Weird Story

16-Year-Old Girl Approaches Old Man & Tries To Bait Him Into Saying Stuff That Would Make Him Look Like A Creep

16-year-old girl approaches old man; tries to bait him into saying stuff that would make him look like a creep

TikTok user Bianca Spano, 16, came up with a dangerous challenge, though not as stupid as the vast majority of these challenges are. Her "How To Catch A Cr33p" method includes approaching an older guy, and if he's into you, he gets labeled as a creep.

Since Spano is only 16, she may find herself in trouble because not every guy is as chill as the one in her first video. So, we'll start with this middle-aged guy, who's minding his own business while being cautiously friendly.

Teenage hunt for pedophiles

In the first video, Bianca approaches a guy and then asks him to rate her. He doesn't seem interested, though he did give her a 10 out of 10 for her looks.

Then, she asked whether he'd "smash" her. He simply replies that he's too old to know what it means. And when she mentions going on a date, the chill man says that he's too old for her.

He's flattered yet not giving away any paedo vibes, which is, of course, great. Bianca then tells him he passed the test, and the two high five.

Is this the way to catch predators?

Spano must be thinking she's doing the world a favor. Catching creeps and predators online and in real life sounds great on paper. Reality can be far more sinister.

There are several things wrong with this whole challenge.

First, she might get herself into genuine trouble. Not everyone will be as cool as this guy. In fact, we saw too many Lifetime movies based on real-life events with this topic. And none of them had a happy ending.

Secondly, trying to set up random men on the streets can cause a whole set of troubles since some may even report her. She's throwing herself on adult males, so one might think she's looking for a sugar daddy or that she's a prostitute.

Spano's hunt might backfire on her. Some might even get agitated because she's filming them. You can't just point a camera into one's face and expect them to be all happy about it.

TikTokers never think things through

Though Spano's idea isn't as dumb as eating tidepods, or ruining your teeth for good, it's not great either.

Just like every teenager, she didn't think of the consequences. And not just for her, but for other people as well. She doesn't seem to care that she's bothering others, so in many ways, she's no better than those who started licking and then returning icecreams.

But, at the very least, she's aware that the world's full of creeps. Let's just hope she doesn't stumble upon any.