the video has gone viral, which is a good thing as it at least helps this misinformed lad learn an important lesson about decency.

Here's the video. Be warned, it's disgusting.

There are a lot of ways to get likes and subscriptions on YouTube, but this is one of the worst ways to do it. Even with a lot of money to burn through, robbing people of their dignity in public is a good way to turn yourself into a famous social pariah for many years to come.